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Computer Science - Sport - 30.08.2021
Software that helps us increase our mental strength
Software that helps us increase our mental strength
Which mental state do we need to be in to perform at our best? ETH Pioneer Fellow Marc Bächinger is working with Sarah Meissner to come up with the answer.

Sport - 16.08.2021
Athletes and researchers tackle concussion
Athletes and researchers tackle concussion
Athletes are helping a University of Queensland neuroscientist tackle the problem of concussion in sport head-on with the aim of developing a quick and cheap test measuring brain recovery.

Sport - 09.08.2021
BMX riders harness fear to reach their athletic potential
The informal training methods of BMX riders could be the key to unlocking new heights for athletes, a University of Queensland-led study has found. Dr Eva Ellmer from UQ's School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences said many traditional sports could learn from the unconventional practices BMX riders use to become elite performers.

Law - Sport - 08.08.2021
Prof. Martha Nussbaum examines the path forward after #MeToo
Leading scholar explores reconciliation and accountability for sexual assault in Citadels of Pride As Prof. Martha C. Nussbaum watched the #MeToo movement emerge in a swirl of impassion

Sport - 27.07.2021
Many parents still believe boys are better, more competitive at sports than girls
Female Olympian handballers fined for playing in shorts instead of bikini bottoms. A female Paralympian told by a championship official that her shorts were "too short and inappropriate.

Sport - Social Sciences - 22.07.2021
No progress: Physical inactivity remains a global pandemic
No progress: Physical inactivity remains a global pandemic
Experts are calling for urgent action to improve physical activity worldwide, with research showing no progress in nearly a decade and that the Olympics are a missed opportunity to change health at the population level.

Sport - Life Sciences - 21.07.2021
Professional rugby may be associated with changes in brain structure
Professional rugby may be associated with changes in brain structure
Participation in elite adult rugby may be associated with changes in the brain's structure, finds new research co-led by UCL scientists.

Psychology - Sport - 20.07.2021
Knowledge Exchange Insights: Emotional Intelligence for Teamwork
Highlights from the third session of the Knowledge Exchange training series , facilitated by Yvonne McLean, as part of the ESRC Collaboration Labs Programme, The University of Manchester.

Life Sciences - Sport - 20.07.2021
Elite runners spend more time in air, less on ground, than highly trained but nonelite peers
FACULTY Q&A A recent study led by Geoff Burns, an elite runner and postdoctoral researcher at the University of Michigan Exercise & Sport Science Initiative, compared the "bouncing behavior&#

Sport - 13.07.2021

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Sport - Health - 28.06.2021
Scientists launch trial to test whether brain training could help people lose weight
Researchers at Cardiff University have launched a new app called "Restrain" to test whether it is possible to lose weight through a type of brain training involving simple games. The team from the University's Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC) are calling for volunteers to take part in the trial, which will be the largest study of its kind.

Sport - 23.06.2021
PhD students to contribute to future Rangers FC success
Four doctoral students at the University of Birmingham are working alongside the research team at Rangers Football Club , designing projects to enhance training and technical skills development at the club. It's the first time the Glasgow-based club has supported PhD research in this way. The aim is to not only gain some valuable insights into how to enhance the future performance of the team, but also to invest in skills and expertise that will make an enduring, valuable contribution to the game.

Sport - 21.06.2021
Guidelines for sport and health organisations will maintain positive social media use post-pandemic
Sport, physical activity and health organisations should keep using social media to deliver exercise and cooking classes and information on staying healthy even after pandemic restrictions have eased, according to new guidelines published by experts at the University of Birmingham.

Sport - Career - 18.06.2021

Sport - 15.06.2021
Lies to hide doping in professional sport
Lies to hide doping in professional sport
Göttingen University sports sociologist analyses false statements from professional cyclists How do top athletes talk about doping when they themselves are using performance-enhancing drugs?

Sport - 28.05.2021
Landmark agreement catapults Para-sport research to next level
Cutting-edge innovation in Paralympic sport performance will enter a new era after an agreement was signed between Paralympics Australia and key Queensland-based sporting and research bodies including The University of Queensland.

Sport - Campus - 18.05.2021

Sport - Health - 17.05.2021

Sport - 29.04.2021