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Pharmacology - Career - 19.09.2023
Fire evacuations, flood warnings and tornado watches - a co-op work term like no other
Waterloo Pharmacy students show resilience in the face of emergency By Milana Madzarac Faculty of Science When Melinda Bai (PharmD '24) and Shirley Ma (PharmD '24) signed up to complete their co-op wo

Health - Career - 13.09.2023
A third of female surgeons have been sexually assaulted, finds new research
New research with the Adam Smith Business School finds that a third of women working in surgery have been sexually assaulted by a colleague. Sexual misconduct is rife among colleagues in the UK surgical workforce, with women disproportionately impacted and staff believing organisations are not doing enough to protect them.

Career - 06.09.2023
New approach to flexible working needed to prevent widening inequality
Flexible working needs to be available for all to avoid widening inequalities, a report from academics at Cardiff University concludes.

History / Archeology - Career - 05.09.2023

Career - 31.08.2023
Detroit’s economic recovery continues, yet lags other cities in share of living-wage earners, U-M experts say
Detroit's economic recovery is expected to continue over the next several years, with encouraging employment numbers and rising wages.

Career - 31.08.2023
Almost 500 students participate in Johns Hopkins Summer Jobs Program
Almost 500 students participate in Johns Hopkins Summer Jobs Program
Of these high school and college interns, 274 were placed in 140 departments across the university and health system In 2005, Arnetta Shelton got her first job at Johns Hopkins through the university

Career - Administration - 30.08.2023

Career - 17.08.2023
Racial disparity persists in NFL promotion practices, according to research by U-M expert, others
Study: Racial Disparity in Leadership: Evidence of Valuative Bias in the Promotions of National Football League Coaches The lack of people of color in organizational leadership positions in the Natio

Campus - Career - 16.08.2023
Aiming high
Aiming high
The shortage of skilled workers is particularly pronounced in technical professions. Empa supports and promotes talented individuals at all levels, be it during their apprenticeship, studies, academic career or when starting a business.

Agronomy / Food Science - Career - 11.08.2023

Economics - Career - 01.08.2023

Career - Social Sciences - 27.07.2023
Many people feel their jobs are pointless
A sociological study by the University of Zurich confirms that a considerable proportion of employees perceive their work as socially useless. Employees in financial, sales and management occupations are more likely to conclude that their jobs are of little use to society. In recent years, research showed that many professionals consider their work to be socially useless.

Career - Social Sciences - 21.07.2023
Work life is getting longer in Germany
A study confirms this trend, while also showing major differences between men and women, eastern and western Germany, and low and high-skilled workers Can extending work lives be a solution to the future problems of an aging society?

Career - History / Archeology - 21.07.2023
Give more people with learning disabilities the chance to work, Cambridge historian argues
Give more people with learning disabilities the chance to work, Cambridge historian argues
Employment levels for people with learning disabilities in the UK are 5 to 10 times lower than they were a hundred years ago.

Career - 21.07.2023
Helping the transportation sector adapt to a changing world
PhD candidate Nick Caros develops tools to help transit agencies serve the public in an era of remote work.

Computer Science - Career - 19.07.2023
CMU Faculty Receive NSF CAREER Awards
The National Science Foundation has named more than a dozen researchers across Carnegie Mellon University recipients of its Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) awards in 2023.

Chemistry - Career - 19.07.2023

Career - 17.07.2023
'We should learn to speak out'
’We should learn to speak out’
Carla Maria Verwer has been social safety catalyst at our university since January 2023. She is a driving force behind the culture change.

Career - 17.07.2023
Stronger union rights can mean more productive, sustainable workplaces
Stronger union rights can mean more productive, sustainable workplaces
Union rights are vital for giving workers "collective voice" and thereby improving economic performance, writes Associate Professor Chris F Wright in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Health - Career - 14.07.2023
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