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Life Sciences - 19.07
Postdoctoral Scholar - Animal Gut Microbiomes in the Marine Carbon Cycle University of Washington
Pedagogy - 17.07
Part Time Lecturers Temporary in Biology University of Washington
Pedagogy - 17.07
Part Time Lecturers Temporary in Mathematics University of Washington
Computer Science - 17.07
Postdoctoral Scholar in Urban Remote Sensing and Climate Impact University of Washington
Mathematics - 15.07
Lecturer Part-Time - Temporary in Statistics University of Washington
Pedagogy - 15.07
Associate Teaching Professor, Periodontics University of Washington


Q&A: The climate change toll on roads - two UW professors weigh in

Environment - Jul 16

We mostly take roads for granted until something bad happens - a heatwave leads to a street buckling or an atmospheric river makes a neighborhood c

Even on Instagram, teens mostly feel bored

Concern that social media is driving the teen mental health crisis has risen to such a pitch that the majority of states in the country have filed lawsuits against Meta (which owns Instagram and Facebook) and the U.S. surgeon general called last month for warning labels on platforms , similar to those on tobacco.

Innovation - Jun 21

ChatGPT is biased against resumes with credentials that imply a disability - but it can improve

While seeking research internships last year, University of Washington graduate student Kate Glazko noticed recruiters posting online that they'd used OpenAI's ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence tools to summarize resumes and rank candidates.

Media - Jun 11

Q&A: Why social media rarely leads to constructive political action

While social media platforms are rife with problems - from harassment to misinformation - many argue that the platforms also nurture political movements, such as the Arab Spring and #MeToo.

Music - May 30

Infants hear significantly more speech than music at home, UW study finds

Speech and music are the dominant elements of an infant's auditory environment. While past research has shown that speech plays a critical role in children's language development, less is known about the music that infants hear.

Environment - May 28

In the Field: UW researcher headed to Alaska to study factors that lead to permafrost thaw and to educate foster care youth


As the Earth warms due to climate change, soil that has been frozen for thousands of years is beginning to thaw.

UW atmospheric scientist participating in field campaign to improve Western snowfall, drought forecasts

University of Washington atmospheric scientist Lynn McMurdie has led campaigns to measure rain and snowfall in places ranging from Washington's Olympic Peninsula to Argentina to the Eastern U.S. Now she's among

Environment - May 14

UW-led project to study ozone, atmospheric layers a finalist for next-generation NASA satellite

A project led by the University of Washington to better understand our atmosphere's complexity is a finalist for NASA's next generation of Earth-observing satellites.

Environment - Jul 10

Wolves’ return has had only small impact on deer populations in NE Washington

Humans drove wolves to extinction in Washington state around the 1930s. Thanks to conservation efforts, by about 80 years later, wolves had returned - crossing first from the Canadian border into Washington around 2008 and later entering the state from Idaho.

Environment - Jun 13

Q&A: Finding varieties of corn that are adapted to future climates

Corn is one of the planet's most important crops. It not only provides sweet kernels to flavor many dishes, but it's also used in oils, as a sweetener syrup, and as a feed crop for livestock.

Career - Jun 3

Q&A: Microinclusions improve women’s workplace belonging and commitment

Imagine your first day at a new job. You' probably feel nervous, wondering how you'll fit in with the team. It's natural to worry if your co-workers will be supportive, or if they'll take your contributions seriously.

Innovation - May 29

Q&A: How AI affects kids’ creativity

Shortly after artificial intelligence models including Midjourney and OpenAI's Dall-E went public, AI-generated art started winning competitions: one in digital art , another in photography.

AI headphones let wearer listen to a single person in a crowd, by looking at them just once

Noise-canceling headphones have gotten very good at creating an auditory blank slate. But allowing certain sounds from a wearer's environment through the erasure still challenges researchers.

Innovation - May 15

Q&A: How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect older adults’ technology use?

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic changed how nearly everyone mediated their social interactions through technology. Some moved happy hours into video chats.

Health - May 9

Navy Growler jet noise over Whidbey Island could impact 74,000 people’s health

Bob Wilbur thought he'd found a retirement home that would be a place of peace. Nestled against Admiralty Bay on the western edge of Whidbey Island, the three-story house is surrounded by trees and shoreline.

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