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Health - 21.02
Associate Professor, Professor, UW Division Head, Cardiology University of Washington
Health - 21.02
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Health - 21.02
Assistant Teaching Professor University of Washington


Environment - Feb 16

At the Friday Harbor Laboratories , recovery is afoot. Scientists at this University of Washington facility in the San Juan Islands are working to help sunflower stars - a type of sea star - grow and thrive once again after their populations along the West Coast were devastated by a mysterious disease.

Physics - Feb 15

In an experiment akin to stop-motion photography, an international team of scientists has isolated the energetic movement of an electron in a sample of liquid water - while "freezing" the motion of the much larger atom it orbits.

Chemistry - Feb 8

A team led by researchers at the University of Washington has discovered a major cause for a drop in nighttime pollinator activity - and people are largely to blame.

Health - Feb 7

Smart accessories are increasingly common. Rings and watches track vitals, while Ray-Bans now come with cameras and microphones. Wearable tech has even broached brooches.

The Cascadia Subduction Zone is a massive geologic fault that last ruptured in January 1700. But while this fault has stayed quiet for centuries, it regularly generates small tremors that accompany gradual, nondisruptive movement along the fault.

Environment - Jan 16

Across the American West, managers of fire-prone landscapes are increasingly using a practice that seems counterintuitive: setting small fires to prevent larger, more destructive ones.

Sport - Jan 5

What skills does it take to win a college football game? Fans in the stands or commentators would probably say things like a good game plan, athletic prowess, teamwork and a little luck.

Environment - Dec 19, 2023

As climate change warms the planet, weather patterns are likely to shift. Even the consistency of snow - how fluffy it is, for example - could change.

In December, the European Union passed the AI Act , the first major law aiming to regulate technologies that fall under the umbrella of artificial intelligence.


Imagine a coffee cup sitting on a table. Now, imagine a book partially obscuring the cup. As humans, we still know what the coffee cup is even though we can't see all of it.

Pedagogy - Feb 6

A study by researchers at the University of Washington and Northwestern University found 84% of Black parents and 76% of white parents spoke to their 8- to 11-year-old children about the Black Lives Matter, or BLM, movement within a year of the 2020 murder of George Floyd.

Charles Darwin proposed that life could have emerged in a " warm little pond " with the right cocktail of chemicals and energy.

Computer Science

Language models have, somewhat surreptitiously, dominated news for the last year. Often called "artificial intelligence," these systems underlie chatbots like ChatGPT and Google Bard.

Physics - Dec 19, 2023

As industrial computing needs grow, the size and energy consumption of the relevant hardware must keep up with those demands. A solution to this dilemma could lie in superconducting materials, which reduce that energy consumption exponentially.

Transport - Dec 14, 2023

While it is common to see Amazon Prime vans circling the city of Seattle year-round, there might be even more deliveries than usual right now, thanks

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