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Research Management - Politics - 24.11.2022
State Secretary Hirayama opens Science Europe High-Level Workshop on Research Ethics and Integrity
On 23 and 24 November, Science Europe, the association of research funding organisations, together with the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation and the Swiss National Science Foundation hosted this year's High-Level Workshop in Zurich.

Politics - Administration - 21.11.2022
Machinery of the state
Associate Professor Mai Hassan documents bureaucratic systems in Eastern Africa set up for coercion, as well as roadblocks to democratic government.

Earth Sciences - Politics - 11.11.2022

Politics - Campus - 11.11.2022

Politics - 10.11.2022
Will MAGA turmoil get worse in the next two years? Probably, scholars say
A possible 2024 presidential campaign between Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (left) and former President Donald Trump could produce a firefight - and push the GOP even further to the right, Berkeley scholars say.

Law - Politics - 09.11.2022
Analysis: US midterms: 42 new voting laws since 2021 risk undermining confidence in U.S. democracy
Analysis: US midterms: 42 new voting laws since 2021 risk undermining confidence in U.S. democracy
Matthew Schlachter (UCL Institute of the Americas) explores in The Conversation what new restrictive voting laws could mean for Americans' confidence in democracy.

Politics - Administration - 09.11.2022

Innovation - Politics - 08.11.2022
How fear was used to pave the way for the computer
How fear was used to pave the way for the computer
Ginevra Sanvitale investigated how emotions play a key role in how we adopt new technologies. FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out, is an important driver of social media.

Politics - 08.11.2022
Urbanization: No fast lane to transformation
Associate Professor Noah Nathan is generating a body of scholarship on the political impacts of urbanization throughout the global South.

Social Sciences - Politics - 03.11.2022

Politics - 01.11.2022
Former Michigan legislators overwhelmingly favor reforming or abolishing term limits
As voters in Michigan consider a ballot measure to change the state's legislative term limits, a survey of former legislators shows overwhelming support for reforming or abolishing the limits.

Politics - Innovation - 31.10.2022
Beyond roads, rates and rubbish: Global study asks how cities can be improved
A team of leading urban scholars are gathering lessons from around the world that can help Australian cities navigate the 'perfect storm' of uncertain post-COVID recovery, pressing demands for climate adaptation and growing inequality among residents.

Health - Politics - 31.10.2022
Partisan divide contributed to false sense of racial equality in pandemic mortality
Partisan divide contributed to false sense of racial equality in pandemic mortality
The early months of the COVID-19 pandemic were marked by far higher death rates among Black people than white people in the United States.

Environment - Politics - 27.10.2022

Politics - Social Sciences - 26.10.2022
Voters must wade through political information for accuracy
Voters can easily find endless information about political issues and candidates from various sources, from the internet to media outlets.

Politics - Social Sciences - 25.10.2022
Nationalism is not the enemy of immigration, says Catherine Xhardez
Nationalism is not the enemy of immigration, says Catherine Xhardez
Catherine Xhardez, a new professor in the Department of Political Science, is an expert on immigration policy and federalism who believes it is possible to "integrate in order to exist.

Politics - Criminology / Forensics - 24.10.2022

Sport - Politics - 21.10.2022
Analysis: Why Ireland’s women footballers are under fire for singing after their historic win
After qualifying for the world cup, the Irish Women's football team sparked controversy for singing a supposedly pro-IRA song.

Law - Politics - 19.10.2022
Devolution a ’necessary step’ towards a better Welsh criminal justice system, academics argue
The pathologies of the Welsh criminal justice system can only be properly addressed by devolving powers to Wales, academics from Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre conclude.

Politics - 14.10.2022
Majority of public support House of Lords appointments reform
The current House of Lords appointments system lacks public support, with demand for better regulated appointments and an upper limit on the size of the chamber, according to new research by UCL's Constitution Unit.

Politics - Innovation - 12.10.2022
Digital political participation in the Swiss cantons: The midfield is catching up
The DigiPart Index records the extent to which it is possible to participate digitally in political processes in Switzerland's cantons on a scale of 0 to 100.

Politics - 12.10.2022
’We still love EU’ - Brits in Europe and UK Europeans strongly attached to EU
Feelings of attachment to the European Union are still running high - despite the UK referendum taking place over six years ago.

Environment - Politics - 07.10.2022
Transition to clean energy shaped by political institutions
A country's ability to transition to green energy is dependent on the structure of its political institutions, according to new research involving UCL. Published in the journal Science , the study explores why advanced industrialised countries took divergent paths in their responses to both the current energy price shock and to the oil crisis of the 1970s.

Environment - Politics - 07.10.2022
Why some countries lead - and others lag - in the race to clean energy: Study
A new analysis  published in the journal  Science  explores the politics that influence some countries to adopt cleaner sources of energy while others resist change, revealing what hinders many governments from reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Politics - 07.10.2022

Economics - Politics - 05.10.2022
Supply Chain Resilience as a Political Imperative
Like most other disciplines emanating from the need to educate a managerial class in business schools, supply chain management was predominantly deployed at a firm-focused analytical level.