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Pedagogy - Social Sciences - 09:08

Health - Social Sciences - 16.09.2021
Mental health patients leaving hospital in first lockdown felt lonely and isolated
Mental health patients who were discharged from or admitted to acute mental health services during the first Covid-19 lockdown experienced loneliness and social isolation, according to a new study.

Linguistics / Literature - Social Sciences - 16.09.2021

Health - Social Sciences - 16.09.2021
Childhood maltreatment alters the HOA-axis activity in early stages of life
Childhood maltreatment alters the HOA-axis activity in early stages of life
A paper published in the journal Psychological Medicine confirms the existence of neurobiological alterations in early stages of life in minors exposed to maltreatment.

Campus - Social Sciences - 16.09.2021

Campus - Social Sciences - 15.09.2021

Social Sciences - 14.09.2021
'Levelling up' met with widespread scepticism across England, survey study suggests
’Levelling up’ met with widespread scepticism across England, survey study suggests
Researchers say Tories are "right to be worried" about parts of the Home Counties due to fears over the meaning of levelling up.

Health - Social Sciences - 14.09.2021
New report reveals the extent of the barriers migrants face accessing healthcare during the pandemic
New report reveals the extent of the barriers migrants face accessing healthcare during the pandemic
Doctors of the World (DOTW), the Nuffield Foundation and the University of Birmingham have today published, Migration and Vulnerability during the Pandemic: Barriers to Wellbeing , which has revealed

Social Sciences - Politics - 13.09.2021

Social Sciences - Health - 13.09.2021
New report suggests pandemic policing undermines public health measures whilst disproportionately targeting Black and Minority Ethnic communities
A new report raises concerns about the policing of the pandemic and shows that racially minoritised communities have been most harshly affected - being more likely to be stopped by the police, threatened or subject to police violence and falsely accused of rule-breaking and wrong-doing.

Social Sciences - Campus - 13.09.2021
Restricting welfare payments reduces Indigenous school attendance
In 2007, as part of the Northern Territory Emergency Response, the federal government restricted welfare payments in several Indigenous communities with the aim of enhancing child welfare.

Social Sciences - Health - 10.09.2021
Suicide intervention training is saving lives
A training program to build Indigenous Australians' skills in preventing suicides has brought national acclaim for a University of Queensland researcher.

Law - Social Sciences - 10.09.2021

Social Sciences - 09.09.2021
Children at greatest risk of sexual violence in Kenya during the pandemic
A study of sexual violence in Kenya during the Covid-19 pandemic finds that children were more likely than adults to be attacked by somebody familiar to them, and incidents were more likely to happen during the daytime in the attacker's home.

Environment - Social Sciences - 08.09.2021
Government investment supports creative methods to connect young people with climate change research
A Glasgow-based project using zines produced by 14-18-year-olds to tell their climate change stories is among a series of new climate engagement projects supported by a UK government investment.

Health - Social Sciences - 08.09.2021
Robotics, free speech, health conditions and taxes explored by 2021 Future Leaders researchers
Seven UCL academics have been awarded UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships to accelerate their contribution to world-changing research and innovation.

Social Sciences - Research Management - 08.09.2021
Survivors of modern slavery to play vital role in new research project
A new University of Birmingham-led research project has been launched to examine the impact of psychological support on the mental wellbeing of people affected by modern slavery.

Social Sciences - 07.09.2021
Extreme views are widespread in classrooms in England
Schools across England lack the resources and training to teach pupils how to reject and discuss dangerous extremist views and ideologies according to a major new study by UCL researchers and commissioned by education charity SINCE 9/11.

Social Sciences - Economics / Business - 06.09.2021
Opinion: To truly ’build back better’ we must reimagine what prosperity looks like
Focusing on GDP and physical infrastructure is futile without real-life benefits for people living in left-behind towns, says Professor Henrietta Moore (UCL Institute for Global Prosperity).

Health - Social Sciences - 03.09.2021
New book explores welfare bricolage in Europe's superdiverse neighbourhoods
New book explores welfare bricolage in Europe’s superdiverse neighbourhoods
A new book which focuses on increasing population diversity and what this means for how local communities, health and welfare providers seek to address everyday health concerns will be launched and c

Environment - Social Sciences - 03.09.2021

Social Sciences - Linguistics / Literature - 03.09.2021

Health - Social Sciences - 03.09.2021
Texas’ near-total abortion ban: U-M experts can discuss
EXPERTS ADVISORY Margo Schlanger , the Wade H. and Dores M. McCree Collegiate Professor of Law, is a leading authority on civil rights issues and civil and criminal detention.

Pedagogy - Social Sciences - 02.09.2021

Social Sciences - 02.09.2021

Campus - Social Sciences - 01.09.2021

Health - Social Sciences - 01.09.2021
Salinas Valley teens find green cleaning is worth the hype
Jessica Cabrera knows the recipe for homemade window cleaner by heart - and is more than happy to share it.
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