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Politics - 14.01.2022
Global conflicts inflamed by election-seeking 'hawkish' politicians - study
Global conflicts inflamed by election-seeking ’hawkish’ politicians - study
Share this page Share on Twitter Share on facebook Share on linkedin Share on email Long-running conflicts, such as that between Israel and Palestine, are inflamed by the political process itself as politicians adopt tough 'hawkish' policies to get themselves re-elected, according to a new study.

Politics - 13.01.2022
Preserving northern Ethiopia's ancient cultural heritage
Preserving northern Ethiopia’s ancient cultural heritage
Research team from University of Jena and German Archaeological Institute working with Ethiopian partners to create cultural heritage register for northern Ethiopia A research team from Friedrich Sch

Politics - 13.01.2022
How Do Civil Wars Happen?
Barbara F. Walter, a leading expert on civil wars, political violence and terrorism, poses crucial questions in a time of national unrest When governments are neither clearly democratic nor au

Politics - 10.01.2022
Flemish Government Renews Support for United Nations University Institute in Bruges Addressing Multi-Level Governance Challenges
Memorandum of Understanding between the Flemish Government, the United Nations University, UGent and VUB The Flemish Government has reaffirmed its commitment to the United Nations University Institut

Politics - Health - 10.01.2022
U-M economic expert, others find views on politics, science have driven public response to pandemic
U-M economic expert, others find views on politics, science have driven public response to pandemic
FACULTY Q&A Political persuasion and trust in science have weighed heavily on mask use and compliance with shelter-in-place policies in the U.S. during the pandemic, according to studies co-authored by a University of Michigan doctoral candidate in economics.

Health - Politics - 07.01.2022
Improve Covid-19 alert level system to save lives
Improve Covid-19 alert level system to save lives
The UK's Covid-19 Alert Level system* is close to meaningless to the public and adds to confusion about what people should or shouldn't be doing, according to a new report by UCL researchers.

Politics - 17.12.2021
Election Campaigning on Social Media: Tweet Style Can Determine Voters' Choice
Election Campaigning on Social Media: Tweet Style Can Determine Voters’ Choice
The way that politicians use social media can influence how they are perceived by voters. Policy-oriented messages contribute to a more professional impression, while too much private content can have a negative effect. These are the findings of a study conducted with the participation of the University of Basel.

Politics - 16.12.2021
New book explores Britain’s three-hundred year fight against corruption
One of the more unexpected moments of COP26 was the UK Prime Minister reassuring a global audience that -the UK is not remotely a corrupt country.

Politics - 16.12.2021
Election campaigns and platforms do have an impact on public policy
Election campaigns and platforms do have an impact on public policy
Do election campaigns shape public policy as they are supposed to in a democracy? Do the laws passed during a mandate really address the issues debated during elections? For countries with political

Politics - Career - 02.12.2021
International digital project reveals convicts' contribution to Australian democracy for next generation
An international project led by Monash University has found convicts sent to Australia engaged in collective action for better pay and working conditions as early as the 1820s, demonstrating the origins of unionism and the labour movement go back further than first thought.

Politics - Social Sciences - 30.11.2021

Economics / Business - Politics - 29.11.2021

Politics - 26.11.2021
Solomon Islands riots reflect deeper unrest
Civil unrest in the Solomon Islands is not surprising and highlights long-standing development and governance challenges, according to experts at ANU.

Astronomy / Space Science - Politics - 19.11.2021

Astronomy / Space Science - Politics - 19.11.2021

Politics - 08.11.2021
Political ads during the 2020 presidential election cycle collected personal information and spread misleading information
Sarah McQuate and Rebecca Gourley UW News Posted under: Engineering , News releases , Politics and government , Research , Technology Online advertisements are found frequently splashed across news websites.

Politics - Environment - 05.11.2021

Administration - Politics - 04.11.2021
Expert insights: How Ontario can rethink its election spending law
By Valere Gaspard, Alec Mazurek, Special to Western News In the months leading up to the next provincial election in Ontario in June, spending for third parties has been rigorously restricted during the pre-election period.

Social Sciences - Politics - 03.11.2021

Campus - Politics - 03.11.2021
Order silencing Florida faculty reflects rising neo-nationalism, scholar says
When Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and the state's Republican-controlled legislature passed a law that restricts voting, critics charged that their goal was to suppress voting by people of color and others who tend to favor Democrats.

Politics - Economics / Business - 29.10.2021

Economics / Business - Politics - 26.10.2021

Campus - Politics - 23.10.2021

Environment - Politics - 20.10.2021
Net zero needs a plan
It will take more than a long-term target for 2050 to achieve climate neutrality, says Reto Knutti. Policymakers must take a consistent approach towards net zero, and define a reduction path with specific measures and interim targets.

Politics - Life Sciences - 20.10.2021

Politics - History / Archeology - 13.10.2021
Expert insights: Canada’s worrisome urban-rural political divide has never been greater
By Zack Taylor and Jack Lucas, Special to Western News After all the ballots were counted in the recent Canadian federal election, was anyone surprised that Gudie Hutchings, incumbent Liberal MP in the district of Long Range Mountains, Newfoundland and Labrador, had been re-elected ?

Environment - Politics - 04.10.2021
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