International Continuing Education Program at Freie Universität Berlin Will Offer New Certificate Courses in 2023

FUB-ContinuEd courses will be taking place online, as well as in person for the first time

FUB-ContinuEd, the international, part-time continuing education program of Freie Universität Berlin, will be offering new certificate courses in 2023. These courses are aimed at individuals, companies, and organizations who are operating in an increasingly globalized context. The tried-and-tested approach of online courses that take place over a nine-week term is particularly suited for people with busy schedules, who cannot easily travel. While this will continue to be an integral part of the FUB-ContinuEd program, next year will also see the introduction of two-day workshops taught in person in Berlin. These can be accredited as "educational leave" in Berlin and allow for participants to exchange ideas face to face. Course content from the FUB-ContinuEd program can also be taught in the form of tailor-made, "on demand" courses. The course portfolio covers a wide range of socially relevant topics such as diversity management and sustainability while also enabling participants to acquire and develop international communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

FUB-ContinuEd offers international certificate courses for people at all stages of life. It is particularly aimed at those wishing to supplement professional qualifications with practical skills to help them navigate an increasingly globalized workplace. "We strive to provide accessible, affordable, and ’resource friendly’ continuing education courses for people in different professional and personal situations," says Dr. Kristina Rödder, program director of FUB-ContinuEd. The program is continually updated to stay abreast of the latest developments in science and professional practices.

In addition to the range of open courses on offer for individuals and small groups from a specific company or organization, there is also the opportunity to book specialized, "on-demand" certificate courses for private groups. This is particularly suited to companies and organizations that are looking to train larger groups and adapt the course content to meet their specific needs. "All courses can be tailored to meet the individual needs of academic partners, companies, and organizations," explains Rödder. "Not only are our on-demand courses in line with our proven high levels of quality, they are also extremely flexible with regard to time, location, format, and thematic focus. This allows us to support entire teams, departments, or working groups in their personal and professional development."

The courses on offer encompass a range of topics relevant to the professional world. Participants are introduced to these topics in courses that combine methodology with practical skills. The aim is to strengthen participants’ communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills, while also taking aspects such as diversity and sustainability into account. The program also includes the course "Academic Writing in German," specially designed for academics, students, and doctoral candidates who need additional support with their German writing skills. The courses will begin from January 2023 onwards. Those wishing to attend can sign up via the. On the FUB-ContinuEd YouTube channel , instructors give personal insights into their courses.

Over a period of nine weeks, online classes impart the most important findings from the latest research to participants and link them to the practical demands of the workplace. The courses (offered in English and German) are subject to a fee and designed to fit around work and studies. With live online sessions and self-study phases, the courses offer participants flexibility in terms of when and how they organize their learning. The courses take place at different times of the day, allowing participants from different time zones to attend the courses.

In-person courses can be recognized as "educational leave" in accordance with Berliner Bildungszeitgesetz (BiZeitG). Taking place over two consecutive days, these courses provide extensive knowledge in a compact timeframe and develop the participants’ personal and social skills. Small classes with six to fifteen students foster an intensive and in-depth learning environment regardless of whether the course is taught online or in person. Participants should have some familiarity with studying in an academic environment and be used to finding solutions to practical, everyday problems independently or as part of a team. To be admitted to the course, they must have the requisite skills in the language of instruction. Participants receive a certificate from Freie Universität Berlin upon successful completion of the course.