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Politics - Administration - 13.05.2016
ANU experts look at the Brazilian presidential impeachment trial »
Less than halfway through her term, Brazil's first female President, Dilma Rousseff, has been stripped of her presidential duties for up to six months after the Senate voted to begin an impeachment trial.

Politics - History / Archeology - 11.05.2016
Explaining the European Union
Dr Chris Bickerton's new book aims to explain how the EU works, where the power lies and how it makes decisions in an accessible way.

Politics - 11.05.2016
Historical perspective on EU Referendum
Professor Bogdanor and Lord Butler take historical perspective on EU Referendum Professor Vernon Bogdanor, Research Professor at the Institute of Contemporary British History, and Lord Butler of Brockwell, former Private Secretary to Harold Wilson, spoke to an audience at King's College London on Monday (09 May), considering the historical context of the EU referendum in comparison to 1975, as the date of the 2016 vote draws closer.

Politics - Economics / Business - 10.05.2016
Political lobbying, connections may help airlines profits take off
While lobbying efforts may pay dividends for the entire industry, political connections can often lead to competitive advantages for individual companies.

Art and Design - Politics - 10.05.2016
Stanford music scholar explains Beethoven’s rise as a cultural icon in China
At the Stanford Center in Peking University, Stanford Associate Professor Jindong Cai conducts a re-creation of the first performance, in 1922, of a Beethoven symphony by an all-Chinese ensemble of 15 musicians.

Social Sciences - Politics - 28.04.2016
From Riverside’s Casa Blanca to the White House
T om K. Wong almost didn't graduate from high school. Wong was 16 when his parents first told him that he was an undocumented immigrant, and the news shattered him.

Politics - 26.04.2016

Politics - 26.04.2016
3 Questions: David Autor on globe trade and political polarization
In recent years economic studies have illuminated the extent to which global trade agreements, while benefitting many consumers, have also led to significant job losses in the U.S. particularly due to jobs moving to China after 2001.

Politics - 21.04.2016
UT Filmmakers Air Political Documentaries Online
AUSTIN, Texas - Three filmmakers from the Moody College of Communication Department of Radio-Television-Film will debut films online July 11 in a series of short documentaries about politics titled '

Health - Politics - 20.04.2016
Poll: We like health care reform, not its politics
Since the Affordable Care Act (ACA or ObamaCare) became law in 2010, Americans have remained deeply divided in their overall assessments of the law and whether it should continue.

Politics - Agronomy / Food Science - 20.04.2016
Two on faculty named international faculty fellows
The Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies has announced two new international faculty fellows for 2016-19: Rachel Bezner Kerr , associate professor of development sociology in the College of

Politics - Environment - 19.04.2016
Bavarian School of Public Policy ready for takeoff
Bavarian School of Public Policy ready for takeoff
The Technical University of Munich (TUM) has announced appointments to seven new professorships for the Hochschule für Politik München (HfP) - Bavarian School of Public Policy.

Environment - Politics - 19.04.2016
Sustainability research needs collaboration to work »
The rules of good sustainability research need to change and research become more collaborative to ensure complex sustainability challenges are overcome, a new study has found. The 10-year analysis found sustainability researchers needed to engage with local communities in order to ensure their research is relevant to decision makers.

Art and Design - Politics - 18.04.2016
Three University of Pennsylvania Professors Awarded 2016 Guggenheim Fellowships
University of Pennsylvania political scientist Diana Mutz, music professor Timothy Rommen and theoretical chemist Joseph Subotnik have won 2016 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowships.

Politics - Economics / Business - 18.04.2016
'Mobilization fatigue' leads to diminishing returns for labor-backed voter turnout drives
’Mobilization fatigue’ leads to diminishing returns for labor-backed voter turnout drives
CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Between now and the presidential election in November, political pundits of all stripes will be trumpeting the importance of voter turnout for both political parties.

Religions - Politics - 15.04.2016
Researcher Uncovers the Unexpected History of Separating Church and State
A forthcoming book from a professor at the University of Pennsylvania will showcase how the formal separation of church and state moved slavery to the political sphere, but defenders of slavery argued religious critiques of slavery violated that separation.

Politics - History / Archeology - 08.04.2016
Popular vote better than Electoral College, Stanford scholars say
The Electoral College distorts presidential campaigns, disenfranchises voters and drives partisanship, Stanford scholars say.

Politics - Administration - 07.04.2016
Pathways to Politics Program for Women: political presenters announced
Current and former politicians from across the political spectrum, speechwriters and senior executives will be amongst the high profile presenters in Australia's first University-led program committed to addressing the ongoing under-representation of women in politics.

Politics - 27.03.2016

Religions - Politics - 18.03.2016
An appeal to the world for peace
An appeal to the world for peace
High-ranking representatives of Christianity and Islam used a conference on religion at the University of Münster to issue a strongly worded appeal for peace, directed at countries and religious communities all over the world.

Linguistics / Literature - Politics - 10.03.2016
English is a must, German is a bonus!
The list of his functions is impressively long and exudes internationality: President of the International Association for Germanic Studies from 2010 to 2015, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Ministry of

Politics - Computer Science - 19.02.2016
Accessible Online: New Database for Political Conflicts
The Institute for Political Science of Heidelberg University and the Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research (HIIK) have jointly released a new database compiling information on both violent and nonviolent conflicts.

Politics - Event - 19.02.2016
Alexander Hamilton Has Relevance in Today’s Politics
Alexander Hamilton, one of America's founding fathers, has become the man of the hour, perhaps of the year, thanks to actor and playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda after the smath hit Broadway musical was nominated this week for an unprecedented 16 Tony Awards.

Politics - 22.12.2015
This Holiday Season, Listen and Converse. Don’t Debate
As we look forward to holiday parties and dinners with family, some of us might have a little anxiety.

Politics - Linguistics / Literature - 22.12.2015
Talking Politics Over The Holiday? Try Greek Mythology
My students at The University of Texas at Austin recently had a spirited debate about justice. How do we balance fairness and compassion in our judicial system? Which is more important? How do we decide? My students are not studying political science, law, or philosophy, but Greek mythology.

Economics / Business - Politics - 21.12.2015
Why Would Companies Wade into Politics in Super Bowl Ads?
The 2017 Super Bowl included a number of advertisements with international themes. Anheuser-Busch's ad showed the difficulties of emigrating from Germany encountered by Adolphus Busch in 1857.

Politics - Administration - 10.11.2015
'Diplomatic engineering' with ex-Federal Councillor Calmy-Rey
‘Diplomatic engineering’ with ex-Federal Councillor Calmy-Rey
Micheline Calmy-Rey gave a public lecture at ETH Zurich last Monday in which she spoke about Swiss foreign policy and called for an active role in international nuclear disarmament negotiations.

Politics - 19.08.2015
Bangkok bombing blame game speaks volumes about the state of Thai politics
The Bangkok bomb killed 20 people, injured more than 100, and shook Thai politics, already turbulent, to its core.

Politics - Law - 15.06.2015
Can the European Parliament save us from TTIP?
In this article, Sam Fowles, researcher in international law and politics at Queen Mary University of London, asks whether the European Parliament will 'save us' from the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Media - Politics - 05.06.2015
Let’s Use the Online Comment? Section of Newspapers More
Uncivil rhetoric is characterizing this year's presidential campaign. But compared with the comments found on news sites across the country, the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton campaigns seem rather tame. Online comment sections have become known as places where incivility runs rampant. Many think there is no hope left for comment sections, so there is no reason to try to improve them.

Law - Politics - 23.04.2015
Deaths at sea: scant hope for the future from Europe’s history of failure on migrants
Sarah Wolff, Lecturer at QMUL's School of Politics and International Relations, examines the tragic events in the Mediterranean and outlines what she describes as failed EU policy in the area of migration.

Environment - Politics - 21.04.2015
This Earth Day Must Be About Science and Politics
Natural scientists would rather work in their labs or their natural labs, such as in the Maya Tropical Forest or on Himalayan glaciers.

Health - Politics - 23.03.2015
Gender-blind global health institutions ignore misery for women in Ebola-affected regions
On the one year anniversary of the Ebola outbreak, Dr Sophie Harman - Reader in International Relations at QMUL - explores the devastating impact on women in affected regions.

Politics - Economics / Business - 19.03.2015
Tunisia terror attack threatens fledgling democracy
At least 19 people died in a terrorist attack in Tunisia on 18 March 2015.

Politics - 18.02.2015
Patrick Aebischer will leave EPFL's presidency at the end of 2016
Patrick Aebischer will leave EPFL’s presidency at the end of 2016
The Federal Council decided today to prolong the mandate of professor Patrick Aebischer until December 31, 2016, based on the unanimous proposal of the ETH Board and the wish of Patrick Aebischer to hand over the presidency of the School in a little less than two years.

Religions - Politics - 23.01.2015
British voters open to a Jewish prime minister — but some are more welcoming than others
In this post, Professor Tim Bale of QMUL's School of Politics and International Relations, discusses the findings of new polling data on attitudes to Jewish political leaders.

Administration - Politics - 16.12.2014
William Hague’s plans could be highly contentious, but it’s time to address the English question
Professor Michael Kenny, Director of the Mile End Institute, says there is an increasingly compelling, precautionary case for constitutional reform - but William Hague's "hard" plans aren't positive or carefully calibrated enough.

Politics - Economics / Business - 10.12.2014
Ukip’s sexual harassment row rumbles on, but it’s not the only party failing women
It's been a bad week for Ukip, but according to QMUL's Dr Rainbow Murrary, it's not the only party failing women. Ukip has not had a good week when it comes to women. Nigel Farage kicked things off by suggesting that mothers should think twice about breastfeeding in public, managing to offend a rather large proportion of the population even by his standards.

Economics / Business - Politics - 08.12.2014
Pearl Harbor Should Remind Us That the U.S. Should Lead
As we remember and mourn Imperial Japan's surprise attack on the American military installations at Pearl Harbor 75 years ago, we should also remember that was not just one of the bloodiest strikes on American soil.

Politics - History / Archeology - 27.11.2014
New anthology offers comprehensive insight into the life and works of Margaret Thatcher
A new anthology, edited and introduced by Tim Bale, Professor of Politics at Queen Mary University of London, provides one the most comprehensive and eclectic accounts to date of Margaret Thatcher's extraordinary impact on politics and public life in the United Kingdom.

Politics - 20.11.2014
Romanian presidential elections may signal a break from the past
QMUL's Marius Ionut Calu analyses the impact of last week's Romanian elections, and suggests that the surprise result may be indicative of a changing society and maturing democracy.

Politics - Administration - 05.11.2014
Death of President Michael Sata leaves Zambia with a constitutional conundrum
Dr Clive Gabay, specialist in African politics and Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary University of London, analyses events in Zambia following the death of President Michael Sata.

Politics - Social Sciences - 28.10.2014
European Union must now support Ukraine’s fragile democracy
Initial results from Ukraine's parliamentary elections have thrown down a challenge to the European Union, according to Russia expert and QMUL Research Fellow Dr Eleanor Bindman.

Politics - Social Sciences - 24.10.2014
Economic and social future of Ukraine hangs in the balance
As the nation prepares to elect a new parliament on 26 October, Dr Eleanor Bindman, specialist in Russian politics and Research Fellow at QMUL's School of Politics and International Relations, looks at what might lie ahead for the region.

Politics - 02.10.2014
Belgrade 2014: Pride, prejudice and European politics
Koen Slootmaeckers, PhD candidate at Queen Mary University of London, writes about Sunday's LGBT Pride parade in Belgrade, and explores the implications for Serbian politics and the county's path to the EU.

Economics / Business - Politics - 01.10.2014
Sarkozy’s return is bound to deepen divisions within the UMP
It's 32 months until the French presidential elections in 2017 and former president Nicolas Sarkozy's return to centre stage promises to make French politics a lively affair in the meantime.

Politics - Law - 25.09.2014
Tunisia’s forthcoming elections: transition to democracy is at risk and arms sales won’t help
Dr Sarah Wolff explains how, with presidential and legislative elections on the horizon, and mounting geopolitical chaos and insecurity, Tunisia feels that Europe and America is "leaving it in the lurch" at a critical time.

Economics / Business - Politics - 07.08.2014
What next for Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party?
Professor Tim Bale reflects on Boris Johnson's planned return to the House of Commons, and asks if he has what it takes to make it to the top.
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