Education Tips 2.0: Tips & Tricks for Quality Education

The definitive guide full of tips and tricks for quality education has been extensively expanded upon and thoroughly updated! Check out some examples below.

Ghent University had to swiftly switch to remote teaching and online evaluation in the last couple of months. was the go-to portal site for support during this period: corona guidelines were effectively spread to everyone at the University, instructions regarding didactic use of digital tools were shared efficiently and all manner of questions easily found their way to the colleague with the answer. quickly received the most traffic of all Ghent University sites, garnering 150,000 hits in the last three months alone. However, the speed with which information was shared made it challenging to organize everything in a way which was easily searchable.

But there’s good news: has been revamped by our colleagues at the Faculty Education Services. Not only was info for individual lecturers supplemented with info regarding the study programme, the site has also been more clearly structured and the search functionality optimized.

You can find tips regarding:

All the information you need on when the resit examination period starts and ends, how the evaluation of the resit examination period is organized or when the University will communicate about the resit examination period.

Blend@UGent is a well-thought-out and balanced mix of online education and on-campus classes. Curious to see what that looks like?

A correctly filled-in course sheet is important. Here, you can read why this is and what you should take into account when performing this task. contains all the information you need to succeed in your educational activities during the 2020-2021 academic year. Like before, our colleagues at the Faculty Education Services continue to offer support services when you need them, both centrally and in the faculties. Don’t hesitate, go and take a look at this brand new site or contact our colleagues if you have questions or remarks. After all, Ghent University makes education together.

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