A global first in the language of business

A global first in the language of business

PA 90/09

‘Meetings about meetings and emails about emails’... how does the spoken and written word in the contemporary business environment help or hinder its performance? That’s just one of the questions to be explored by a new generation of entrepreneurs at The University of Nottingham.

In a unique partnership between the University’s School of English Studies and the award-winning Nottingham University Business School, a new postgraduate MSc is being launched in Communication and Entrepreneurship. It’s the first of its kind in the world and the latest in a series of pioneering courses offered jointly by the Business School and other Schools within the University. They aim to give graduates in a range of academic core subjects a chance for further study with an emphasis on building business skills and entrepreneurship in their field of expertise.

The new MSc is the seventh in the University’s expanding portfolio of Joint Masters programmes with an Entrepreneurship theme. It aims to forge closer links between the world of business and the study of its global language... English, by offering students the exciting opportunity to investigate communication in the context of entrepreneurship, business and the workplace.

Students will take modules provided by both the Schools of English and Business, combining expertise in the fields of communication and entrepreneurship. They will learn about, and have the opportunity of exploring for themselves, how individuals and groups use spoken and written communication to get work achieved successfully in businesses and organisations. The course emphasises the importance of language and business and demonstrates how linguistic approaches can illuminate and enhance communication in a range of workplace and business contexts.

The students will also be given the opportunity to work alongside staff within companies in order to investigate real-world communication issues, learning how the findings of communicative research can be practically applied in teaching and training materials and in consultancy work. Businesses taking part in the placement scheme will have the chance to give feedback on the analytical work produced by students and use the information to enhance their communication style or methods.

Dr Kevin Harvey from the School of English Studies said: “The relationship between language and business and entrepreneurship is a crucial and fascinating one. This exciting and timely new course will provide students with the opportunity of investigating communication first-hand in a range of practical contexts, while highlighting the importance of communication in contemporary business-related affairs”.

Nottingham University Business School’s Dr Simon Mosey added: ”We are very excited to be part of this innovative course. It allows students from different schools to work together to create the most amazing new business ideas and continue to do so once they graduate. Alumni from our courses are now developing new products and services within organizations such as Mars, IBM and the NHS in addition to launching and growing their own businesses.”

The course is designed to appeal to a variety of prospective students, including:

• Individuals who have subject-related experience in Business Studies, English Language and Linguistics, English Studies, Communication Studies and who wish to explore the links between the world of commercialisation and communication.

• Teachers or linguists who wish to exploit an idea or project either from within their own company or school or an idea developed under their own thoughts.

• Overseas students who wish to understand the European market as means to establishing international collaborations or prior to developing ventures within the UK.

• Students interested in developing careers in Communications.

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