Affects - Media - Power

Conference from June 29 to July 1, 2017, at Freie Universität Berlin / Three Public Lectures

â?- 158/2017 from Jun 09, 2017

How are right-wing populism and affective politics related? Can emotions also be used positively in political debates’ How do emotions enter the public debate through media? These and other issues will be addressed in a conference from June 29 to July 1, 2017, at Freie Universität Berlin. Three lectures at the conference will be public, and admission is free: "Affective Publics: News Storytelling, Sentiment and Twitter" by Zizi Papacharissi from the University of Illinois at Chicago, "Affective Politics in Video Activism" by Jens Eder from Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf in Potsdam, and "Whatâ?‘s Going On’ Mapping the Affective Work of Media" by Brigitte Hipfl from the University of Klagenfurt. The public lectures will be given in English.

Within the framework of the conference, scholars from Germany and abroad will address issues of how media can challenge or stabilize social power conditions through the use of emotions. Most of the presentations and discussions will be in English. The participation fee is 50 euros, for staff with half-time positions and students, 25 euros, and for students enrolled at Freie Universität, 10 euros. Registration is possible online through the homepage.

The conference was organized jointly by Prof. Margreth Lünenborg and Dr. Tanja Maier from the Collaborative Research Center (CRC 1171) "Affective Societies" based at Freie Universität and the Sociology Section of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Publizistikund Kommunikationswissenschaft.

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