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Pedagogy - Psychology - 03.08.2010
Study details autism’s heavy toll beyond childhood on marriages
The parents of grown children with autism are more likely to divorce than couples with typically developing children, according to new data from a large longitudinal study of families of adolescents and adults with autism.

Psychology - Pedagogy - 31.07.2010
Personality test to explore rules of attraction
Personality test to explore rules of attraction
A major new investigation which aims to solve two of the biggest unanswered questions in psychology is being launched by researchers at the University of Cambridge in partnership with the BBC. The project, which will form the next phase of the BBC's successful online experiment, the "Big Personality Test", will attempt to explain whether people with similar tastes have more successful relationships, or if opposites attract?

Health - Pedagogy - 29.07.2010
Wisconsin childern exposed to too much secondhand smoke, research shows
Media Inquiries news [a] uwhealth (p) org Follow Us Follow UW Health on Facebook Our Services Smoking Cessation MADISON - Wisconsin children are exposed to secondhand smoke at a rate 40 percent higher than the national average, according to research published in the July issue of Pediatrics. The study, conducted by researchers from the National Cancer Institute, found that 10.5 percent of Wisconsin children age 17 and younger are regularly exposed to secondhand smoke.

Health - Pedagogy - 21.06.2010
Aussie school kids happy to grow and cook new foods, study reveals.
The University of Melbourne and Deakin University have released a research report evaluating the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program and confirmed that it has created positive health behaviour change in primary school children. The study was carried out over two years assessing 770 children's change in attitude, behaviour and knowledge of food.

Pedagogy - Health - 03.12.2008
Ersatzhaut aus dem Labor
Kinder mit Verbrennungen sollen künftig Ersatzhaut aus dem Labor erhalten. Dafür sorgt die Forschungsabteilung für molekulare Gewebebiologie der Chirurgischen Klinik am Kinderspital in Zürich.

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 27.11.2008
How much do children cost in Switzerland?
In Switzerland, one in two inhabitants lives in a household with children. In couple households both partners often work.

Continuing Education - Pedagogy - 15.04.2008
Wie weiter nach der Schule?
Die nationale Jugendstudie TREE wird am Institut für Soziologie der Universität Basel weitergeführt.
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