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Psychology - Health - 10.05.2017
Staff opportunity for mindfulness training
Staff opportunity for mindfulness training
Staff opportunity for mindfulness training To mark Mental Health Awareness Week this week (May 8-14), a research project that offers University of Sussex students mindfulness training has been extended to University staff too.

Psychology - 08.05.2017
Friendships help kids make the move to secondary school
Friendships help kids make the move to secondary school
Friendships help kids make the move to secondary school Children who undertake more activities, including informal activities with friends and more structured extracurricular activities, may cope better with the transition from primary school to secondary school.

Health - Psychology - 08.05.2017
Doctor bias can lead to low-value interventions
Doctor bias can lead to low-value interventions
Doctors have been warned to be aware that psychological factors could lead them to suggest medical interventions of little or no value to patients, despite campaigns aimed at eliminating unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures.

Psychology - 08.05.2017
Studying more strategically equals improved exam scores
A study from Stanford psychology scholars found that college students employing a strategic approach to the use of study resources improved their exam scores by an average of one-third of a letter grade.

Life Sciences - Psychology - 08.05.2017
Biologist Robert Sapolsky takes on human behavior, free will
With the publication of his latest book, Robert Sapolsky tackles the best and worst of human behavior and the nature of justice in the absence of free will.

Event - Psychology - 03.05.2017

Health - Psychology - 27.04.2017
Researchers develop online support for people with Bipolar Disorder
Researchers develop online support for people with Bipolar Disorder
An online relapse prevention tool for Bipolar Disorder offers a "cheap accessible option" for people seeking support following treatment, say researchers. Bipolar Disorder (BD) is a lifelong mental health condition characterised by depression and mania. It affects one per cent of adults worldwide and costs an estimated £5.2 billion annually in England alone.

Health - Psychology - 18.04.2017
Incarceration creates more mental health concerns for African-American men
ANN ARBOR?African-American men who have spent time behind bars show worse mental health conditions compared with men of the same race with no history of incarceration, according to a new U-M study. Researchers from U-M, Rutgers University and Texas A&M University found an association between African-American men with a history of incarceration and mental health, with mental health being defined as psychological distress and depressive symptoms.

Psychology - 17.04.2017
Eight minutes to online learning success
Stanford scholars examined the effectiveness of a psychological strategy on online learners. They found noticeable differences along cultural lines that could help millions of online learners overcome obstacles. While online education has opened access to learners worldwide, new Stanford research suggests that a single approach to teaching everyone in an online class may not yield the best outcome, especially when it comes to course completion.

Pedagogy - Psychology - 11.04.2017
Parent Shaming Videos are Only a Short-Term Solution
Using social media to publicly shame children has sparked strong reactions after one father recently shamed his son with a sign at a NBA game.

Health - Psychology - 06.04.2017
Researchers play key role in World Health Day
Researchers from The University of Queensland have provided key statistics which will support April 7's World Health Day theme - depression and common mental disorders.

Psychology - Career - 03.04.2017
Juggling act: Dads seek work-family balance after second child
ANN ARBOR'There's a tug-of-war in many households after the second child is born, but don't blame the siblings. The struggle involves dads, who feel increased pressure to balance work and family in the new two-child home. In fact, work-family conflict inhibits men from being involved in infant care after the birth of a second child in both dual and single-earner families, according to a new University of Michigan study.

Social Sciences - Psychology - 31.03.2017
Bristol Psychology Professor appointed Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences
Bristol Psychology Professor appointed Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences
An academic from the University of Bristol School of Experimental Psychology is among 47 leading social scientists who have been conferred as Fellows of the Academy of Social Sciences.

Psychology - Social Sciences - 29.03.2017
Bullies and their victims obsessed with weight-loss
School bullies and their victims are more obsessed with weight-loss than anyone else, says new research by the University of Warwick. 42% of bullies have extreme preoccupation with weight-loss, as well as 55% of bullying victims, and 57% of teens who both bully and are bullied , whereas only 35% of kids not involved in bullying are obsessed with losing weight.

Health - Psychology - 28.03.2017
U T News
U T News
AUSTIN, Texas - As students transition into high school, many see their grades drop. And while some students are resilient in the midst of this challenge, others succumb to the pressure.

Psychology - Computer Science - 27.03.2017
Can computers one day understand emotions’ New patent paves the way
James Wang and Reginald Adams discussing a new patent that takes the next step in computer learning techniques in the hopes that computers can one day understand the complex realm of human feelings.

Psychology - Linguistics / Literature - 24.03.2017
Court Theatre play examines debate around human consciousness
Where does the brain end and the mind begin? That tricky question is the center of debate in Court Theatre 's production of Tom Stoppard's The Hard Problem .

Psychology - 23.03.2017
It’s really about me, not ’you’
ANN ARBOR'To cope with negative experiences or to share an insight, people often use the word "you" rather than "I." "You" is an overlooked word that people use to express norms and rules, new University of Michigan research found. Researchers conducted nine experiments with nearly 2,500 people to understand why people curiously use "you" not only to refer to specific others, but also to reflect on their own experiences.

Health - Psychology - 23.03.2017
Hidden workforce saves Australia $13.2b
Hidden workforce saves Australia $13.2b
Carers supporting Australians with mental illness are providing services that would cost governments $13.2 billion to replace, a new report has found.

Psychology - Career - 22.03.2017
Psychology professor is going back to class
Koraly Pérez-Edgar, associate professor of psychology at Penn State, runs the University's Cognition, Affect, and Temperament Lab.

Pedagogy - Psychology - 21.03.2017
Boys secure in their racial identity seek more diverse friendships
ANN ARBOR'Kids often seek answers from parents, friends and media to better understand their racial identity.

Health - Psychology - 21.03.2017
Tailored sexual health messages urgently needed for young female tourists, expert says
Tailored sexual health messages urgently needed for young female tourists, expert says
CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — With both tourism and casual "hookup" sex on the rise among college-age adults, there's an urgent need for gender-sensitive and age-appropriate sexual health campaigns that are tailored to young women's motivations for taking sexual risks while traveling, a new study suggests.

Computer Science - Psychology - 15.03.2017
Data to Make a Difference
One in five women will be sexually assaulted in college. Understanding the multi-dimensional nature of that jarring statistic requires a closer look at the meaning behind the numbers.

Psychology - 13.03.2017
Beyond phonics - the case for teaching children the logic of the English spelling system
Beyond phonics - the case for teaching children the logic of the English spelling system
Why is there the letter 'g' in sign? Why not spell the word 'does' duz? When children are taught to read and write though phonics they have to remember many exceptions, so-called 'sight words'.

Health - Psychology - 13.03.2017
For Asian-Americans, daily racial slights invade the nights
Asian-Americans are often seen as 'model' minorities whose success is often attributed to a lack of barriers, such as racism and discrimination, that might prevent upward mobility.

Social Sciences - Psychology - 08.03.2017
Girls in care more likely to report lower well-being than boys
Girls in care more likely to report lower well-being than boys
About a quarter of girls in care have low well-being and feel the stigma of care more deeply than do boys according to a new study, announced today [8 Mar], which set out to understand what well-being means to looked after children. The study of 611 looked after children produced some positive results with 83 percent of children saying that being in care had improved their lives.

Social Sciences - Psychology - 07.03.2017
Improving Adolescentsâ?- Social and Emotional Lives
Research shows that social and emotional learning (SEL) programs are a vital contributor to academic achievement and future success. Image by Adobe Stock. AUSTIN, Texas â?- School programs designed to educate children and adolescents on how to understand and manage emotions, relationships and academic goals must go beyond improving the skills of the individuals to create a respectful climate and allow adolescents more autonomy in decision making, according to psychology research at The University of Texas at Austin.

Social Sciences - Psychology - 06.03.2017
Separating Children and Moms at Border Will Not Work
Recent news reports have indicated that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is considering causing children psychological harm as a strategy to curb illegal immigration from Central America.

Health - Psychology - 01.03.2017
Ketamine eases severe depression, but questions of dosage, duration remain
Recent studies have confirmed observations made by Yale clinicians decades ago - the anesthetic ketamine provides rapid and robust relief to those suffering from the most severe forms of depression. However, there is also limited research to advise doctors on best doses and length of ketamine treatment, which patients will most benefit from treatment, and whether ketamine can provide long-lasting relief for depression without dangerous side effects, according to a report published March 1 in the Journal JAMA Psychiatry.

Psychology - 23.02.2017
Deprivation in early childhood can affect mental health in adulthood
Despite living in strong and supportive families for over 20 years, many children exposed to severe early deprivation in Romanian institutions aged 0-3 experience a range of mental health problems in early adulthood, according to new King's College London research.

Psychology - Health - 20.02.2017
Discrimination impacts psychological distress for Arab-American men
ANN ARBOR'Acts of discrimination against Arab-Americans are associated with psychological stress, with an impact 4-5 times larger for men than women, a University of Michigan researcher has found.

Psychology - History / Archeology - 17.02.2017
The history of the Antonine Wall through digital storytelling
World heritage experts will meet at the University of Glasgow to discuss how to bring the history of the Roman Antonine Wall to life through digital technology.

Health - Psychology - 17.02.2017
Post-deployment screening does not help reduce mental health disorders in UK Armed Forces
A King's College London study testing a potential post-deployment screening programme for UK Armed Forces personnel, based on a computerised assessment and tailored mental health advice, found it was

Social Sciences - Psychology - 13.02.2017
Viral charity campaigns have a psychological 'recipe' and all-too-brief lifespan
Viral charity campaigns have a psychological ’recipe’ and all-too-brief lifespan
New work focusing on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge reveals very brief shelf life of such viral campaigns, and suggests the nature of 'virality' and social tipping points themselves may be a stumbling block to deeper engagement with social issues that campaigns aim to promote.

Chemistry - Psychology - 13.02.2017
Scientists predict chemistry of romance
Scientists predict chemistry of romance
Psychologists from the University of Bristol are launching a revolutionary new dating app this Valentine's Day.

Psychology - Health - 13.02.2017
New online program to improve body image
A new study is looking for young Australians aged 18-25 years who worry about their weight and body shape to take part in a six-week online program to improve body image.

Health - Psychology - 08.02.2017
Cabbies’ health the focus of smartphone app trial
A smartphone app will target taxi drivers? 'downtime' waiting for their next passenger, to support them with tools and messages to improve their health.

Health - Psychology - 06.02.2017
Psychotherapy normalizes the brain in social phobia
Anxiety in social situations is not a rare problem: Around one in ten people are affected by social anxiety disorder during their lifetime. Social anxiety disorder is diagnosed if fears and anxiety in social situations significantly impair everyday life and cause intense suffering. Talking in front of a larger group can be one typical feared situation.

Psychology - 06.02.2017
A Trust Gap May Hinder Academic Success for Minorities
AUSTIN, Texas - Middle school students of color who lose trust in their teachers due to perceptions of mistreatment from school authorities are less likely to attend college even if they generally ha

Health - Psychology - 31.01.2017
Helping overcome difficulties with substances and mental health
Helping overcome difficulties with substances and mental health
Increasing knowledge about what treatments are most effective for addiction and mental health is the focus of an appointment made by The University of Queensland and collaborators Lives Lived Well.

Event - Psychology - 25.01.2017
National Academy of Sciences honors Prof. Sian Beilock for psychology research
Sian Beilock, the Stella M. Rowley Professor of Psychology, has been awarded the 2017 Troland Research Award for her pioneering work on anxiety and performance in high-stress situations.

Health - Psychology - 25.01.2017
Nearly one in 10 British women experience painful sex linked to poorer sexual, physical and mental health
Nearly one in 10 of British women are experiencing painful sex (dyspareunia), according to a new study published today in an International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (BJOG) .‌ The find

Health - Psychology - 19.01.2017
Telling the tale of midlife in the United States
There are no shortcuts. To get to old age, one has to steer through midlife. Sometimes that path is filled with joys of family, friendships, good health and career success. Other times, there is hardship, illness or loss, and the journey becomes more about how to survive in a complex world and being resilient - able to bounce back from stressful experiences quickly and effectively.

Psychology - Health - 19.01.2017
UQ graduate leads way in teaching psychology in Maldives
UQ graduate leads way in teaching psychology in Maldives
Shehenaz Ismail's pride in teaching psychology in the Maldives shines through when she describes her work.

Health - Psychology - 18.01.2017
Bell Let’s Talk support for the Neuro will enhance mental health access for multicultural communities
Bell Let's Talk today announced a donation of $250,000 to McGill University's Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital - known as The Neuro - to fund the development of online mental health resources focused on the needs of multicultural communities.

Health - Psychology - 16.01.2017
Help our mental health researchers fight the blues on Blue Monday
A team of researchers from the University of Nottingham is appealing for people in Nottinghamshire who experience depression and low mood to help them to assess the effectiveness of two online mental health support tools.

Health - Psychology - 09.01.2017
JanUary – Don’t let hunger sabotage your new year diet
Today (Monday, 9 January) sees the beginning of the national 'JanUary' campaign (formerly known as National Obesity Awareness Week) which runs until Sunday, 15 January. JanUary , with a strapline of 'do something good for U', is a week long programme focusing on what individuals and families can do to ensure or improve their health.

Health - Psychology - 06.01.2017
Counseling, antidepressants change personality (for the better), team reports
Counseling, antidepressants change personality (for the better), team reports
CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — A review of 207 studies involving more than 20,000 people found that those who engaged in therapeutic interventions were, on average, significantly less neurotic and a bit more extraverted after the interventions than they were beforehand.

Health - Psychology - 27.12.2016
Friendship Bench therapy reduces anxiety and depression in Zimbabwe
Training lay health workers in CBT a 'blueprint' for tackling mental health crisis in Africa Brief psychological treatment delivered by Zimbabwean lay health workers dramatically improved the symptoms of patients with mental health problems, according to new research published in JAMA .

Health - Psychology - 22.12.2016
Teachers and support staff lack training to tackle ‘taboo’ of self-harm in schools
The majority of teachers and support staff lack the time and training they need to support students who self-harm, according to a new report from a GW4 research community.
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