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Economics / Business - Administration - 13.07.2020

Administration - 13.07.2020
Opinion: Energy and morality are key pieces in high-consequence game for UK and China
Dr Paul Dorfman (UCL Energy Institute) and Professor Jeffrey Henderson discuss the controversial Hinckley Point C nuclear project and urge for the cancellation of the Sizewell and Bradwell nuclear plans in order to limit the Chinese Government's influence in global nuclear power.

Career - Administration - 08.07.2020

Computer Science - Administration - 08.07.2020

Career - Administration - 08.07.2020
The urban job escalator has stopped moving
The urban job escalator has stopped moving
Study shows that cities have stopped providing middle-class work in recent decades - especially for Black and Latino workers.

Administration - 08.07.2020
Several key changes to University of Minnesota misconduct policies likely following Board of Regents discussion
The University of Minnesota is among many public universities nationwide reviewing its sexual misconduct policies and implementing necessary changes to bring these policies into compliance with new federal Title IX regulations by August 14.

Health - Administration - 07.07.2020
Opinion: Reducing barriers to data access for research in the public interest-lessons from covid-19
In a joint letter, Research Fellow Francesca Cavallaro, Associate Professor Katie Harron (both UCL GOS Institute of Child Health) and their colleagues explain how the Covid-19 pandemic has generated an urgency to improve data access.

Administration - Social Sciences - 07.07.2020

Administration - 07.07.2020
Minister visits University of Birmingham to mark Government’s launch of R&D roadmap
Amanda Solloway MP, the Minister for Science, Research and Innovation recently visited the University of Birmingham to mark the launch of the Government's R&D roadmap and find out more about Birmingham's COVID-19 research.

Administration - Pedagogy - 07.07.2020

Health - Administration - 07.07.2020

Health - Administration - 03.07.2020
Team will transform bowel cancer screening into a precision medicine tool using AI
Glasgow team will transform bowel cancer screening into a precision medicine tool using AI The University of Glasgow, in collaboration with the NHS and Scottish tech companies, will lead a £3.

Administration - Art and Design - 02.07.2020

Sport - Administration - 02.07.2020

Economics / Business - Administration - 02.07.2020

Administration - Pedagogy - 02.07.2020

Social Sciences - Administration - 01.07.2020

Administration - Health - 01.07.2020

Social Sciences - Administration - 29.06.2020
Showing pro-diversity feelings are the norm makes individuals more tolerant
Showing people how their peers feel about diversity in their community can make their actions more inclusive, make members of marginalized groups feel more like they belong, and even help close racial achievement gaps in education, according to a new study.

Social Sciences - Administration - 29.06.2020
UW Tacoma’s Eric Madfis explores curbing school violence in new book
A new book by Eric Madfis of UW Tacoma argues that by studying situations where school violence was successfully avoided, school leaders can help prevent future violent acts.

Administration - Physics - 24.06.2020

Environment - Administration - 19.06.2020
Why should universities pay attention to the SDGs?
The United Nations' goals provide a useful framework for institutions to demonstrate their impact and work in partnership, says DVCR Professor Duncan Ivison.

Innovation - Administration - 19.06.2020

Economics / Business - Administration - 17.06.2020

Social Sciences - Administration - 12.06.2020

Astronomy / Space Science - Administration - 11.06.2020

Social Sciences - Administration - 09.06.2020
How reforms could target police racism and brutality - and build trust
When police are armed and clad in riot gear, they may see themselves more as warriors battling an enemy than as guardians protecting a community.