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Life Sciences - Jul 22
Life Sciences
As a newborn mammal opens its eyes for the first time, it can already make visual sense of the world around it.
Health - Jul 20

A Yale-led research team has identified the immune cells that drive the inflammation observed in necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), a severe gastrointestinal complication that often affects infants born prematurely.

Health - Jul 8

The coordinated and rapid COVID-19 vaccination campaign launched in the United States late last year has saved some 279,000 lives and prevented 1.25 million hospitalizations, a new study led by the Yale School of Public Health (YSPH) finds.

Life Sciences - Jul 5

The psychedelic drug psilocybin, a naturally occurring compound found in some mushrooms, has been studied as a potential treatment for depression for years. But exactly how it works in the brain and how long beneficial results might last is still unclear.

Health - Jul 1

As the COVID-19 pandemic exploded across the globe in early 2020, the world's leaders were faced with a flurry of tough moral dilemmas. Should schools and businesses shut down, and if so, for how long?

Health - Jun 28

While alcohol consumption during pregnancy may result in harm to developing embryos and fetuses, a new study led by the Yale School of Public health finds that a significant number of pregnancies that result in live birth still involve alcohol exposure.

Environment - May 27

The ancient burrowers of the seafloor have been getting a bum rap for years. These prehistoric dirt churners - a wide assortment of worms, trilobites, and other animals that lived in Earth's oceans hundreds of millions of years ago - are thought to have played a key role in creating the conditions needed for marine life to flourish.

Environment - Jul 14

One of Earth's greatest mysteries is how it transformed itself, ever so gradually, from a barren ball of rock into a launching pad for life.

Health - Jul 6

Researchers studying COVID-19 patients have found a metabolic pathway that is highly correlated with immune responses only in male patients, a group known to be more likely to suffer severe cases and die of the disease, representing a potential target for therapeutic intervention.

Life Sciences - Jul 5

Flies have discriminating taste. Like a gourmet perusing a menu, they spend much of their time seeking sweet nutritious calories and avoiding bitter, potentially toxic food. But what happens in their brains when they make these food choices? Yale researchers discovered an interesting way to find out.

Campus - Jun 30

Present and future students at Yale University's drama school will no longer pay tuition, thanks to a landmark $150 million gift from entertainment executive and philanthropist David Geffen, the university announced today.

Earth Sciences - Jun 28
Earth Sciences

Diatoms - tiny phytoplankton that are responsible for a fifth of all energy converted into matter by plants - may have become important much earlier in the development of Earth's ocean ecosystems and carbon cycle than previously thought, according to a new Yale study.

Life Sciences - May 27

A massive genome-wide association study (GWAS) of genetic and health records of 1.2 million people from four separate data banks has identified 178 gene variants linked to major depression, a disorder that will affect as many as  one in every five people during their lifetimes.

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