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Environment - May 6
The salt marshes, mud flats and eel grass meadows of temperate river estuaries are more effective at capturing and storing greenhouse gases than young coastal forests and may sequester carbon for centuries, if not millennia, according to researchers from the University of Victoria (UVic). The amount of carbon captured and stored, known as sequestered, by the Cowichan estuary on Vancouver Island is roughly double that of an actively growing 20-year-old Pacific Northwest forest of the same area, reports a new study published in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science .
Economics - May 2

The 2022 Gustavson Brand Trust Index (GBTI) reveals that Canadian consumers are more distrusting of dominant technology brands than ever before, even while their use of these companies- services is on the rise.

Campus - Apr 8

Four years ago, the University of Victoria launched the world's first law degree to combine the study of Indigenous and non-Indigenous laws. This spring, students in the inaugural class of this historic program are preparing to cross the stage to receive their degrees.

Environment - Mar 22

The University of Victoria and the United Nations Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR) announced today the establishment of the first accredited CIFAL-International Training Centre for Authorities and Leaders-on North America's West Coast.

Health - Mar 8

Syphilis, one of the world's first global diseases, is resurging again, with millions of new cases occurring worldwide every year.

Environment - Mar 3

The University of Victoria is playing a central role in a nascent industry that's rushing to find effective, affordable ways to energy retrofit existing buildings and reduce harmful emissions.

Health - Feb 2

Call to Mind- is a new podcast series from the University of Victoria about love and memory loss, recorded by people living with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia.

Environment - Apr 27

The University of Victoria's longstanding commitment and work in research, campus operations and partnerships to protect the environment and improve conditions for the planet and people are recognized by a global assessment of universities.

Economics - Apr 6

Nature's Path Food co-founders and organic food visionaries Ratana and Arran Stephens are the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business 2022 Distinguished Entrepreneurs of the Year (DEYA).

Environment - Mar 14

The University of Victoria Foundation announced today it has invested $25 million in the Brookfield Global Transition Fund (BGTF) with a strategy to invest in opportunities that advance and facilitate the global transition to a net-zero carbon economy.

Event - Mar 3

A 50-year journey of friendship between Camosun College and the University of Victoria (UVic) was celebrated this week during a paddle gifting ceremony that further ties the two institutions together.

Environment - Mar 2

Fascinating soundscapes exist beneath rivers, lakes and oceans. An unexpected sound source are fish making their own unique and entertaining noise from guttural grunts to high-pitched squeals.

Innovation - Feb 1

With a move into Victoria's downtown core, the University of Victoria opens a new site that will accelerate collaboration and entrepreneurship by bringing together academics, industry and other partners within the community.

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