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Health - Social Sciences - 24.08.2021
Reducing mechanical ventilation can greatly improve outcomes for critically ill children, finds study
A major UK clinical trial carried out in collaboration with the University of Birmingham and Birmingham Women's and Children's NHS Foundation Trust has shown how a new approach to reduce the use of mechanical ventilation can greatly improve outcomes for critically ill infants and children.

Social Sciences - Pharmacology - 24.08.2021
How Adolescents Used Drugs During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Alcohol use declined, but use of nicotine and misuse of prescription drugs rose The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, which began in earnest in the United States in early 2020, affected different demographic groups in different ways. According to a new study, among adolescents ages 10 to 14 in the U.S., the overall rate of drug use remained relatively stable in the first six months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social Sciences - Economics / Business - 24.08.2021

Psychology - Social Sciences - 23.08.2021
10,000 autistic people to take part in the UK's largest study of autism
10,000 autistic people to take part in the UK’s largest study of autism
An ambitious new research project, Spectrum 10K, launches today and will recruit 10,000 autistic individuals, as well as their relatives, living in the UK.

Health - Social Sciences - 23.08.2021
Modelling highlights risk in national COVID plan
Modelling highlights risk in national COVID plan
Australia's National Plan to relax COVID-19 restrictions puts too many lives at risk and could hamper thousands more Australians with ongoing illness, according to new modelling from researchers.

Social Sciences - 23.08.2021
Your zip code may be a factor in how long you'll stay active
Your zip code may be a factor in how long you’ll stay active
Older people living in less advantaged neighborhoods become disabled roughly two years earlier than their counterparts in more affluent neighborhoods, according to a new Yale study.

Social Sciences - 20.08.2021
Evolution now accepted by majority of Americans
The level of public acceptance of evolution in the United States is now solidly above the halfway mark, according to a new study based on a series of national public opinion surveys conducted over the last 35 years. "From 1985 to 2010, there was a statistical dead heat between acceptance and rejection of evolution,” said lead researcher Jon D. Miller of the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan.

Social Sciences - Health - 19.08.2021
Current focus on preventing youth vaping could hinder adults’ efforts to stop smoking
Considerable evidence suggests that e-cigarettes are an effective smoking-cessation tool for adults in the United States, where hundreds of thousands of people die of smoking-related illness each year.

Health - Social Sciences - 17.08.2021
Over one in 10 COVID-19 patients caught the virus while in hospital during first wave
The research into UK hospital-acquired infections was conducted as part of the world's largest study of severe COVID-19 and is published as a research letter in The Lancet.

Politics - Social Sciences - 17.08.2021

Campus - Social Sciences - 13.08.2021

Social Sciences - Art and Design - 13.08.2021

Social Sciences - Health - 12.08.2021
Easing dementia's burden on Indigenous Australians
Easing dementia’s burden on Indigenous Australians
Improving the impact of high dementia rates on Indigenous Australians and communities is the focus of a University of Queensland-led telehealth project with a global track record of success.

Social Sciences - Linguistics / Literature - 11.08.2021

History / Archeology - Social Sciences - 06.08.2021
The scientific method throughout history
The scientific method throughout history
SUMMER SERIES: HOW SCIENCE WORKS - Looking to the past can help us better understand the workings of science today. Jérôme Baudry, Professor at the College of Humanities at EPFL, explains how the procedures for proving and communicating scientific results have changed over time. We often hear people talk about "the scientific method" as the ultimate guarantee of rigor in experimental research, but what exactly does it entail?

Psychology - Social Sciences - 06.08.2021

Health - Social Sciences - 05.08.2021
Government guidance held schools back as Covid hit
Headteachers and school leaders have described how an 'avalanche' of confused and shifting Government guidance severely impeded schools during the critical first months of Covid lockdown, in a new study by researchers from UCL and the University of Cambridge.

Social Sciences - 05.08.2021
Opinion: Is Alexander Lukashenko trying out the ’madman’ theory of foreign policy?
Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko's unpredictability is unsettling opponents and allies alike, and he must be checked, says Professor Andrew Wilson (UCL School of Slavonic & East European Studies).

Research Management - Social Sciences - 05.08.2021

Life Sciences - Social Sciences - 04.08.2021
Data scientists go to the mat to learn about microbial networks
National Science Foundation backs Rice-led search for 'rules of life' in microbiomes In at least one sense, every man is an island, and every man-island has lots of inhabitants.

Psychology - Social Sciences - 03.08.2021

Social Sciences - 02.08.2021
Opinion: Deporting ’foreign criminals’ in the middle of the night doesn’t make us safer
The government exploits dominant myths about crime and immigration to justify its mass deportation flights, says Dr Luke De Noronha (UCL Institute for Advanced Studies).

Social Sciences - Economics / Business - 02.08.2021
Computer security personnel need tools, training to assist survivors of intimate partner violence
FACULTY Q&A Survivors of intimate partner violence who experience tech abuse often reach out to computer security companies for help.

Social Sciences - 30.07.2021
A Question of Solidarity: Cultural Heritage in South Asia
Submerged palaces, rediscovered dance traditions, disputed temple complexes: cultural heritage in South Asia takes different forms and is shaped by varying forces in society and politics.

Social Sciences - Campus - 28.07.2021
Mural pays respect to remains of women found near the U.S.-Mexico border
As you walk along Pacific Avenue in Venice there's a tattoo parlor — its side wall covered in graffiti — scraps of trash strewn about.

Health - Social Sciences - 26.07.2021
Rent, mortgage linked to worse health outcomes during early stages of pandemic
Rent, mortgage linked to worse health outcomes during early stages of pandemic
During the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, having to make rent or mortgage payments was significantly associated with health and mental distress, according to new research from the University of Michigan School of Public Health.

Career - Social Sciences - 23.07.2021

Health - Social Sciences - 22.07.2021
1.5 million children worldwide have lost a parent, grandparent, or caregiver due to COVID-19
An estimated 1.5 million children worldwide have experienced the death of a parent, custodial grandparent, or other relative who cared for them, as a result of COVID-19, according to a new global study involving UCL researchers, published today in The Lancet. Of the 1.5 million children, more than 1 million experienced the death of one or both parents during the first 14 months of the pandemic, and another half a million experienced the death of a grandparent caregiver living in their own home, the study estimates.

Health - Social Sciences - 22.07.2021
New campaign highlights need to seek help for ’vague but concerning’ cancer symptoms
"Cancer champions" will encourage people to seek help for "vague" symptoms as part of a new campaign led by Cardiff University and funded by Cancer Research Wales.

Sport - Social Sciences - 22.07.2021
No progress: Physical inactivity remains a global pandemic
No progress: Physical inactivity remains a global pandemic
Experts are calling for urgent action to improve physical activity worldwide, with research showing no progress in nearly a decade and that the Olympics are a missed opportunity to change health at the population level.
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