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Economics / Business - Politics - 03.11.2020

Politics - Event - 02.11.2020
Does the Electoral College need to be reformed?
The outcome of every U.S. presidential election hinges on a few key swing states, whose electoral votes are awarded in a winner-take-all system.

Campus - Politics - 02.11.2020

Economics / Business - Politics - 30.10.2020
What Russian election interference might look like in 2020
As the 2020 election approaches, Russia is back in the headlines. Last week, the FBI announced that Russian intelligence services are intent on disrupting our democracy yet again-and have the capacity to do so.

Politics - Event - 29.10.2020

Politics - Computer Science - 28.10.2020
Berkeley experts offer perspectives on election integrity and security
Experts and scholars across UC Berkeley's campus discussed the potential threat to the integrity and security of this year's election.

Politics - 27.10.2020
Vanessa Freije of UW Jackson School explores Mexican politics, journalism in new book ’Citizens of Scandal’
Recent news of the arrest of Mexico's former defense minister makes a new book about Mexican politics and journalism by Vanessa Freije , though a work of history, seem all too timely.

Politics - 26.10.2020
Party sorting to blame for political stalemate
Political gridlock in contemporary U.S. politics can be explained by the increased sorting of the Democratic and Republican parties, says Stanford political scientist Morris Fiorina.

Health - Politics - 21.10.2020
Who does (or doesn’t) wear a mask? Partisanship explains response to COVID-19
Even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grip the United States, face masks remain far from universal.

Politics - Computer Science - 21.10.2020
Even Our Language Is Polarized
Machine translation tools find word meanings vary based on news viewership It's not news that U.S. politics are highly polarized or that polarization affects cable news channels. But researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, using computer translation tools in an unprecedented way, have found that even the meanings of some words are now polarized.

Law - Politics - 20.10.2020
State officials confident in election security despite voter concerns
State officials confident in election security despite voter concerns
FACULTY Q&A Election Day is two weeks away and confidence in election security is still wavering among voters.

Social Sciences - Politics - 19.10.2020

Politics - 15.10.2020
ZIRIUS Report II has been published
The Center for Interdisciplinary Risk and Innovation Studies (ZIRIUS) at the University of Stuttgart presents its annual report 2019-2020 How can a sustainable turnaround be achieved in major infrastructure systems, especially in the areas of energy supply and mobility?

Social Sciences - Politics - 14.10.2020

Politics - Economics / Business - 14.10.2020

Social Sciences - Politics - 29.09.2020
Stacking the deck: How the GOP works to suppress minority voting
When Wisconsin tried to hold a presidential primary election during the pandemic, Milwaukee officials opened just five polling places for the entire city.

Politics - Health - 28.09.2020
COVID, Politics Could Divide This Year’s Thanksgiving Table
Differences in politics and beliefs in pandemic precautions could literally divide families this Thanksgiving or make it downright toxic, according to Carnegie Mellon University experts.

Politics - 28.09.2020
A smarter comparison between ACT election candidates
The Australian National University (ANU) has launched the ACT election edition of smartvote - an online tool that lets voters compare their views with candidates.

Environment - Politics - 25.09.2020
California wildfires shrink partisan differences about climate change
California wildfires shrink partisan differences about climate change
New survey findings suggest that wildfires tearing through the state may bring Democrats and Republicans closer together in support of climate resilience measures. When the smoke from recent wildfires caused an eerie, orange sky to darken San Francisco for an entire day earlier this month, the cultural conversation took an apocalyptic turn.

Politics - 24.09.2020
Battleground state poll shows Biden with persistent but surmountable leads
As voting gets underway in many states, Joe Biden remains ahead of Donald Trump in three key battleground states - Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin - according to a poll by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Elections Research Center.

Politics - Campus - 18.09.2020

Life Sciences - Politics - 18.09.2020
Why plumbers and teachers should have their say about DNA manipulation
Why plumbers and teachers should have their say about DNA manipulation
For some people it promises the ability to cure or even prevent serious diseases, for others it is an ethically unjustifiable experiment to carry out on a human being.

Environment - Politics - 18.09.2020
To cut food waste, we may need to pay more for what we eat
How can we reduce food waste? Although the Swiss population are aware of the problem, they misjudge where most food waste is generated, ETH political scientists conclude.

Social Sciences - Politics - 16.09.2020
Less than half of Welsh prisoners return to settled accommodation on release, report says
Hundreds of prisoners are being released into homelessness in Wales, new research indicates. The report, from Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre, shows 543 people were released from Welsh prisons without a fixed address to return to in 2018/19*.

Politics - Campus - 15.09.2020

Politics - Campus - 15.09.2020