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Music - 15.01.2020
INITIATE internet research project calls for collaboration
INITIATE internet research project calls for collaboration
Understanding the behaviour of the Internet with its inherent complexity and scale is essential when designing new Internet systems and applications.

Music - Event - 14.01.2020

Music - History / Archeology - 13.01.2020

Music - 26.12.2019

Linguistics / Literature - Music - 24.12.2019
Rosanna Warren on why poetry matters: ’If it discovers nothing, it’s worthless.’
The place  Rosanna Warren  calls her "writing shack" is a tiny box of a building deep in the Green Mountains of Vermont that sits on a hillside at the edge of a vast, tumbling woods.

Music - 20.12.2019
Christmas bells ring in Canberra thanks to musical AI
An ANU researcher has combined the power of music and computer science, to create an instrument to spread Christmas joy throughout the Canberra community.

Music - Life Sciences - 19.12.2019
Mindful travel, Silicon Valley’s evolution, Schumann on viola, Seattle history - UW-authored books, music for the Husky on your list
A teacher discusses respectful world travel, a historian explores Silicon Valley's evolution, a professor and violist plays the music of Robert Schumann and a late English faculty member's meditation on Seattle returns..

Career - Music - 09.12.2019

Music - 09.12.2019

Life Sciences - Music - 11.11.2019

History / Archeology - Music - 07.11.2019
Film & Television Archive staff help bring the footage of the past into the present
One of the ways that audiences can engage with the sights and sounds of the past is through new cinematic works, television shows and exhibition spaces that weave in and contextualize archival footage.

Music - 07.11.2019

Music - 17.10.2019

Music - Social Sciences - 17.10.2019
The impact of music
Frost School of Music faculty member Carlos Abril highlights how demographic characteristics influence enrollment in specific types of high school music courses. High school is perhaps the most impactful time in a person's life-for Carlos Abril, it was a time in his life when he discovered his love for music.

Electroengineering - Music - 14.10.2019
"I teach a subject that's notoriously hard to learn"
Romain Fleury, a tenure-track assistant professor who heads the Laboratory of Wave Engineering, has been named best teacher in electrical and electronic engineering.

Music - Linguistics / Literature - 14.10.2019

Music - 08.10.2019
Mixing beatboxing with opera, acclaimed composer redefines genre
With an abundant imagination for sound and music, Prof. Augusta Read Thomas unfolds fresh sonic perspectives and a personal artistic voice in soaring pieces played around the world-all while shaping the field of classical composition at the University of Chicago.

Social Sciences - Music - 01.10.2019
Class of 2023 embarks on its intellectual journey
As the Class of 2023 joins the University of Chicago's intellectual community, five incoming students share their diverse personal stories and what they're looking forward to at UChicago: While many s

Music - Event - 30.09.2019
2019 fall quarter guest artists
Stanford Live presents Triptych (Eyes of One on Another) , composed by Bryce Dessner (The National).

Music - 27.09.2019
UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television announces 2019-20 theater season
The upcoming theater season at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television includes the production of Bertolt Brecht's "The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui," the opera "Juana" — a collaboration with UCLA Opera and UCLA Philharmonia — and the seminal rock musical "Hair.

Music - Religions - 24.09.2019
’Triptych’ is a meditation on provocative photographer’s life and work
When korde arrington tuttle was growing up in North Carolina in the 1990s, he felt like he had to live in a world with strict boundaries drawn around what he could do, and how he could act.

Event - Music - 20.09.2019
The Anderson Collection at Stanford University celebrates its fifth anniversary with a public party
The Anderson Collection at Stanford University celebrates its fifth anniversary with a public party
In a Q&A, Anderson Collection Director Jason Linetzky looks back at the first five years and anticipates what is to come.

Music - 19.09.2019
Perception of musical pitch varies across cultures
Perception of musical pitch varies across cultures
How people interpret musical notes depends on the types of music they have listened to, researchers find. The researchers found to "match a note to the same note in a different octave, is not really all that natural. It's a skill we got from being surrounded by music in which the octave is an important element."