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Going places: Students work with Toronto Public Space Committee to address city's lack of public washrooms
Going places: Students work with Toronto Public Space Committee to address city’s lack of public washrooms
What do you do in Toronto when you have no place to answer nature's call?  The lack of public washrooms in Canada's largest city is a real and ever-present concern for many - particularly for unhoused populations, families with young children and those living with incontinence.

Architecture - Campus - 06.05.2022
The Cut, Beach and Beyond
School of Architecture puts interdisciplinary students to work Professor Steve Lee oversees a crew of nine students laying down sections of a polypropylene hexagonal grid and filling them with pea gravel.

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My UCL Experience all-staff survey
My UCL Experience all-staff survey
Thank you to everyone who participated in My UCL Experience, our all-staff survey, last month and for providing such thoughtful and informative feedback. Your views are immensely valuable in helping us understand how you feel about working at UCL right now and in identifying ways we can improve your experience of working at UCL.

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Open and constructive dialogue
The past couple of years have placed unique strains on everyone in our world.

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