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Economics / Business - Career - 29.03.2021

Career - 26.03.2021
Surveys of Consumers: Rising employment, inflation anticipated
Consumer sentiment rose in March, reaching its highest level in a year-mainly due to the third disbursement of relief checks and better-than-anticipated vaccination progress, according to the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers. As prospects for obtaining vaccination have grown, so too has people's impatience with isolation, as those concerns were voiced by nearly one-third of consumers in March, the highest level in the past year, said U-M economist Richard Curtin, director of the surveys.

Career - Economics / Business - 25.03.2021

Career - 25.03.2021

Career - 24.03.2021
VUB puts in ¤2.6 million extra for research
Injection of funds to counteract coronavirus effects The Vrije Universiteit Brussel is providing an extra injection of ¤2.6 million in research funding to partially offset the negative effects of the coronavirus measures.

Social Sciences - Career - 24.03.2021
Birmingham at the heart of a new evidence-based adult social care Centre
Birmingham at the heart of a new evidence-based adult social care Centre
The University of Birmingham has been announced as the lead partner of a brand new Centre for adult social care, which will aim to put evidence into practice to promote and maintain people's independence and wellbeing.

Social Sciences - Career - 23.03.2021

Politics - Career - 22.03.2021

Health - Career - 19.03.2021
Earlier lockdown would likely have saved lives of London bus drivers, reports independent review
An independent review into the deaths of London bus drivers from COVID-19, led by the UCL Institute of Health Equity (IHE), finds an earlier national lockdown would likely have saved lives.

Health - Career - 18.03.2021
’A dam has been breached’: a COVID crisis on our doorstep
Until this week, it did not occur to most Australians to ask themselves how our nearest neighbours in Papua New Guinea were faring with coronavirus.

Career - Economics / Business - 18.03.2021
A $15 minimum wage would cost jobs, right? Probably not, economists say
For millions of American workers in retail, restaurants, childcare and other sectors of the job market, the minimum wage hasn't risen since 2009, when it was set at $7.25 an hour.

Innovation - Career - 17.03.2021

Mathematics - Career - 17.03.2021

Linguistics / Literature - Career - 17.03.2021

Career - 11.03.2021
Research to investigate how to improve outcomes when care homes close
Research to investigate how to improve outcomes when care homes close
The University of Birmingham and the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) have announced a new £1.2 million study to explore what happens to older people and to care staff if care homes have to close. Led by Professor Jon Glasby in the Department of Social Work and Social Care, the research is believed to be the first of its kind internationally, and will be crucial in helping local Councils to know how best to support older people and care staff if homes have to close.

Campus - Career - 11.03.2021
Talented women graduates face gender inequality in their careers
Talented women graduates face gender inequality in their careers
For the first time, an EPFL survey has traced the careers of its women graduates. Its findings - together with several alumnae's personal accounts - show how effectively these women have integrated into the job market.

Economics / Business - Career - 11.03.2021
Is construction dawdling on gender progress?
Is construction dawdling on gender progress?
A new study has called for construction management leadership to address organisational complacency and systemic equality challenges by exploring the opportunity for special measures to ensure a substantive change in equality and diversity outcomes.

Career - Health - 10.03.2021
Appetite for homeworking has increased since start of pandemic, report shows
Homeworking will be one of the major and lasting outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic, a Cardiff University academic predicts.

Social Sciences - Career - 09.03.2021

Economics / Business - Career - 05.03.2021

Computer Science - Career - 04.03.2021
Honoring Carnegie Mellon Visionary Computer Scientist Howard Wactlar
Carnegie Mellon University lost a remarkable visionary Monday with the passing of Howard Wactlar, who pioneered computing on campus for nearly half a century while advancing the nation's research agenda through his work with the federal government.

Career - 04.03.2021
Election Integrity Partnership releases final report on mis- and disinformation in 2020 U.S. election
Researchers from Stanford University, the University of Washington, Graphika and Atlantic Council's DFRLab released their findings in 'The Long Fuse: Misinformation and the 2020 Election.

Career - Campus - 03.03.2021

Economics / Business - Career - 01.03.2021
Opinion: Businesses say they want to tackle inequalities but they need more data to take action
Structural inequalities span wider than diversity initiatives and action is needed at all levels to ensure that inequalities can be identified and properly addressed, say Siobhan Morris and Dr Olivia Stevenson (both UCL Office of the Vice Provost: Research).

Career - Health - 26.02.2021
Opinion: Work-life balance in a pandemic is a public health issue we cannot ignore
Despite fears that home working would lead to a decrease in productivity, evidence shows that people have worked more, not less, during the Covid-19 pandemic, write PhD researcher Dave Cook (UCL Anthropology) and Research Fellow Anna Rudnicka (UCL Interaction Centre).

Economics / Business - Career - 26.02.2021
Improved job prospects top concern of consumers
The relatively small recent loss in consumer confidence was concentrated among households with below median incomes, and focused on future economic prospects, according to the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers.

Social Sciences - Career - 25.02.2021
Researching Social Cohesion Internationally
Berlin University Alliance and University of Oxford fund joint alliance projects / Joint press release by Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Technischen Universität Berlin alon

Career - Life Sciences - 23.02.2021
For UCLA-based startup, new muscular dystrophy treatment is a personal mission
Courtney Young helped develop the gene therapy at the heart of a biotech startup, MyoGene Bio , when she was a doctoral candidate at UCLA from 2013 to 2018.

Health - Career - 23.02.2021
Latinx, Native Americans carry heavier pandemic burden, new poll reports
A new Berkeley IGS Poll found broad support among Californians for proposals to provide workplace and income protections for farmworkers, even those in the state without documentation.

Career - Economics / Business - 23.02.2021
COVID-19 is ravaging U.S. early childhood education, new report finds
Child care and early childhood education centers have faced severe challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, from reduced enrollments to higher costs for cleaning and maintenance.