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Environment - Administration - 13.12.2020
50 years in, the Clean Air Act’s societal benefits still outweigh costs
The landmark Clean Air Act (CAA) turns 50 this month, and its impact has been dramatic: Ambient measures of pollutants have fallen more than 90% in some areas, and improvements in air quality are credited with preventing hundreds of thousands of premature deaths.

Health - Administration - 11.12.2020
"Hardly anyone had anticipated this scenario"
The COVID-19 pandemic is putting Swiss crisis management to the test. ETH Professor Andreas Wenger and his team from the Center for Security Studies have investigated in detail how well Switzerland coped with the first phase of the crisis.

Criminology / Forensics - Administration - 10.12.2020

Administration - Social Sciences - 09.12.2020
What historical homicide waves reveal about Chicago policy
The four largest homicide waves in Chicago history have occurred over the course of a century, separated by the emergence of new political leaders and new social movements.

Economics / Business - Administration - 07.12.2020

Administration - 30.11.2020
Analysis: We need to talk about referendums, north and south, on Irish unification
A referendum on Irish unification - a so-called border poll - might happen in the coming years. The government doesn't want one, but may have little choice, says Dr Alan Renwick (UCL Constitution Unit).

Administration - 05.11.2020

Health - Administration - 26.10.2020

Environment - Administration - 22.10.2020
California Cities Top List of New Report Ranking U.S. Climate Action Plans
Despite achievements, most cities need to cut emissions by 64% to reach their respective goals A new report evaluating the efficacy of climate action plans and commitments of the 100 largest U&period

Administration - Innovation - 20.10.2020
New edition of the eGovernment MONITOR
New edition of the eGovernment MONITOR
The use of e-government in the German speaking region continues to increase. The smartphone interface may lead to a breakthrough for the online identification function.

Health - Administration - 15.10.2020
Lockdown or not, personality predicts your likelihood of staying home during the pandemic
Despite more of the population staying at home as government policies on COVID-19 become stricter, a study has found that a person's personality influences how likely they are to stay at home during the pandemic - and cannot be entirely overridden.

Administration - 07.10.2020

Administration - 28.09.2020
Analysis: What’s the secret of modern monarchy’s survival?
Professor Robert Hazell and Dr Bob Morris (UCL Constitution Unit) write an op-ed on the findings from their new book, The Role of Monarchy in Modern Democracy: European Monarchies Compared, which discusses the royal family in modern society.

Campus - Administration - 15.09.2020

Health - Administration - 11.09.2020
Coronavirus: No quarantine for persons entering from border regions
At its meeting on 11 September, the Federal Council decided on the quarantine rules for persons entering Switzerland from neighbouring countries: only those regions of neighbouring countries where th

Health - Administration - 10.09.2020

Administration - Agronomy / Food Science - 04.09.2020