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Health - Psychology - 31.05.2018

Psychology - Health - 08.05.2018
Survey takes 10 minutes to tackle bullying
More than 1200 Queensland high school students have assisted University of Queensland researchers in the development of a survey that measures bullying.

Linguistics / Literature - Psychology - 11.04.2018
How talking more can make you better at listening - to foreign languages
The typical foreign language class spends much of its time listening to fluent speakers - a teacher or a recording - and doing other comprehension-focused exercises, like matching printed words and p

Health - Psychology - 09.04.2018
Protecting young adults’ sexual health
Gilla Shapiro studies clinical psychology at McGill. She earned her BA and MA in Social and Political Sciences at the University of Cambridge and dual degrees in public policy and public administration at the Hertie School of Governance and London School of Economics and Political Science.

Social Sciences - Psychology - 03.04.2018
The secret to being a secret-keeper
If you want to be told a secret you're better off being assertive and compassionate rather than enthusiastic and polite, according to University of Queensland researchers.

Social Sciences - Psychology - 30.03.2018
Saying Mental Illness and Mass Violence Go Together is Wrong
With each mass shooting or other large-scale violent event like the recent string of bombings in Austin, the venue, the names and the number of dead change, but the explanation is the same.

Health - Psychology - 27.03.2018
New grant for mental health research
A team at Cardiff University, led by Professor Jeremy Hall, has been awarded a £1m grant to harness the power of data science to improve early interventions and treatment in mental health.

Health - Psychology - 20.03.2018
PODCAST: How trees make people happier and healthier | UChicago News
Editor's note: Knowledge Applied is a podcast from the University of Chicago. Each episode will take listeners inside the research of UChicago scholars helping reshape everyday life. The first season of Knowledge Applied will feature researchers tackling some of the biggest questions facing cities today.

Health - Psychology - 08.03.2018
Stress eating can start in early childhood, may lead to extra weight later
ANN ARBOR-The link between emotions and eating has been well established but new research from the University of Michigan shows that children as young as 4 who experience stress eat more in the absence of hunger, beginning a cycle that could possibly mean extra pounds down the road.

Social Sciences - Psychology - 16.02.2018
Better tools needed to diagnose depression in people with autism
Autistic adults are not being effectively diagnosed with depression due to a lack of asessment tools, a new study has found.

Life Sciences - Psychology - 14.02.2018
Reality check
Reality check
Reality check Ever had a hallucination? Did you know that you're having one right now? Our grip on reality is, according to neuroscientists, much less tangible than we believe.

Psychology - 13.02.2018
5 Science-Based Tips for Building Love That Lasts
5 Science-Based Tips for Building Love That Lasts
What do Aristotle and the field of positive psychology have to say about modern-day relationships' According to a new book from husband-and-wife team James Pawelski , a philosopher and professor of p

Health - Psychology - 13.02.2018
Female Veterans Share Personal Stories of 'Coming Home'
Female Veterans Share Personal Stories of ’Coming Home’
Catherine Revak , a first-year doctoral student in clinical social work at the University of Pennsylvania, was seated comfortably toward the back of the room at the Penn Bookstore.

Health - Psychology - 12.02.2018
Sibling bullying makes psychotic disorders three times more likely
People who were bullied by siblings during childhood are up to three times more likely to develop psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia in early adulthood, according to new research by the University of Warwick.

Psychology - Philosophy - 07.02.2018
Air pollution increases unethical behavior, crime
ANN ARBOR-The health consequences of air pollution are well-documented, but a growing body of research indicates it also leads to other societal ills, such as higher crime rates. University of Michigan researcher Julia Lee and her colleagues explored the underlying causes that link pollution with higher crime rates.

Linguistics / Literature - Psychology - 01.02.2018
Describing certain foods in a foreign language reduces aversion
New research shows people are more likely to eat foods they're averse to if presented in a foreign language, like calling snails "escargot." Restaurateurs apparently know what they're doing when they offer "escargot" on a menu rather than "snails." New research shows that people are more willing to eat foods that they find disgusting if those foods are presented in a foreign language.

Psychology - Administration - 30.01.2018
Report identifies NDIS gaps for people living with mental illness
Many will be left without appropriate mental health support in the transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme according to a report detailing experiences of consumers, providers and advocacy groups.

Psychology - Administration - 26.01.2018
Crime Lab finds behavioral nudges improve court attendance in NYC
In New York City, on average two out of five people who received criminal summonses were failing to appear in court, resulting in arrest warrants that carry more severe punishments and increased strain on government resources.

Health - Psychology - 25.01.2018
Abuse and neglect during childbirth common among Jordanian women
A new study exploring Jordanian women's exposure to neglect and verbal abuse found that 32% reported neglect during their childbirth, and 37% were victims of verbal abuse. The study is the first to report the prevalence of neglect and verbal abuse among child birthing women in Jordan. "Women's relationship with health care providers during childbirth significantly impacts her physical, psychological, and emotional health," said Kaveh Khoshnood, Ph.D., associate professor at the Yale School of Public Health and a co-author on the study.   The research team interviewed 390 women for the study.

Health - Psychology - 25.01.2018
Public mental health care for older Californians is lacking as need grows
Study calls for standardized data reporting and geriatric training, outreach and more integrated services Venetia Lai California's older adult population will increase 64 percent by 2035, and with it the need for more mental health services.

Health - Psychology - 24.01.2018
The Duchess of Cambridge visits King's College London's IoPPN and the Mother and Baby Unit at Bethlem Royal Hospital
The Duchess of Cambridge today visited the Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute at King's College London to find out more about the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience 's (

Psychology - 12.01.2018
Is variety the spice of working life?
Is variety the spice of working life?
A team of researchers at The University of Queensland is looking for participants to explore the benefits and consequences of task variety in the workplace.

Psychology - Economics / Business - 10.01.2018
Dreams decoded
Over a lifetime, the average person spends about six years dreaming. But for many, those fleeting windows into the subconscious quickly escape the mind as soon as the alarm clock rings. To help people better understand their dreams, Harvard student Chris Ufere, A.B. '18, an economics concentrator, launched uDreamed , a mobile application that combines dream recording, interpretation, community-building, and the latest research.

Health - Psychology - 02.01.2018
Unreasonable demands lead to substantial rise in perfectionism among young people
Increasingly demanding lifestyles and growing competition for university and jobs mean young people today are reporting higher levels of perfectionism than did previous generations 30 years ago, say the authors of a new study. The cohort study from health researchers in our Department for Health with colleagues at York St John University found that recent generations of young people in the UK, US and Canada reported substantially higher rates of perfectionism than previous generations at the same period of life.

Psychology - Health - 20.12.2017

Health - Psychology - 06.12.2017
Medicaid expansion increases use of prescription medications among low-income people
A study by Prof. Katherine Baicker, dean of Harris Public Policy, finds Medicaid coverage increases use of medications for serious conditions. There are major barriers in access to prescription medications for the uninsured. New research , published in the December issue of Health Affairs, co-authored by Katherine Baicker, dean of the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy and the Emmett Dedmon Professor, found that Medicaid coverage significantly increased the use of medications related to the management of serious conditions, including mental health and diabetes.

Health - Psychology - 05.12.2017
Children with mental health problems more likely to be out of work by 55
Children with mental health problems more likely to be out of work by 55
Physical and mental illness at younger ages can have a significant impact on people's prospects of being in employment in later life, according to two reports from the International Longevity Centre (ILC-UK) and the renEWL research team based at UCL.

Psychology - Economics / Business - 28.11.2017
Study asks: How much should a victim be compensated for emotional suffering?
If a company sends one of its workers to a crime-ridden neighborhood to repair a leaking roof and the worker is held up by gunpoint, has his wallet stolen and is so terrified that he can't return to work, how much should that victim receive for his emotional suffering? If the worker had no money in his wallet when it was stolen, chances are people would say he deserves a lot more financial compensation for the fear he experienced than if he had $50 stolen.

Psychology - Pharmacology - 27.11.2017
Self-Help Book Works to Combat Burnout and Stress - Without a Therapist
Self-Help Book Works to Combat Burnout and Stress - Without a Therapist
Around a third of all employees find their work stressful. Interventions for stress and burnout are available, but often not accessible for many employees. A self-help book based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) has the potential to reduce burnout, stress and symptoms of depression - without any therapist contact.

Economics / Business - Psychology - 21.11.2017
How to Predict the Perfect Gift
It is an age-old question. Do you pick out a gift you think someone might like, or do you purchase exactly what they have asked for? At Carnegie Mellon University, behavioral economists tackle questions like this using a distinct fusion of economics and psychology. They work to understand why we eat unhealthy food, pay women less than men and even how to give the perfect gift.

Psychology - 20.11.2017
Maintaining sufficient vitamin D levels may help to prevent rheumatoid arthritis
A major new study into autism and mental health problems is being launched today in a collaboration between the Cerebra Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders at the University of Birmingham, Aston University, Coventry University and UK autism research charity Autistica. An estimated 56,000 people in the West Midlands are autistic and nearly eight in ten (79%) will experience a mental health problem.

Social Sciences - Psychology - 17.11.2017
Have you heard? Gossiping isn't all bad
Have you heard? Gossiping isn’t all bad
Gossiping helps a person develop a better understanding of their society's expected behaviours, researchers from The University of Queensland have found.

Health - Psychology - 15.11.2017
Researchers Link Binge Eating and Weight-loss Challenges
Wednesday, November 15, 2017 Someone who binge eats consumes an objectively large amount of food while feeling a loss of control over eating. When episodes occur weekly for several months, the action moves into the realm of binge-eating disorder. So how does this type of eating affect people with Type 2 diabetes and obesity who are actively working to lose weight?

Psychology - Economics / Business - 14.11.2017
Opinion: What can we learn about you from just one click?
Opinion: What can we learn about you from just one click?
How effective is psychological targeting in advertising? Dr Sandra Matz, a former PhD student at Cambridge now based at Columbia University, and her co-authors, including Dr David Stillwell from the C

Health - Psychology - 10.11.2017
Research unit to bring evidence to forefront of mental health policy
Research unit to bring evidence to forefront of mental health policy
UCL and King's College London are leading the establishment of a new policy research unit, the NIHR Mental Health Policy Research Unit, which will bring mental health researchers, clinicians, service users and carers closer together. The main aim of the unit is to provide research to inform policy makers.

Health - Psychology - 10.11.2017
Research unit to bring evidence to forefront of mental health policy
King's College London and UCL are leading the establishment of a new policy research unit, the NIHR Mental Health Policy Research Unit, which will bring mental health researchers, clinicians, service users and carers closer together. The main aim of the unit is to provide research to inform policy makers.

Economics / Business - Psychology - 02.11.2017
Unique Fusion of Economics, Psychology Drives Carnegie Mellon’s Approach to Behavioral Economics
Companies, organizations and even governments - including the United States following former President Barack Obama's 2015 executive order to incorporate behavioral insights to better serve the American people - are turning to behavioral economics.

Health - Psychology - 02.11.2017
HAVEN Free Clinic to expand behavioral health program
The student-run  HAVEN Free Clinic is expanding its behavioral health program through a series of workshops that will promote integrated care and target underserved communities in New Haven.

Health - Psychology - 20.10.2017
Digital storytelling helps encourage Latinas to pursue treatment for depression and anxiety
Digital storytelling helps encourage Latinas to pursue treatment for depression and anxiety
A UCLA Nursing professor has found that culturally tailored multimedia content holds great promise for encouraging Latina woman seek help for, and address the symptoms of, anxiety and depression.

Health - Psychology - 19.10.2017
Kidney failure's effects on the psychosocial health and lifestyle of young adults
Kidney failure’s effects on the psychosocial health and lifestyle of young adults
Kidney failure is associated with lower quality of life in young people and limited employment, independence, and relationships compared with healthy peers, according to an analysis led by the University of Bristol and published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJASN).

Social Sciences - Psychology - 17.10.2017
Sex, power and the systems that enable men like Harvey Weinstein
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Psychology - 13.10.2017
To make your voice more "trustworthy" to a listener
We are often told that you only get one chance to make a first impression and for years people have questioned just how to go about it.

Health - Psychology - 11.10.2017
Experts express concerns over infant mental health assessment
Experts express concerns over infant mental health assessment
Forty world experts on child development and mental health have released a joint statement calling for caution when applying an influential classification for assessing infant mental health and potential cases of abuse.

Health - Psychology - 10.10.2017
World Mental Health Day: what is the impact of mental health first aid in the workplace?
Academics at the University of Nottingham are marking World Mental Health Day by appealing for participants to take part in a study investigating the impact of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) in the workplace.
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