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Campus - Politics - 08.06.2023
Suzanne Freeman and Mariel Garcia-Montes receive 2023 Jeanne Guillemin Prize
Award from the Center for International Studies supports women pursuing doctorates in international affairs.

Social Sciences - Politics - 07.06.2023
Justice for all?
Justice for all?
Political scientist and sociologist Vesla Weaver listens to and researches people whose experience of democracy, citizenship, and government is completely different from that of those not living unde

Environment - Politics - 06.06.2023
A contested resource
A contested resource
The expansion of hydropower generation often leads to conflicts of interest, both in Switzerland and beyond.

Politics - 05.06.2023
Why the Global Importance of the African Union (AU) is Growing
Why the Global Importance of the African Union (AU) is Growing
What role do African countries want to play in the globalised world of the future? There has been a growing realisation among African countries over the past twenty years that issues such as the clima

Innovation - Politics - 05.06.2023
New MIT fellowship supports student research on governance innovation with Global South governments
A new cross-institute initiative between MIT Governance Lab, MISTI, and the Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center to support graduate student work in public sector innovation.

Politics - 05.06.2023
Sparking the imagination
Sparking the imagination
Sparking the imagination in First-Year Seminars Krieger School of Arts and Sciences writer Rachel Wallach offers a firsthand exploration of First-Year Seminar courses, which cover a range of topics t

History / Archeology - Politics - 02.06.2023
The recovered music that tells the 200 year old story of Dutch revolutionaries
The recovered music that tells the 200 year old story of Dutch revolutionaries
Around 1800, political and social unrest swept through Europe. The Netherlands, or more correctly, the Dutch Republic, also was the scene of civil conflict and political coups.

Politics - Linguistics / Literature - 26.05.2023

Politics - 24.05.2023
If I think you’re going to vote, I’ll vote too
A Ph.D. candidate in political science at UdeM has studied the influence of social pressure on whether people vote.

Politics - 22.05.2023
Berkeley political scientists chart a promising course to ease toxic polarization
New research co-authored at UC Berkeley details the psychological processes that demagogues exploit to erode support for democracy - and shows a way to bridge the dangerous divide. The year was 2020, just a few weeks before the presidential election, when Republican gubernatorial candidate Spencer Cox and Democratic opponent Chris Peterson teamed up to make an unconventional campaign ad.

Politics - Law - 18.05.2023
University of Toronto Mississauga students lead efforts to understand justice in global conflicts
University of Toronto Mississauga students lead efforts to understand justice in global conflicts
A group of students at the University of Toronto Mississauga are at the forefront of efforts to understand transitional justice across the globe - a scholarly field that confronts how to pursue accou

Politics - Social Sciences - 18.05.2023
With or without Erdogan, Turkey is at a political turning point
May's elections hold the key to Turkey's political future - domestically and internationally.

Innovation - Politics - 17.05.2023

Politics - 16.05.2023
An project coordinated by the IBEI spots prospects for global governance facing an uncertain future
The GLOBE research project conducted a survey with more than 1000 staff members from 30 international organizations, revealing trends and challenges for global governance The Project Coordinator has been Jacint Jordana, professor of Political Science at UPF and Director of IBEI, an entity that has led a consortium made up of eleven institutions from all over the world.

History / Archeology - Politics - 15.05.2023

Economics - Politics - 11.05.2023
Establishment of Rule of Law is Central for Post-Conflict Ukraine
A study by the ZHAW and CASE Ukraine shows how economic reconstruction could succeed in Ukraine after the end of the war.

Politics - Social Sciences - 11.05.2023

Health - Politics - 09.05.2023
Public health policy insights help bridge bipartisan divide
Public health policy insights help bridge bipartisan divide
Anand Parekh's insights on public health policy help bridge bipartisan divide Former Johns Hopkins Hospital resident has carved out a successful career in public service, currently serves as chief me

Politics - Campus - 05.05.2023
A transformative era ends at the Center for International Studies
Richard J. Samuels steps down as director; Evan Lieberman is named his successor. In the early 1980s, Richard Samuels PhD '80 was an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science, specializing in Japanese politics and public policy.

Politics - Innovation - 28.04.2023

Social Sciences - Politics - 28.04.2023
Australia’s immigration system set for overhaul after damning review
Associate Professor Anna Boucher, Chair of the Discipline of Government and International Relations, examines the key changes proposed for Australian immigration. The Albanese government's  review of Australia's migration system  offers a blueprint for overhauling the troubled system and addressing at least some of its shortcomings.

Politics - 27.04.2023
Unique survey compares Scottish and English attitudes to Foreign Policy
Findings from a first of its kind survey comparing public attitudes in England and Scotland concerning traditional foreign policy questions will be shared at an event today hosted by the Scottish Global Affairs Council at the University of Glasgow.

Politics - 27.04.2023
What happens in Sudan won’t stay in Sudan
The Sudan crisis is triggering different narratives and reactions, as the country unravels under the weight of accumulated injustices, grievances and violence.

Politics - 27.04.2023
Study offers a new view of when and how governments distribute land
In Kenya, property rights are granted more often by democratic regimes than by autocrats - but decisions tend to be politically motivated regardless of who's in charge.

Social Sciences - Politics - 26.04.2023
2024 manifestos must include protection for refugee victims of sexual and gender-based violence
2024 manifestos must include protection for refugee victims of sexual and gender-based violence
British political parties must promise to better protect victims of forced migration and sexual and gender-based violence in 2024 general election manifestos.

Politics - Media - 21.04.2023
Love Fox? MSNBC? You may be locked in a ’partisan echo chamber,’ study finds
New research co-authored at UC Berkeley finds that loyal liberal viewers of MSNBC and CNN and conservative devotees of Fox News have a tendency to get locked in to partisan echo chambers.

Politics - 20.04.2023
'In Ukraine not one conflict is being fought, but five simultaneously'
’In Ukraine not one conflict is being fought, but five simultaneously’
Jolle Demmers speaks in Flemish Parliament at presentation of annual report of Flemish Peace Institute We realise that this article has raised a lot of controversy and, as Utrecht University, we take this very seriously. You can find a comment at the bottom of the article.

Environment - Politics - 19.04.2023

Environment - Politics - 17.04.2023
Why we are taking a stand on the Swiss Climate Protection Law
Political debate is vital for a functioning democracy. And when it comes to complex issues such as climate change, scientists should be able to share their expertise and help shape opinion, says Reto Knutti.