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Pedagogy - 27.07.2012
Baby care from East to West
Mums and Dads from opposite sides of the globe will share their experience of raising their children to help researchers build a picture of the effects of culture and individual beliefs on parenting practices. Merideth Gattis from the University's School of Psychology is working with Professor Terry Au of Hong Kong University to evaluate parenting choices in Britain and China.

Psychology - Pedagogy - 23.07.2012
New hope for society’s most challenging kids
Parents of young children who show extreme behaviour problems and a lack of empathy or remorse may find new hope from research at the University of Sydney. "We found that the quality of a parent's emotional interaction and attachment with a young child is crucial to predicting if that child will develop this high-risk pattern of behaviour," said David Hawes , the research leader from the School of Psychology at the University.

Health - Pedagogy - 12.07.2012
Study links breast milk to nut allergies
Study links breast milk to nut allergies
Children who are solely breast fed in the first six months of life are at an increased risk of developing a nut allergy, research from The Australian National University has found. A joint research project between the ANU Medical School, part of the ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment, and the ACT Health Directorate, investigated a link between breast feeding and nut allergies using the ACT Kindergarten Health Check Questionnaire given to the parents of children starting primary school in the Territory.

Pedagogy - Social Sciences - 03.07.2012
Family conflict, patient ailments increase caregiver stress
ANN ARBOR, Mich.-Patients' mental and physical challenges, as well as family conflict, heighten caregivers' stress when they assist their ailing parents, a new University of Michigan study found. In addition, sons experience greater family conflict when taking care of the elder parent than daughters, U-M researchers said.

Pedagogy - 19.06.2012
Blogging relieves stress on new mothers
Blogging relieves stress on new mothers
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. New mothers who read and write blogs may feel less alone than mothers who do not participate in a blogging community, according to family studies researchers. "It looks like blogging might be helping these women as they transition into motherhood because they may begin to feel more connected to their extended family and friends, which leads them to feel more supported," said Brandon T. McDaniel, graduate student in human development and family studies, Penn State.

Mathematics - Pedagogy - 18.06.2012
Early grasp of fractions, long division predicts high school math achievement
A fifth-grader's understanding of fractions and long division predicts their knowledge of algebra and overall math achievement in high school, according to new research published in the journal Psychological Science .

Pedagogy - 15.06.2012
Researcher Looks at Infertility's Impact on Women
Researcher Looks at Infertility’s Impact on Women
For a woman who is unable to bear children, the pain of infertility extends far into her everyday life and can impact her relationships with family and friends for years. Marni Rosner , who earned a doctorate in social work at the University of Pennsylvania in May, studied how infertility impacts female identity in her dissertation, " Recovery From Traumatic Loss: A Study of Women Living Without Children After Infertility." "I was curious as to how women living without children after infertility rebuilt their identity and life after this traumatic loss," Rosner says.

Health - Pedagogy - 01.06.2012
Baby wipes as safe as using water, study finds
New research has found that a brand of baby wipes is just as safe and hydrating as using water alone on newborn skin, suggesting official guidance may need updating. The University of Manchester study, published in BioMed Central's open-access journal BMC Paediatrics , compared Johnson's Baby Extra Sensitive Wipes against cotton wool and water on 280 newborn babies split into two groups over a three-year period.

Pedagogy - Health - 13.04.2012
Depressed dads more negative in talking to their babies
Depressed dads more negative in talking to their babies
Dads with 'postnatal' depression are more likely to fix on negatives and be more critical of themselves when talking to their new babies. The study by Oxford University researchers is the first to look at the speech of new fathers with depression in their early interactions with their babies.

Pedagogy - Administration - 20.03.2012
How to assess quality of childcare
A new study concludes that Ofsted grades are too broad to provide a detailed measure of quality in nurseries and preschools. The study carried out by the University of Oxford and A+ Education for the charity, Daycare Trust, found that Ofsted reports are best used alongside other existing quality assessments.

Pedagogy - Health - 23.02.2012
Higher risk of autism among certain immigrant groups
Higher risk of autism among certain immigrant groups
A major register study from Karolinska Institutet shows that children born to certain groups of immigrants had an increased risk of developing autism with intellectual disability. The study includes all children in Stockholm County from 2001 to 2007, and brings the question of the heredity of autism to the fore.

Pedagogy - 13.02.2012
6- to 9-Month-Olds Understand the Meaning of Many Spoken Words
6- to 9-Month-Olds Understand the Meaning of Many Spoken Words
At an age when "ba-ba" and "da-da" may be their only utterances, infants nevertheless comprehend words for many common objects, according to a new study. In research focused on 6-to-9-month-old babies, University of Pennsylvania psychologists Elika Bergelson and Daniel Swingley demonstrated that the infants learned the meanings of words for foods and body parts through their daily experience with language.

Pedagogy - Economics / Business - 04.01.2012
Kids prefer lots of choices and colors on their plates
Kids prefer lots of choices and colors on their plates
Just because you think a food arrangement looks appetizing doesn't mean it's appealing to kids: Children are most attracted to food plates with seven different items and six different colors. Adults, on the other hand, tend to prefer only three items and three colors, reports a new Cornell study. "What kids find visually appealing is very different than parents," concluded Brian Wansink, the John S. Dyson Professor of Marketing in Cornell's Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management.

Pedagogy - Health - 06.12.2011
No sugar-coating it: Pre-schoolers eat more sweets when watching TV with limited supervision
ANN ARBOR, Mich.-It's no surprise that TV viewing has an effect on our eating habits, but a new study shows that even pre-schoolers planted in front of the set are more prone to eating sweets and salty foods instead of fruits and vegetables. University of Michigan and University of Illinois researchers conducted a three-year study using data from 423 parents and 354 children-ages two to four-in the Midwest.

Pedagogy - Administration - 09.11.2011
Adoptive parents put through wringer- new report finds
The first ever comprehensive report on people's experiences of the adoption process in Victoria reveals that many found the current system to be inflexible and focused almost exclusively on administrative tasks and bureaucratic formalities. For many prospective applicants, the mismatch between their emotional experiences and the bureaucratic processes caused tension and anxiety the report found.

Pedagogy - 06.11.2011
Fathers asked 'How do you feel about having a baby '
Fathers asked ’How do you feel about having a baby ’
For the first time, researchers from Oxford University will work with NCT, the UK's largest charity for parents, to conduct an academic study into how fathers feel about the new baby, both before and after the birth. The study, funded by the British Academy, will focus in particular on the bonding process between new fathers and their babies.

Health - Pedagogy - 25.10.2011
Behaviour training, not meds, preferred therapy for preschoolers at risk of ADHD
Parents should look towards behavioural interventions, not medication, as the first step in treating preschoolers at risk of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, says new research from the University of Toronto , the Hospital for Sick Children and McMaster University.

Pedagogy - Environment - 15.09.2011
For kids with ADHD, regular green time is linked to milder symptoms
For kids with ADHD, regular green time is linked to milder symptoms
CHAMPAIGN, lll. A study of more than 400 children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has found a link between the children's routine play settings and the severity of their symptoms, researchers report. Those who regularly play in outdoor settings with lots of green (grass and trees, for example) have milder ADHD symptoms than those who play indoors or in built outdoor environments, the researchers found.

Health - Pedagogy - 30.08.2011
Parents’ stress leaves mark on the DNA of children
Media Inquiries news [a] uwhealth (p) org Related Information Department of Psychiatry Stay Connected Follow UWSMPH on Twitter Follow UWSMPH on Facebook Madison, Wisconsin - Parents who are stressed during their children's early years can leave an imprint on their sons' or daughters' genes - an imprint that lasts into adolescence and may affect how these genes are expressed later in life, according to a study by researchers at the University of Wisconsin and the University of British Columbia.

Pedagogy - Psychology - 23.08.2011
Middle-Aged Mothers and Fathers Only As Happy As Their Least Happy Grown Child, Research Shows
Aug. 23, 2011 AUSTIN, Texas — Despite the fact that middle-aged parents are no longer responsible for their grown children, the parents' emotional well-being and life satisfaction remain linked to those children's successes and problems — particularly their least-happy offspring, research from The University of Texas at Austin shows.
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