Naomi Oosterman publishes groundbreaking research in ’Art Crime in Context’

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Dr. Naomi Oosterman (Arts & Culture Studies) and Dr. Donna Yates (Maastricht University) published a new edited volume titled "Art Crime in Context". The volume brings together empirical and theoretical case-study research on art and heritage crime.

Drawing from a diverse group of both researchers and professionals, the book explores contemporary conceptualisations of art crime within broader contexts, such as art crime in relation to "the typical" such as antiquities and paintings, but also the "a-typical", for example in fossils, design, jewellery, and violins. The volume extends the boundaries of art and heritage crime research and our understanding of the relationship between criminality and art.

You can find more information about the book, such as the table of contents, on.

Dr. Naomi Oosterman

  • Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication

Dr. Naomi Oosterman publishes edited volume on crime and art

Dr. Naomi Oosterman publishes edited volume titled "Crime and Art: Sociological and Criminological Perspectives of Crimes in the Art World".

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