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Economics - Innovation - 01.03.2024 - Today
Innovative robot aims to revolutionize colorectal cancer staging accuracy

Health - Pharmacology - 01.03.2024 - Today
Keeping optimism through antagonism and aggression in health-care research 
Researchers share what motivates them to continue their work despite harsh scrutiny and misinformation  By Jenna Braun Faculty of Health The rapid spread of misinformation is rampant in the highly politicized area of health research.

Environment - Economics - 29.02.2024
U.S. ski industry suffers $5B hit from climate change
First-of-its-kind study estimates the economic damages climate change has had on the U.S. ski industry over the past two decades The U.S. ski industry has lost more than US$5 billion over the past two decades due to human-caused climate change, according to a new study.

Innovation - Environment - 27.02.2024
Beating the heat without warming the planet 

Art and Design - 27.02.2024
And the Oscar goes to

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 26.02.2024
Truth and reconciliation starts with listening

Politics - Campus - 23.02.2024
Flourishing through diplomacy and creativity

Social Sciences - 22.02.2024
Reimagining our history with Indigenous futurisms

Campus - 21.02.2024
United College is finding new ways to empower future changemakers

Campus - Pedagogy - 16.02.2024
UWaterloo faculty and staff couples share gifts of love

Innovation - Environment - 14.02.2024
Collaboration can advance the greening of materials

Psychology - 13.02.2024
Q and A with the experts: How does self-esteem affect relationships?
Someone with low self-esteem might assume rejection or neglect, leading to conflict in the relationship In February, as some people's thoughts turn towards romance, what does it take to keep a relationship strong?

Career - Innovation - 13.02.2024
Innovating through technology, business and design

History / Archeology - Economics - 08.02.2024
Discovering Canada’s trailblazing Black accountants

Health - Physics - 08.02.2024
Up Start program turns research into impactful ventures 
Ten promising teams receive grants to advance commercialization efforts By Naomi Grosman Velocity Ten teams of students and researchers commercializing their novel technologies have received a boost

Economics - Innovation - 07.02.2024
Unlocking the power of AI

Computer Science - Mathematics - 06.02.2024
University of Waterloo joins Post-Quantum Cryptography Alliance

Innovation - Career - 06.02.2024
Applying innovative programming to those at different career stages

Pharmacology - Health - 02.02.2024
Breaking down roadblocks to help patients suffering from complex brain disorders
Waterloo Pharmacy PhD candidate receives graduate student scholarship from Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario Milana Madzarac The Parkinson Society of Southwestern (PSSO) Ontario honoured Yusheng

Social Sciences - Campus - 01.02.2024
Reimagining international partnerships

Innovation - Campus - 01.02.2024
Addressing our global future with expert thought leaders

Innovation - 01.02.2024
First automated atomic force microscope makes the nanoworld visible in minutes
Nanoscale imaging company ICSPI's new product set to accelerate scientific discovery A new microscope created by a Velocity company is helping to make the nanoworld more accessible to the masses.

Innovation - 30.01.2024
Waterloo students win GenAI competition in Toronto
From investing in the circular economy to nurturing sustainable innovations, two teams pitch game-changing ideas at AI EarthHack competition By Darren McAlmont University Relations On January 18, two

Chemistry - Innovation - 26.01.2024
Reducing cancer risk with new firefighting gear
Waterloo researcher who is designing safer firefighter gear earns visit from Ontario's Solicitor General By Nicola Kelly Faculty of Engineering Recent studies have suggested that firefighters are three times more likely to die of cancer than the general population.

Health - Social Sciences - 25.01.2024
Waterloo kinesiology researcher receives $1 million PHAC grant 

Innovation - Health - 24.01.2024
A breakthrough treatment for stroke patients
A world first: tiny camera captures colour video from inside the brain  By Naomi Grosman Velocity Physicians tasked with diagnosing stroke patients have a new tool in their arsenal thanks to an innov

Innovation - 23.01.2024
WISA has its eye on innovative pilot training
University of Waterloo researchers are breaking barriers by using eye tracking technology to transform pilot training in Canada Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Aeronautics As Canada searches for a

Environment - Campus - 22.01.2024
Solving the puzzle of sustainability, society and our planet
Opinion: Local governance is a key driver for increasing our global sustainability efforts  Faculty of Environment Dr. Amelia Clarke has been working on environment and sustainability issues f

Innovation - Environment - 22.01.2024
Nanosized solution is making a big impact in Alberta’s oil sands
Unlocking the power of the sun with H2nanO's sustainable water treatment technology By Jordan Flemming University Relations The oil sands industry relies heavily on water for its extraction processes, resulting in significant volumes of contaminated water.

Economics - 22.01.2024
Training the tech talent of the future

Innovation - Health - 22.01.2024
Are we suffering a crisis in trust?
Opinion: Bridging the gap between the people who design and build new technologies and the people who use them Faculty of Engineering Dr. Mary Wells is the dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Waterloo.

Astronomy / Space - Physics - 22.01.2024
Peering into the cosmos
Opinion: The crucial role of fundamental research in nurturing curiosity, cultivating innovation  Faculty of Science Dr. Will Percival is the distinguished research chair in Astrophysics and director of the Waterloo Centre for Astrophysics.

Health - Social Sciences - 22.01.2024
Inside Canada’s national dementia strategy
Where legislation meets implementation, Dr. Carrie McAiney champions the involvement of those living with dementia, and discusses the challenges that lie ahead By Jordan Flemming University Relations Dementia is a significant public health issue in Canada.

Social Sciences - History / Archeology - 22.01.2024
Knowing our history to know ourselves

Economics - Innovation - 22.01.2024
Protecting Canada’s energy infrastructure from cyber attacks
Using technology to prevent compromised components from entering critical supply chains By Jordan Flemming University Relations Dr. Sebastian Fischmeister and his team are working to safeguard

Innovation - Computer Science - 22.01.2024
Using technology to help humans flourish
Opinion: Prioritizing purpose and values over moving fast and breaking things when it comes to new technology Faculty of Mathematics Edith Law is a professor at the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science, where she co-directs the Human-Computer Interaction Lab.

Environment - Agronomy / Food Science - 22.01.2024
Balancing the potential and pitfalls of solar-powered groundwater irrigation
Clean energy technologies show promising benefits toward alleviating poverty but may have unintended consequences for groundwater depletion  The Water Institute In a bid to meet growing food producti

Astronomy / Space - Physics - 22.01.2024
Launching the future of secure communication
Researchers at the Institute for Quantum Computing are leading Canada's first quantum satellite to protect tomorrow's data By Elizabeth Kleisath Institute for Quantum Computing In our increasingly di

Innovation - Computer Science - 18.01.2024
Can we really trust AI?

Economics - Pedagogy - 17.01.2024
Higher education analytics giant acquires Waterloo-grown 1Mentor

Campus - 16.01.2024
Engaging undergraduate students in research

Health - Campus - 15.01.2024
Nurturing students’ well-being amidst seasonal challenges 

Health - Career - 12.01.2024
PatientCompanion is a tech-solution to support nurses

Sport - Social Sciences - 10.01.2024
Reconciliation and cross-culture relationship building through hockey

Innovation - Transport - 10.01.2024
Driving up talent for Canada’s electric vehicle sector

Health - Social Sciences - 09.01.2024
Opinion: From lab coats to advocacy
Navigating science, advocacy and the pursuit of global health equity amidst climate change at COP28 By Shahan Salim Faculty of Health During COP28, as I traversed the intricate maze of the event, my mind grappled with the multifaceted nature of my role as an observer.

Economics - 09.01.2024
From student investor to startup success

Health - Innovation - 05.01.2024
Top healthtech innovations we’re following in 2024
The University of Waterloo has a remarkable portfolio of startups and research solving health care's most pressing challenges By Jordan Flemming University Relations Global and individual health care is experiencing disruption through a variety of technologies.

Health - Innovation - 05.01.2024
Top health-tech innovations we’re following in 2024
The University of Waterloo has a remarkable portfolio of startups and research solving health care's most pressing challenges By Jordan Flemming University Relations Global and individual health care is experiencing disruption through a variety of technologies.

Innovation - Health - 02.01.2024
Visionary inventions for eye disease
Award-winning technology promises earlier diagnosis of macular degeneration and more independence for people with visual impairments  By Karen Kawawada School of Optometry & Vision Science Navigating the world safely can be a major challenge for people with vision impairments.
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