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Computer Science - Health - 14.01.2022
New algorithm for classification of skin lesions
Dermatologists typically classify skin lesions based on multiple data sources. Algorithms that fuse the information together can support this classification. An international research team has now developed an algorithm that classifies skin lesions more accurately than previous algorithms by using an improved data fusion process.

Health - Life Sciences - 14.01.2022
Creative Through Movement
01/14/2022 Do we have our best ideas while walking? Indeed, but even small movements while sitting improve creativity, as two researchers have discovered. Movement helps us to think creatively. This insight is over 2000 years old - and already known to the philosophers in ancient Greece. However, what is the connection between movement and cognition from a scientific point of view?

Health - 14.01.2022
Boost to enhance telehealth experiences for patients and doctors
Monash researchers will lead a $2 million Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre (DHCRC) project to enhance telehealth capabilities that aim to improve patient, clinician and caregiver experiences for mental health and palliative care services.

Health - 13.01.2022
Public’s view on using graphene to treat cancer sought
A research team at The University of Manchester have launched a survey on the use of nanomaterials like graphene to treat cancer.

Health - Life Sciences - 13.01.2022
The journey to a pig-heart transplant began 60 years ago
The journey to a pig-heart transplant began 60 years ago
On Friday, January 7 2022, David Bennett became the world's first person to successfully receive a transplant of a pig's heart.

Pharmacology - Health - 13.01.2022

Physics - Health - 13.01.2022
University of Birmingham to open national neutron facility
Share this page Share on Twitter Share on facebook Share on linkedin Share on email A national High-Flux Accelerator facility is being developed on the University of Birmingham campus to support the study of neutron interactions in materials for the nuclear sector.

Health - Social Sciences - 13.01.2022

Health - Pharmacology - 13.01.2022
Dramatic fall in hospital admissions for child infections since start of covid-19 pandemic
Since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, there have been dramatic reductions in hospital admissions for common and severe childhood infections in England, most likely due to social distancing measur

Health - Pharmacology - 13.01.2022
A spray to protect against lung damage from Covid-19
A spray to protect against lung damage from Covid-19
Rnatics, a startup at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), has created an RNA-based drug to prevent lung damage from infections as seen in serious Covid-19 cases.

Health - Pharmacology - 13.01.2022
COVID: why T cell vaccines could be the key to long-term immunity
COVID: why T cell vaccines could be the key to long-term immunity
With omicron having rapidly driven up COVID infections, attention is once again focusing on antibodies, and reasonably so.

Health - Social Sciences - 13.01.2022
New report shows almost £30bn health cost of England’s most deprived communities
People in England's most deprived neighbourhoods work longer hours than those in the rest of the country but live shorter lives with more years in ill health costing an estimated £29.8bn a year to the economy in lost productivity.

Health - Pharmacology - 13.01.2022
UHN and University of Toronto receive $24-million federal grant for transplant research
UHN and University of Toronto receive $24-million federal grant for transplant research
Researchers at University Health Network (UHN) and the University of Toronto have received $24 million to advance technology to repair and rebuild organs outside the body for patients in need.

Health - Environment - 13.01.2022
Opinion: We studied the sounds of mosquitoes' mating rituals - our findings could help fight malaria
Opinion: We studied the sounds of mosquitoes’ mating rituals - our findings could help fight malaria
Managing the mosquito population is increasingly important as infections related to the insect are expected to rise due to climate change, argue Professor Joerg Albert, Dr Alex Alampounti (both UCL Ear Institute) and PhD candidate Marcos Georgiades (UCL division of Biosciences).

Campus - Health - 13.01.2022

Health - 13.01.2022
Student Projects Sniff Out Black Carbon Hotspots
Like many air pollution problems, black carbon does not affect everyone equally. Created by the incomplete combustion of some fossil fuels and biomass, black carbon causes health problems such as respiratory and cardiovascular disease, cancer, and even birth defects. Those effects are most pronounced in people who live near black carbon hotspots such as freeways, concrete factories, and roads frequented by large trucks.

Pharmacology - Health - 13.01.2022
UW Pharmacy’s Drug Interaction Database, built to promote medication safety, wins national innovation award
For more than 20 years, the University of Washington has been home to a database built, maintained and expanded around the goal of helping to prevent health complications from adverse drug reactions, one of the leading causes of injury and death in health care settings.

Chemistry - Health - 12.01.2022
Western chemists engage in ’game-changer’ metals research
Metal corrosion - in large steel bridges, computer microchips and medical nanoparticles, for example - cost billions of dollars in damage.

Campus - Health - 11.01.2022
Faculty Mentor Training Program Strengthens University’s Institutional Climate
A pioneering program at UC San Diego Health Sciences serves as a successful model for medical schools looking to improve faculty diversity and success Many universities are in search of strategies to improve their faculty diversity and institutional climate.

Health - Pharmacology - 11.01.2022

Health - Life Sciences - 10.01.2022
'We think carefully about how many mice are necessary'
’We think carefully about how many mice are necessary’
Professor Alfred Zippelius, from the Department of Biomedicine at the University of Basel, has been conducting experiments with mice for several years.

Career - Health - 10.01.2022

Innovation - Health - 10.01.2022
Neurotech for intuitive human-machine interactions and faster gaming
Preparing for an online start to the winter term: for more information.

Health - Architecture - 10.01.2022
Expert insight: Rebuilding cities after the pandemic
Cities emerged as the epicentres of the COVID-19 pandemic: roughly 90 per cent of COVID-19 infections worldwide were reported in urban settings.

Health - 10.01.2022
Transit Inequity Increased During Pandemic
Preliminary results from a study of Allegheny County's public busses finds transit inequity directly contributes to higher infection rates among members of low income and ethnic minority groups For many essential workers, public transit provides a vital connection to their workplace in a world otherwise on lockdown.

Politics - Health - 10.01.2022
U-M economic expert, others find views on politics, science have driven public response to pandemic
U-M economic expert, others find views on politics, science have driven public response to pandemic
FACULTY Q&A Political persuasion and trust in science have weighed heavily on mask use and compliance with shelter-in-place policies in the U.S. during the pandemic, according to studies co-authored by a University of Michigan doctoral candidate in economics.

Pharmacology - Health - 08.01.2022
Second generation CAR T-cell therapy trialled in patients
A new CAR T-cell therapy developed by scientists at UCL has fewer 'toxic' side-effects and is more durable, targeting and killing cancer cells for longer, concludes a Phase I clinical trial of patients at University College London Hospitals (UCLH).

Health - Politics - 07.01.2022
Improve Covid-19 alert level system to save lives
Improve Covid-19 alert level system to save lives
The UK's Covid-19 Alert Level system* is close to meaningless to the public and adds to confusion about what people should or shouldn't be doing, according to a new report by UCL researchers.

Health - History / Archeology - 07.01.2022
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