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Mechanical Engineering - 29.06.2022

Mechanical Engineering - Transport - 07.06.2022

Mechanical Engineering - 26.05.2022

Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 12.05.2022
When quantum particles fly like bees
Quantum simulator provides insights into the dynamics of complex quantum systems A quantum system consisting of only 51 charged atoms can assume more than two quadrillion different states. Calculating the system's behavior is a piece of cake for a quantum simulator. Yet even with today's supercomputers it is almost impossible to verify the result.

Environment - Mechanical Engineering - 06.05.2022
Senior Design Expo highlights engineering achievements
From an aerial transportation system on Mars to a new way to rehab wrist paralysis, graduating seniors in the College of Engineering showcased their capstone projects.

Astronomy / Space Science - Mechanical Engineering - 28.04.2022
Alumna Samantha Cristoforetti arrived on ISS
Her workplace is six hours away from Earth by rocket. It is 1,200 cubic meters in size, about the size of a small factory hall, and orbits the Earth once every 94 minutes.

Mechanical Engineering - Environment - 05.04.2022
Wind turbines, helicopters, weather and why turbulence matters
Wind turbines, helicopters, weather and why turbulence matters
Analysing the turbulence in a gently flowing river might spoil the poetry of the moment. But if that gentle flow becomes a destructive torrent, understanding its behaviour becomes crucial.

Mechanical Engineering - 22.03.2022

Campus - Mechanical Engineering - 24.02.2022
A new chapter in manufacturing
Waterloo lab helps fill industry demand for experts in additive manufacturing By University Relations In recent years, factories have been steadily modernizing their facilities with more automation and manufacturing capabilities.

Microtechnics - Mechanical Engineering - 17.02.2022
Engineering Students to Compete in International Maritime Robot Competition
For the past three months, a team of engineering students at UC San Diego has been adding cameras, LiDAR systems, a hydrophone, and even a drone to a 16-foot seagoing vessel.

Innovation - Mechanical Engineering - 08.02.2022
TU Graz Implements Novel Brake Test Rig for Rail Vehicles
TU Graz Implements Novel Brake Test Rig for Rail Vehicles
From 2023, rail vehicle manufacturers will be able to have their braking systems tested and certified on the TU Graz campus.

Mechanical Engineering - Innovation - 01.02.2022
Autonomous vehicle safety standard concept enables tests needed to be road ready
· Operation Design Domain (ODD) is a fundamental to Connected autonomous Vehicle (CAV) safety, as it describes specific operating conditions in which the CAV system can operate safely, including envi

Mechanical Engineering - 08.01.2022

Environment - Mechanical Engineering - 15.12.2021
The combustion engine is not yet dead
The combustion engine is not yet dead
A lot has happened in 2021: In January, the Swiss government adopted the "Long-Term Climate Strategy for Switzerland" with the goal of net zero by 2050.

Mechanical Engineering - Materials Science - 30.11.2021
The UC3M’s Cr3ce programme presents its results
The Cr3ce programme from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid's (UC3M) is a pioneering learning initiative that aims to accelerate the commercialisation of the results of different research projects in an agile and practical way.

Mechanical Engineering - 02.11.2021
Motorways shape the sociology of cities in Switzerland
The development of transport infrastructure is a central issue for States, which spend billions to connect cities.

Campus - Mechanical Engineering - 23.10.2021

Mechanical Engineering - Transport - 12.10.2021
Joint European effort boosts automated driving
L3Pilot, Europe's first comprehensive pilot test of automated driving on public roads demonstrates automated systems for cars in Hamburg, Germany, in conjunction with ITS World Congress 2021 SAE Level 3 and 4 automated driving systems have been tested on ordinary roads in seven European countries, including cross-border activities, thanks to pan-European testing environments and methodologies that have been developed with help from WMG, Universi

Innovation - Mechanical Engineering - 13.08.2021

Earth Sciences - Mechanical Engineering - 23.07.2021

Mechanical Engineering - Campus - 23.07.2021
EPFL now has its own Hyperloop test track
EPFL now has its own Hyperloop test track
Engineers at EPFL's DESL lab, working in association with EPFL spin-off Swisspod, have built a Hyperloop test track on the Lausanne campus.

Mechanical Engineering - 20.07.2021

Mechanical Engineering - Physics - 25.06.2021

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 17.06.2021
Harnessing Sound for Health: A Conversation with Tim Colonius
When a person develops a kidney stone or a gall stone-hard accumulations of minerals and other compounds created by the body-they can experience a great deal of pain and discomfort.

Campus - Mechanical Engineering - 19.05.2021

Event - Mechanical Engineering - 22.04.2021

Mechanical Engineering - Life Sciences - 08.03.2021
CEA-Leti Envisions Widespread Use of LiDAR Systems Based on Integrated Optical Phased Arrays (OPAs)
OPAs with Solid-State Beam Steering Can Reduce the Cost and Size of LiDAR Systems & Improve Performance; Results Reported at Photonics West 2021 -GRENOBLE, France - March 8, 2021 - Taking a criti

Transport - Mechanical Engineering - 28.01.2021
TU Graz provides know-how for efficient aircraft engine from General Electrics
TU Graz provides know-how for efficient aircraft engine from General Electrics
In the EU project TURANDOT, researchers from TU Graz investigated a sharkskin-like coating for engine blades and tracked the flow of cooling air in the engine.

Mechanical Engineering - 15.12.2020
Preserving wooden buildings for longer
Dr. Serena Gambarelli from the Materials Testing Institute at the University of Stuttgart wants to understand and model the hygro-thermo-mechanical properties of wood, and has been included in the Baden-Württemberg Foundation's Elite Program for postdocs.

Innovation - Mechanical Engineering - 06.10.2020
New turtle-like drone can fly twice as long
EPFL start-up Flybotix is showcasing its dual-propeller drone today at Xponential the world's largest tradeshow for unmanned and autonomous systems.

Mechanical Engineering - Campus - 29.09.2020
$11.4M Army grant supports aircraft hybrid-electric engine research at UW-Madison
University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers are leading research to pave the way for hybrid-electric engines that power uncrewed aircraft systems.

Transport - Mechanical Engineering - 21.09.2020
Whittle Lab research key for accelerating the development of zero-carbon flight, says Prince of Wales
Yesterday HRH The Prince of Wales gave the opening address to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Turbo Expo conference, the largest annual conference on the subject of flight and land-based

Astronomy / Space Science - Mechanical Engineering - 07.09.2020

Mechanical Engineering - 28.08.2020

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 19.08.2020
Safe busing during COVID-19: The science behind U-M's changes
Safe busing during COVID-19: The science behind U-M’s changes
In an effort to design a safe campus bus system for the fall semester in light of COVID-19, University of Michigan researchers simulated how aerosol particles exhaled from passengers sitting in any seat would travel through the vehicle under different conditions.

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 17.08.2020
Engineers recognised with awards for pandemic service
Two teams of Cambridge engineers have been recognised by the Royal Academy of Engineering for their work during the COVID-19 pandemic with the President's Special Award for Pandemic Service.

Mechanical Engineering - 30.07.2020

Mechanical Engineering - Career - 09.07.2020

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 29.06.2020
’Stopgap’ ventilator could save lives ahead of hospital treatment
An affordable 'stopgap' ventilator which can be used with minimal training could help keep seriously ill people alive long enough to either recover or receive hospital care, scientists say.

Mechanical Engineering - 22.06.2020
Meet the students who are engineering with impact
Meet the students who are engineering with impact
Bushfire sensing drones, lightning fast computations and hydrogen technology: meet the Sydney students who are responding to modern issues with skill and ingenuity.

Mechanical Engineering - 19.06.2020
New system uses wind turbines to defend the national grid from power cut
A 'smart' system that controls the storage and release of energy from wind turbines will reduce the risk of power cuts and support the increase of wind energy use world-wide, say researchers at the University of Birmingham.

Economics / Business - Mechanical Engineering - 04.06.2020
Could manufacturing aid Australia’s economic recovery?
Following a federal government call for the reignition of domestic industrial activity, University of Sydney experts comment on the role of advanced manufacturing and boosting the digital workforce in Australia's post-coronavirus economy.

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 14.05.2020
Face shields against coronavirus infection for mass production
Face shields against coronavirus infection for mass production
A simple, crisis-relevant product to protect against coronavirus infection has been developed by Campus Schwarzwald, which is a partner of the University of Stuttgart, in cooperation with the Institu
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