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Health - Career - 21.04.2022
U-M experts: There's no nursing shortage-there's a shortage of safe, supportive working environments
U-M experts: There’s no nursing shortage-there’s a shortage of safe, supportive working environments
FACULTY Q&A There have been many reports about health care workers, especially nurses, leaving the profession because of emotional and even physical abuse wrought by pandemic-fueled overwork, lack of resources and combative COVID patients in hospitals.

Career - Economics / Business - 20.04.2022

Career - 20.04.2022
Flourishing trade in workers
Flourishing trade in workers
They have jobs as harvest workers in Spain, on building sites in Malaysia or as cleaners in Saudi-Arabia - mostly under precarious living and working conditions and earning low wages.

Career - Psychology - 19.04.2022
Women are 'running with leaded shoes' when promoted at work, says study
Women are ’running with leaded shoes’ when promoted at work, says study
Promotion at work has greater emotional benefit for men than women, says a new study on gender and workplace emotion.

Career - Environment - 14.04.2022

Career - 12.04.2022

Music - Career - 08.04.2022

Career - 07.04.2022

Health - Career - 06.04.2022
Profession: Physician and scientist
Specialising as a physician while doing a second doctorate in the natural sciences, medical professional Nadine Heiden initially considered this idea an experiment as there are not yet many colleagues in her field who are going down this road. -I always wanted to do both - take care of patients and do research,- the 30-year-old says.

Event - Career - 05.04.2022
Alumni Know: The benefits of a learning mindset
April 5, 2022 Judene Pretti (BMath '97, MMSc '09, PhD '19) shares the traits of life-long learners, and how you could adopt this mindset too By Megan Vander Woude Office of Advancement In the age of information, learning opportunities are everywhere, and they come with some amazing benefits.

Career - Life Sciences - 01.04.2022
Four postdoctoral researchers will bring their talent to UPF thanks to the grants obtained in the European Marie Curie 2021 call
They will join the departments of Medicine and Life Sciences (Artemy Kolchinsky and Elena Muscolino), Humanities (Marija Blasokovic) and Information and Communication Technologies (Piotr Przybyla), u

Astronomy / Space Science - Career - 31.03.2022

Career - Physics - 28.03.2022
Demonstrator Lab Science Park officially opened for first projects
Demonstrator Lab Science Park officially opened for first projects
On Monday 28 March, Jan Lintsen, member of the Executive Board of the University of Amsterdam, opened the second location of the successful university incubator Demonstrator Lab Amsterdam.

Career - Psychology - 25.03.2022
COVID-19 hastens trend towards more ’dynamic’ workplace: University of Toronto researcher
For more than two decades,  Jia Lin Xie  has researched the relationships people have with their jobs.

Career - 25.03.2022
Expert Insights: Gig workers aren't self-employed – they're modern-day feudal serfs
Expert Insights: Gig workers aren’t self-employed – they’re modern-day feudal serfs
UBER Eats Delivery Cyclist Riding Through a Busy Oxford Road in Manchester, Wikimedia Commons. To understand neo-villeiny, we first need to understand medieval villeiny.

Career - 24.03.2022
People of color helped keep movie business afloat during pandemic
People of color helped keep movie business afloat during pandemic
A large percentage of the movie business's box office revenue and home viewership was driven by consumers of color in 2021, according to UCLA's latest Hollywood Diversity Report.

Innovation - Career - 22.03.2022

Innovation - Career - 22.03.2022