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Criminology / Forensics - Law - 11.06.2021

Social Sciences - Law - 08.06.2021
Reports highlight the harms faced by UK families threatened with a family member’s deportation
UK families living with a member's insecure immigration status and threat of deportation, face extreme and wide-ranging harm.

Law - Computer Science - 04.06.2021
Supreme Court ruling that limits hacking law supports U-M researcher
This week's U.S. Supreme Court decision in a case involving a police officer who used a database beyond the scope of his responsibility is being hailed as a victory for academic researchers and journalists who investigate discrimination by online platforms.

Law - Social Sciences - 28.05.2021

Law - 17.05.2021
SGDs and USI. Peace, justice and strong institutions
SGDs and USI. Peace, justice and strong institutions
The year is 2017. Riding the wave of the viral hashtag, #MeToo, the entire Western society questions its actual ability to guarantee women fundamental rights and social justice.

Economics / Business - Law - 03.05.2021

Law - 23.04.2021

Criminology / Forensics - Law - 20.04.2021
’Cinematic’ video, police condemnation sealed guilty verdict in Chauvin trial
Derek Chauvin's conviction for murder and manslaughter probably rested heavily on the shocking video of Floyd pinned to the ground, says a UC Berkeley expert.

Law - Religions - 19.04.2021
Law School course examines how Buddhism intersects with constitutional law
New Law School course brings scholars together to study intersection of religion, law With an estimated 500 million followers worldwide, Buddhism has had a far-reaching impact on constitutional design and reform in many countries.

Criminology / Forensics - Law - 06.04.2021
Podcast: The uncertainty of the Chauvin trial outcome
See all Fiat Vox episodes. Berkeley News  writer Ed Lempinen talks about why Berkeley Law professor Jonathan Simon thinks an acquittal of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, on trial for the death of George Floyd, is more likely than not.

Law - Administration - 01.04.2021
Opinion: Britain holds on to a colony in Africa, with America’s help
Together, the USA and Britain are sabotaging their own efforts to curb China's advances in the South China Sea, says Professor Philippe Sands (UCL Laws).

Criminology / Forensics - Law - 30.03.2021
Despite damning video, complex legal issues make Chauvin trial unpredictable
The trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the killing of George Floyd is a potential flashpoint for race relations in America.

Law - Social Sciences - 25.03.2021
Consent laws aren't the reason for low sexual assault conviction rates
Consent laws aren’t the reason for low sexual assault conviction rates
An app won't fix issues associated with consent in sexual encounters, writes rape law expert and Dean, Sydney Law School, Professor Simon Bronitt.

Law - Criminology / Forensics - 22.03.2021
Glock ghost guns up for grabs on the dark web
Glock ghost guns up for grabs on the dark web
Australians have access to a wide variety of untraceable 'ghost guns' online along with a significant market of 3D printed weapon blueprints and kits, according to a new study from The Australian National University (ANU).

Administration - Law - 22.03.2021

Social Sciences - Law - 19.03.2021
Violence against Asian Americans on the rise, but racism isn’t new
FACULTY Q&A A spike in verbal and physical violence against Asian Americans has garnered increased coverage, highlighted by anti-Asian sentiments dating back to the beginning of the pandemic early last year.

Health - Law - 16.03.2021
Sir Keir Starmer joins UCL podcast on health and law
Sir Keir Starmer, the Leader of the Labour Party, talked about the links between health and law with Professor Dame Hazel Genn (UCL Laws) on UCL Health of the Public's "Public Health Disrupted" podcast.

Law - Social Sciences - 10.02.2021
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