New TU Delft location opened in The Hague

Annelies van ’t Hul Fotografie
Annelies van ’t Hul Fotografie
The Hague, 7 June 2023.

In the centre of The Hague and ’around the corner’ from the current Parliament, TU Delft opened its new location in The Hague for the new strategic programme TU Delft

The Hague is designed with the aim of better involving state-of-the-art engineering in political and executive decision-making, policy-making and implementation. The TU Delft

The Hague programme has three focus themes: Climate & Energy, Digitalisation and Safety & Security.

Opportunities for collaboration

Opportunities for collaboration in the context of societal challenges arise at various levels: locally with the municipality of The Hague, regionally within the framework of the South-Holland growth agenda, nationally with the ministries and advisory bodies in The Hague and also internationally with various international organisations. And not to forget the cooperation with various academic partners, such as Leiden University, Leiden - Delft - Erasmus Universities, 4TU and The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Tim van der Hagen Rector Magnificus TU Delft: "Politics, policy and science are jointly confronted with the challenge of a changing climate and the realisation of transitions in energy, security and digitalisation. This place is a symbol of the collaboration we are looking for in this". With the national demand for engineers remaining as high as ever, TU Delft’s new growth and multi-campus strategy is under development. The opening of the Hague location offers opportunities for this strategy.

Location and accessibility

The premises in the new location are mainly intended to facilitate meetings between Delft researchers and policymakers and executives in The Hague. From September 2025, the strategic programme can be housed in the Spui building together with Leiden University among others. Sustainable materials have been used as much as possible in the interior of the building. The building’s interior was therefore recently published as a green story. Besides meeting places, there are workplaces for team members and workstations, which can temporarily be used as a workplace by TU Delft employees or externals who come here for a meeting.

The Hague) together with Tim van der Hagen (TU Delft Rector Magnificus) and Jan van Zanen (Mayor of The Hague) launched the new strategic programme. Aukje Hassoldt (Dean of TBM faculty & Chair of the Steering Group TU Delft

The Hague) introduced the three themes of the programme and Herman Russchenberg (Pro Vice Rector Magnificus for Climate Action), Geert-Jan Houben (Pro Vice Rector Artificial Intelligence, Data and Digitalisation) and Peter Palensky (Head of Electrical Sustainable Energy department & Head of DRI Energy) explained in a video the opportunities for collaboration of their programmes with TU Delft