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Sport - Mar 22

Shortly before our interview, Jordan Habets returned from Llorett de Mar in Spain. Not to party wildly there, as you would normally expect from a 21-year-old man, but to train heavily. Jordan has been a promising cyclist for years, working very hard alongside his education to pursue a career in cycling. He passed his bachelor's degree in Medicine without any problems and is now doing the master's degree in Human Movement Sciences. And that too is going well for him alongside all the training and races.

Women are in the minority in closed treatment facilities (TBS) and other forms of forensic care worldwide. In the Netherlands, only 10% of patients admitted to forensic care are women, but their number is slowly increasing. Do the existing treatments and measurement instruments, developed predominantly for male patients, work equally well in women? No, says Professor Vivienne de Vogel. When it comes to women, the nature of the crimes involved, the motives and the treatment needs are different. What does this mean for forensic care?

Campus - Mar 20

Yoy Bergs started the master's programme Work, Health and Career with a bachelor in International Facility Management. During her bachelor, she discovered that the workplace has an effect on employees' wellbeing. This sparked her interest to pursue a master specialised in work and health.

Economics - Mar 16

Crimes involving high-value unique goods, such as luxury items and works of art, have evolved in one surprising way: where the lure for criminals once lay in stealing or forging such objects, it now lies in transforming them into financialized assets, for instance to obscure transactions, to launder money, or to hide wealth and evade sanctions.

Things are bustling around the kitchen table of Burak Can, associate professor of Data Analytics and Digitalisation. A mix of Turkish, English and Dutch can be heard. "I speak Turkish with my children, my wife Ingrid speaks Dutch with them, and we speak English with each other." On the menu is one of the children's favourite dishes: a Turkish lentil stew. At least, that's what they think.

The 'Afstammingscentrum' (research centre of filiation) offers assistance for everyone in Belgium who has questions about their own filiation and kinship - when the legal kinship does not match the genetic kinship. The centre develops and gathers expertise, raises awareness and formulates policy recommendations on these issues. In practice, the centre often has to deal with ethical questions about adoption. Experts, such as Sophie Withaeckx, researcher at the Centre for Gender and Diversity at Maastricht University, help with answering these questions.

Physics - Mar 13

'Met de Einstein Telescope hebben Limburg en deze euregio goud in handen. De faciliteiten en de omgeving voor wetenschappers zijn 'With the Einstein Telescope, Limburg and this Euroregion have gold in their hands. The facilities and environment for scientists are in excellent order here and the infrastructure is good. I am very impressed with the Einstein Telescope and will support this region that has gold in its hands from Europe. There is worldwide demand for this technology. Even the ET Pathfinder is already a unique piece of science worldwide.'

Health - Mar 13

Ines Aoufi always dreamed about a career where she could work towards ensuring that every person has access to the best possible healthcare. After an open discussion with her high school teacher in her senior year about her future career plans, Ines learned about the Bachelor European Public Health at Maastricht University. In her opinion, a programme that prepared her best for the work she is currently doing in the healthcare public affairs sector in Brussels.

Campus - Mar 20

1390 prospective master's students visited Maastricht University on Saturday to experience the atmosphere and find out more about its study programmes and problem-based learning method. The day passed off smoothly; people were "in a good mood", in the words of the organisers. Most participants were also satisfied; they gave the day a high approval rating.

Health - Mar 18

MERLN's Sabine van Rijt has won the prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant for her Nano4Bone research project. She aims to develop a new type of biomaterial for bone cancer patients. The composite material based on nanoparticles and polymers will kill remaining cancer cells and instruct the body to regrow surgically removed bone.

Economics - Mar 16

SBE alumnus Niels Geominy did not follow the typical career-path as you would expect from someone graduating from a Business School. When most of his fellow SBE alumni were signing contracts to work for multi-nationals, Niels decided to launch his own start-up: Fiks.

Law - Mar 15

On 13 March 2023, the latest GLaw-Net seminar took place. We had the pleasure to listen to prof. Patricia Popelier speak about her ongoing research on "Trust in Multi-Tiered Systems". Dr ¦ejla Imamovic acted as a discussant.

Innovation - Mar 14

Our world is in transition as the post-war rules-based order becomes increasingly under threat. Authoritarian powers, large commercial digital platforms and populists disregard the value of allies working together. Europe is strong when multilateralism is strong, when countries collaborate to pursue common goals. In a new European research project, scientists will be working to revitalize multilateralism through technology policy innovation. The REMIT project started on March 1, 2023 and is funded by the EU's Horizon Europe research and innovation programme.

Health - Mar 13

  Many people with chronic inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis continue to experience persistent abdominal pain. They feel that they are not getting enough help for their pain, even when their inflammations are well managed. Because there is still little known about this form of chronic pain, gastroenterologist Dr. Zlatan Mujagic of the Maastricht University Medical Center+ will conduct research to better understand it. For this, he has received the prestigious Clinical Fellowship Research Grant from ZonMw.

Health - Mar 13

The topic of cross-border cooperation plays only a modest role in the party manifestos for the upcoming provincial elections. Surprisingly, this is the case even in those provinces bordering a neighbouring country. This is one of the findings of a thematic analysis  of 56 party manifestos from seven of the twelve Dutch provinces that share a border with another country. The analysis was conducted by researchers from ITEM, Maastricht University's transnational expertise centre. The finding is particularly noteworthy given the issues with cross-border cooperation brought to light by the COVID pandemic.

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