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Life Sciences - Health - 21.12.2022
A team of researchers, led by the UPF, characterize rare, damaged cells (senescent cells) that block the functions of their neighbour healthy cells and identify ways to neutralize them and improve tissue regeneration
Senescent cells, which emerge after tissue injury, create an aged-like inflamed microenvironment that is negative for stem cell function and tissue repair. The finding provides a basis for mitigating the loss of muscle regenerative capacity in elderly people and for improving muscle repair in young healthy people.

Health - Pharmacology - 20.12.2022
Tackling high-risk leukemia
The innovative "ExTrAct AML" project, funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF, goes beyond established frontiers to investigate acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in children and adolescents. Individual patient profiles should provide early information on the causes of disease progression or treatment resistance - and how to take countermeasures in time.

Health - Research Management - 20.12.2022
Lack of funding for dental health research despite growing impact on Australians
An analysis of research funding has found oral health sciences to have the lowest and most inequitable level of support, when compared with other research fields on burden of disease.

Health - Environment - 20.12.2022
Story ideas: Environmental impact of holiday shopping; increasing vaccine uptake in Parc Extension
Story ideas: Environmental impact of holiday shopping; increasing vaccine uptake in Parc Extension
Circular economy may alleviate environmental impact of holiday shopping Cut-rate deals may be enticing around the holidays, but low prices can come with a high environmental cost.

Environment - Health - 20.12.2022

Health - Innovation - 20.12.2022

Environment - Health - 19.12.2022
The 2022 Review of the Year
As we round the corner in to the home stretch of the year this retrospective look at the previous 12 months shows just a glimpse of some of the amazing work which goes on throughout the University.

Health - 19.12.2022
Award-winning tool using AI to measure heart’s function
The Sheffield team - which included Dr Andrew Swift, Dr Samer Alabed and Dr Mahan Salehi; Dr Kavita Karunasagaraar at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; and Dr Pete Metherall and Micha

Health - 19.12.2022
New framework to tackle exclusion from digital health and care services
Experts from the University of Sussex and NHS Sussex , supported by the Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Science Network , have developed a framework to help improve access to digital health and care services, for those who need it the most.

Health - Innovation - 19.12.2022

Health - Life Sciences - 19.12.2022
Lyme disease expert joins Hopkins as Bloomberg Distinguished Professor
Lyme disease expert joins Hopkins as Bloomberg Distinguished Professor
Lyme disease expert Nicole Baumgarth joins Johns Hopkins as Bloomberg Distinguished Professor With a background blending immunology, veterinary medicine, and infectious disease, Baumgarth serves as i

Health - 16.12.2022
Living Lab for Sustainable Care involved in the NZa’s National Impact Analysis on Concentration of Services for Congenital Heart Disease
Last week, the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) published an i mpact analysis about concentration of care for patients with congenital heart disease (in Dutch often referred to as 'kinderhartchirurgie') in Dutch Academic Medical Centers.

Health - 16.12.2022
How long can you safely eat Christmas leftovers? 
Dr Kim-Yen Phan-Thien from the Faculty of Science shares her expert advice on food safety and managing your leftovers to get the best out of them.

Social Sciences - Health - 16.12.2022
Indigenous-led study to improve child health and wellness
Indigenous-led study to improve child health and wellness
Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council (NTC) is leading a long-term study to improve health and wellness for Indigenous children, with collaboration from Indigenous leaders and communities, First Nations Health Authority, and researchers from Simon Fraser University and the University of Alberta.

Health - 16.12.2022
Impressive results with long COVID pacing trial
A pacing rehabilitation programme that helps people with long COVID reduce their symptoms and increase activity levels has shown -impressive- results, say scientists.

Health - Agronomy / Food Science - 16.12.2022
University of Glasgow engineers lend support to calf pneumonia diagnosis project
Researchers from the University of Glasgow's James Watt School of Engineering are part of a new consortium which is developing the first commercial one-step rapid test for calf pneumonia.

Health - Social Sciences - 16.12.2022
Berkeley Talks transcript: The social safety net as an investment in children
Listen to  Berkeley Talks episode #157: The social safety net as an investment in children. [Music:  "Silver Lanyard" by Blue Dot Sessions ] Intro:  This is  Berkeley Talks , a   podcast from the Office of Communications and Public Affairs that features lectures and conversations at UC Berkeley.

Campus - Health - 16.12.2022

Health - Computer Science - 16.12.2022
Subtle biases in AI can influence emergency decisions
But the harm from a discriminatory AI system can be minimized if the advice it delivers is properly framed, an MIT team has shown. It's no secret that people harbor biases - some unconscious, perhaps, and others painfully overt. The average person might suppose that computers - machines typically made of plastic, steel, glass, silicon, and various metals - are free of prejudice.

Health - 16.12.2022
Australian abortion service access limited despite legal status: study
Abortion services and advice in Australia are limited despite being legal, a new study has found. Published in the Australian Journal of Primary Health , the Monash University Department of General Practice-led study found that even where public hospitals did provide abortion services, access was extremely limited.

Health - Pharmacology - 15.12.2022
Racism is ’fundamental cause’ of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among ethnic minorities
Racism is the 'fundamental cause' of COVID-19 vaccination hesitancy among ethnic minority groups, according to a newly published briefing from the Runnymede Trust and The University of Manchester's Centre on the Dynamics of Ethnicity. During the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination programme in the UK, explanations for the lower vaccination rates in people from ethnic minority groups focused on differences in the level of concern about side effects and in a lack of trust in the development and efficacy of the vaccine.

Pharmacology - Health - 15.12.2022
One in five GPs unwilling to prescribe aspirin to people at risk of bowel cancer
One in five GPs could be unwilling to prescribe aspirin to patients with a cancer-causing syndrome, despite national guidelines advising it, new research has found.

Social Sciences - Health - 15.12.2022
Nicotine vaping now one of the top forms of substance use among teens
Nicotine vaping is one of the most common types of substance use for teenagers in 2022, according to results from a national study released today. Among 8th grade students, 7% vaped nicotine in the past 30 days in 2022, compared to 6% who used alcohol and 5% who used cannabis. Among 10th graders, 14% vaped nicotine in the past 30 days, compared to 13.6% and 12% for alcohol and cannabis use, respectively.

Event - Health - 15.12.2022

Health - Social Sciences - 15.12.2022
$31 million boost for UQ medical research
Researchers from The University of Queensland (UQ) have secured more than $31 million from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) to progress life-changing health and medical research.

Life Sciences - Health - 15.12.2022
A year of research in pictures
A year of research in pictures
2022 was a year of amazing research across science, medicine and engineering at the University of Sydney. Here are some images that caught our imagination and attention. Octopuses hurl mud at each other When female octopuses feel harassed they 'throw' objects at males courting them , a behaviour previously only seen in mammals.

Health - 15.12.2022

Health - Pharmacology - 14.12.2022
Trial on safety and immunogenicity of Ebola vaccines yields promising results
Trial on safety and immunogenicity of Ebola vaccines yields promising results
Ebola epidemics occur periodically in various sub-Saharan African countries.

Health - Social Sciences - 14.12.2022

Health - Campus - 14.12.2022
UCL achieves the University Mental Health Charter Award
UCL achieves the University Mental Health Charter Award
UCL is among the first universities to qualify for the University Mental Health Charter Award which recognises its commitment to continuous improvement in mental health and wellbeing.

Health - Social Sciences - 14.12.2022
Nearly 1 in 10 young people experience physical pain and suicidality
Nearly one in 10 young people are experiencing both persistent physical pain and suicidal feelings,  according to a new paper  from researchers from the University of Oxford, Cambridge, Oslo (Norway), King's College London, and the Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Deu (Spain).

Health - Pharmacology - 14.12.2022
World-first genetic test for babies’ hearing wins major award
A team who led the research for a world-first genetic test that could save the hearing of hundreds of babies each year, has won the New Statesman Positive Impact in Healthcare Award 2022.

Health - Pharmacology - 14.12.2022
More Precise Treatment
The LOOP Zurich research center combines expertise from ETH Zurich, the University of Zurich and the four university hospitals in Zurich with the aim of developing more personalized therapies.

Innovation - Health - 14.12.2022
Major NWO grants for five research consortia involving TU/e
A total of 9 consortia are granted nearly 40 million euros within NWO's Perspectief program The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has awarded a total of nearly 40 million euros to 9 consortia of researchers, companies, governments and civil society organizations.