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Social Sciences - Nov 5, 2020
Webinar Series on Trust and Regulatory Governance in an Age of Crisis - Issues of trust and regulation stand at the centre of social science analysis in the last decades. They are becoming even more important nowadays with the Covid-19 crisis.
Campus - Oct 28, 2020

UAntwerp and European partners kick off online lecture series on 3 November. Twenty online lectures, accessible to all, and offered by ten different European universities: that's YUFE Academy 2020 in a nutshell.

Campus - Oct 25, 2020

The YUFE Academy is a sequence of 20 online lectures travelling along the YUFE campi on 'European Identity'. The YUFE Academy is a sequence of online lectures travelling along the YUFE campi on "European Identity', YUFE's first focus area, which will give interested students, staff and citizens a "feel? of YUFE.

Environment - Oct 20, 2020

In the last call of the FWO PhD fellowships, the research groups of GCE were awarded six fellowships. Here we shortly present the new fellows and their research. Stay tuned for more information and news as their research develops.

Chemistry - Oct 13, 2020

KU Leuven and the University of Antwerp join forces for sustainable ammonia synthesis. The production of ammonia - a very important chemical building block as part of synthetic fertilisers, among other things - is one of the main sources of CO2 emissions.

Astronomy - Oct 7, 2020

Three Laureates share this year's Nobel Prize in Physics for their discoveries about one of the most exotic phenomena in the universe, the black hole. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the Nobel Prize in Physics 2020 to Roger Penrose, University of Oxford, UK, Reinhard Genzel, Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, Garching, Germany and University of California, Berkeley, USA, and Andrea Ghez, University of California, Los Angeles, USA.

Administration - Oct 1, 2020

Professor Bursens (UAntwerp) explains the current Belgian situation and challenges in Euronews. A new article in euronews focusses on the new federal government. Peter Bursens explains the lack of credibility, the apathy of voters, the linguistic cleavage and possible reforms of the state.

Health - Oct 26, 2020

UAntwerp involved in large-scale international research to be published in The Lancet. School-aged children who are given anti-malaria drugs preventively are only half as likely to catch the disease. And that's not all: their risk of anaemia decreases by 15%, and their school performance improves.

Innovation - Oct 23, 2020

Emmanuel Dockx, Stephanie Verlinden and Koen Verhoest wrote two research reports (in Dutch) on collaboration and innovation in the public sector. Collaboration, learning and innovation in the public sector occupy a prominent position in the policies of many OECD countries.

Social Sciences - Oct 19, 2020

Interview with Vivi Touloumidi - PhD at ARIA 'I care about understanding the human condition better. Finding ways of application. Articulate better questions and throw new questions to the already existing cultural production to distill new readings.' - Vivi Touloumidi Vivi Touloumidi was born and studied in Athens before continuing her jewelry education in Germany and Canada.

Computer Science - Oct 13, 2020

His research focuses on possible improvements of topic modeling with neural embeddings. Before joining us, Andriy received a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence from KU Leuven with a specialty in Speech and Language Technologies.

Linguistics - Oct 7, 2020

Our member Stéphan Tulkens successfully defended his PhD on 'Dynamic Reading: the processing of orthographic features by dynamical systems'. As a result, he has been officially granted the degree of Doctor of Linguistics by the University of Antwerp.

Transport - Sep 30, 2020

PhD Thomas Van Asch (UAntwerp). On 28 September 2020 at 5pm, Thomas Van Asch succesfully defended his PhD at the University of Antwerp, on the topic of 'Air Cargo Competitiveness and European Airports: Markets and Strategy', Supervisors: Eddy Van de Voorde, Wouter Dewulf & dr. Franziska Kupfer.

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Health - 14.01
Doctoral scholarship holder, Molecular Epidemiology Universiteit Antwerpen
Life Sciences - 13.01
Doctoral scholarship holder, Proteomics and Protein Biochemistry Universiteit Antwerpen
Social Sciences - 11.01
Senior academic staff, Sociology Universiteit Antwerpen
Health - 06.01
Doctoral scholarship holder, Ecology of Infections Universiteit Antwerpen
Computer Science - 22.12.2021
Research professor (TT) ZAPBOF, Artificiële intelligentie in data science Universiteit Antwerpen

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