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Career - Social Sciences - 24.10.2022
Landmark study calls for greater respect for teachers
Landmark study calls for greater respect for teachers
The Australian Teachers' Perceptions of their Work Report 2022 is a comprehensive national survey of more than 5000 teachers nation-wide.

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Economics / Business - Career - 20.10.2022

Career - 20.10.2022
Information about UCL's temporary Voluntary Resignation Scheme
Information about UCL’s temporary Voluntary Resignation Scheme
UCL is developing a scheme which will allow some staff to leave UCL of their own personal choice in return for a payment.

Career - 20.10.2022
Stereotypes of middle-aged women as less ’nice’ can limit their success at work
Even as they achieve more power and capability on the job, middle-aged women can be held back by a perceived lack of -niceness,- new research finds. Berkeley, Calif. -As a popular tenured professor at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business, Jennifer Chatman was used to teaching at the top of her game.

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Career - Economics / Business - 17.10.2022

Research Management - Career - 12.10.2022
Vulnerability and policing research centre launches
A ground-breaking new research centre aims to change how the police, public services and local government work together to help vulnerable people. The Vulnerability & Policing Futures Research Centre is a joint initiative led by the University of Leeds and University of York, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

Health - Career - 12.10.2022
Major ANU funding win to boost health for all Australians
Major ANU funding win to boost health for all Australians
A tobacco-free future and stopping cancers caused by infections are two of the exciting projects at The Australian National University (ANU) to receive major funding from the Australian government.

Career - 07.10.2022
September jobs report: Employment growth slowing, remains strong
The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced today that an additional 263,000 jobs were added to the economy in September.

Social Sciences - Career - 06.10.2022
Global Education Lab: working together to enhance children’s opportunities
The Global Education Lab flagship at UGlobe partners with societal partners from around the world to address inequalities in education globally. Four sub-projects provide an update on their activities.

Career - Innovation - 05.10.2022
Constructive approach to error-making boosts innovation
This year's Swiss HR Barometer focuses on working conditions that promote innovative behaviours amongst employees. Approaching errors in an open manner, a practice prevalent in Switzerland, has a positive effect on innovative behaviour as well as attitudes to work. Scope for improvement is found in areas such as support for new ideas, personnel development and compensation.

Career - Social Sciences - 04.10.2022
Naming and dismantling femmephobia
AMTD Global Talent Post-Doctoral Fellow Dr. Rhea Ashley Hoskin develops new research and tools to help people revalue femininity.

Career - Economics / Business - 04.10.2022

Career - 04.10.2022
2021 Child Tax Credit reduced hardship for families in poverty, had no significant impact on employment
Policy brief: The Effects of Income on the Economic Well-being of Families with Low Incomes: Evidence from the 2021 Expanded Child Tax Credit New research from the University of Michigan focuses on the effect of the 2021 Child Tax Credit on families living in poverty, noting that the monthly payments reduced certain types of hardship and had little to no impact on parents' employment status.

Career - Physics - 28.09.2022
The people of stockpile stewardship are the key to LLNL's success
The people of stockpile stewardship are the key to LLNL’s success
The last nuclear test, code-named Divider, took place 30 years ago, on Sept. That year, President Bush declared a temporary moratorium on nuclear testing, which became permanent during the Clinton administration.

Social Sciences - Career - 27.09.2022
New Study to Understand the Relationship Between ADHD and Suicide Risk
ADHD UK is delighted to announce a new research partnership with the University of Glasgow to explore the relationship between ADHD and suicide risk.

Health - Career - 22.09.2022

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Art and Design - Career - 15.09.2022
QI Internship Provides Pathway to Workplace for Neurodiverse Youth
This summer, 16 young adults from around the U.S., including students at UC San Diego, gathered at the Qualcomm Institute (QI) to create educational and research-based video games in QI's NeuroDiversity in Tech internship.

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Career - Research Management - 14.09.2022

Life Sciences - Career - 14.09.2022

Environment - Career - 13.09.2022
Labour market frictions have negative impact on climate policy
Researchers from the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA) and PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency have developed a model that shows for five years in advance, which bottlenecks in the labour market may arise with the implementation of climate policies.

Career - Economics / Business - 13.09.2022
Bullying, harassment and exploitation - all in a day’s work in hospitality
A University of Queensland study of hospitality workers in Australia has found the industry is rife with sexual harassment, bullying, wage theft and exploitation. Associate Professor Richard Robinson from UQ Business School surveyed almost 400 hospitality employees in late 2021 and early 2022 to understand how their working experiences aligned with the five Fairwork Principles: contracts, pay, working conditions, management and representation.