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Law - Politics - 06.11.2020
Florida 2000 all over again? Possible, but not likely, Chemerinsky says
During a controversial press conference at the White House on Thursday, Nov. 5, President Donald Trump charged - without evidence - that fraud was robbing him of the election and handing victory to Democrat Joe Biden.

Environment - Law - 05.11.2020
UC Berkeley experts discuss legal implications of election
By Andrew Cohená Eyeing an uncertain landscape with the presidential election result still in doubt, six Berkeley Law professors and Dean Erwin Chemerinsky provided a roadmap Wednesday for what may come next in several legal areas.

Law - Religions - 03.11.2020
Why some rights are violated more often-even in a democracy
Enshrining a right in the constitution is no guarantee that a nation will enforce it-but some rights are harder to violate than others, according to Prof. Adam Chilton of the University of Chicago Law School.

Law - 20.10.2020
Stanford joins lawsuit challenging new H-1B visa rules
Yesterday, Stanford joined with universities, businesses and research organizations in a lawsuit challenging U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) and U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) rules that would make drastic changes to the H-1B visa program.

Law - Politics - 20.10.2020
State officials confident in election security despite voter concerns
State officials confident in election security despite voter concerns
FACULTY Q&A Election Day is two weeks away and confidence in election security is still wavering among voters.

Life Sciences - Law - 06.10.2020
Prof. Martha C. Nussbaum to address animal rights in Humanities Day keynote
Prof. Martha C. Nussbaum has built her storied career on championing underdogs. Now, the influential philosopher and humanist is turning her attention toward the entire animal kingdom.

Law - Campus - 06.10.2020

Environment - Law - 25.09.2020
Yes, we’re worried
Climate activists were sentenced yesterday in the second instance. Sonia Seneviratne explains why climate researchers got involved in this trial and expressed their views in a public statement.

Health - Law - 24.09.2020
Age restrictions for handguns make little difference in homicides as US deals with 'de facto availability' of firearms
Age restrictions for handguns make little difference in homicides as US deals with ’de facto availability’ of firearms
Age limits for legal purchase of handguns doesn't appear to keep young people from getting firearms.

Social Sciences - Law - 23.09.2020
In Breonna Taylor decision, Berkeley scholars see grave racial injustice
Since the death of Breonna Taylor this past March, protesters throughout the country have called for the police officers involved in her shooting to be arrested and charged.

Law - 22.09.2020
Opinion: Ginsburg’s death highlights unhealthy centrality of US Supreme Court
With so much power at stake, it's no surprise the US Supreme court has become increasingly politicised, argues Professor Ronan McCrea (UCL Laws).

Law - Economics / Business - 18.09.2020

Law - Health - 03.09.2020

Health - Law - 21.08.2020
How a Law School clinic fought for affordable energy amid COVID-19
When the coronavirus pandemic began this past spring, University of Chicago Law School scholars and students had already spent months battling Detroit's electricity provider over a proposed rate increase.

Social Sciences - Law - 13.08.2020
’Economic anthropology’ to back native title claims
New anthropology research from The University of Queensland is assisting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with their native title and water right's claims.

Law - Career - 11.08.2020
’It was surreal’: Law School students argue before the Seventh Circuit-from home
On June 9, four days before he graduated from the University of Chicago Law School, Addison Bennett put on a suit for the first time in months, set up his laptop in the home office in his parents' Gr

Social Sciences - Law - 06.08.2020
Graphic violence online: Campus human rights lab pioneers safer viewing
To avoid vicarious trauma, students at the Human Rights Center Investigations Lab view disturbing videos together, rather than alone, in their work monitoring social media for evidence of potential human rights violations and war crimes.

Law - Environment - 28.07.2020
Graduate elevates young voices in the fight for climate justice
University of Queensland Arts/Law graduate Briana Collins is determined to change the world through her work with the Queensland Environmental Defenders Office (EDO).

Law - Criminology / Forensics - 27.07.2020
Opinion: Genocide or not, the Uighurs need urgent international support
In an op-ed, Professor Philippe Sands (UCL Laws) explains why the focus on the word 'genocide' skews our responses to other acts of mass atrocity.

Social Sciences - Law - 24.07.2020

Environment - Law - 16.07.2020
Landmark case could give ’Rights of Nature’ to endangered forests
In a landmark court case, Ecuador could soon become the first nation to use the 'Rights of Nature' in relation to protected forests.

Innovation - Law - 16.07.2020
MIT-BU law clinics help students bring innovations into the world
MIT-BU law clinics help students bring innovations into the world
Growing program provides free legal services to student entrepreneurs and researchers, while giving law students practical experience.

Law - Career - 16.07.2020

Law - Social Sciences - 15.07.2020

Social Sciences - Law - 13.07.2020
Deaths in custody database gives voice to the vulnerable
Deaths in custody database gives voice to the vulnerable
Legal professionals, journalists and researchers now have access to a new-and-improved version of the Deaths in Custody Project - the first comprehensive national database of its kind.