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Philosophy - Pedagogy - 16.03.2023
Using virtual reality to teach ethics
Does teaching ethics make people more ethical? Whether it works or not hasn't been studied much, but I think that if it did, the world would probably have far more vegans and vegetarians, and far fewer unethical business practices.

Computer Science - Philosophy - 10.03.2023
Matthew Kearney: Bringing AI and philosophy into dialogue
Matthew Kearney: Bringing AI and philosophy into dialogue
The computer science and philosophy double-major aims to advance the field of AI ethics. Close Matthew Kearney was drawn to MIT by the culture of its cross-country team.

Innovation - Philosophy - 20.02.2023

Health - Philosophy - 13.02.2023

Philosophy - Social Sciences - 20.12.2022

Philosophy - 24.11.2022
Century discovery on famous philosopher Hegel
Century discovery on famous philosopher Hegel
The discovery of previously unanalysed lecture notes in the Diocesan Library of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising provides new approaches to the thought of the famous philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831).

Philosophy - Health - 24.11.2022
Technologies to improve human performance raise ethical concerns
Dr Y. J. Erden and Philip Brey recently published a set of ethical guidelines for human enhancement research and development.

Research Management - Philosophy - 17.11.2022
EU project focuses on research ethics
EU project focuses on research ethics
University of Bonn is conducting a pilot project with international partners.

Philosophy - 04.11.2022
Facing reality, however painful it may be
Facing reality, however painful it may be
In his new book, "Life Is Hard," MIT philosopher Kieran Setiya offers guidance for tackling the (many) problems we face.

Religions - Philosophy - 12.10.2022
When tradition meets modernity
When tradition meets modernity
There's something that everybody who has anything to do with the Centre for Islamic Theology (ZIT) notices especially: the numerous interfaces and the amount of dialogue with other disciplines in the

Philosophy - 30.09.2022
Data ethics and what we should demand when entrusting personal information to a device 
Conscious digitisation also comes with greater awareness of data processing, as Marta Fadda, a Postdoc researcher and lecturer in the Biomedical Ethics course at the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences at

Philosophy - Economics - 28.09.2022

Philosophy - Computer Science - 19.09.2022

Philosophy - Social Sciences - 01.08.2022

Philosophy - Campus - 07.07.2022
Magazine brings literary style to philosophical writings
Magazine brings literary style to philosophical writings
'The Raven' magazine, launched by Hopkins philosopher David Velleman, seeks to return philosophical essays to the realm of the creative David Velleman started a magazine to put the heart back into philosophy.

Philosophy - 28.06.2022
A moral right to stay: Guest commentary
Should more immigration be allowed, not only to counter the threat of an ageing population in our society but also to help with the problem of a lack of skilled workers?

History / Archeology - Philosophy - 22.03.2022
Book launch: The History of Atheism in Belgium
The new VUB research group Secular Studies Association Brussels (SSAB) is hosting, with the Humanistisch Verbond, an online presentation of the book The History of Atheism in Belgium, edited by Dr Christoph De Spiegeleer and Patrice Dartevelle and published by Liberas.

History / Archeology - Philosophy - 04.03.2022

Innovation - Philosophy - 03.02.2022
Center for Responsible AI Technologies founded
Center for Responsible AI Technologies founded
By today's signing of their cooperation agreement, the Technical University of Munich (TUM), the University of Augsburg (UNIA) and the Munich School of Philosophy (HFPH) have laid the foundation ston

Philosophy - Innovation - 21.01.2022

Philosophy - Computer Science - 09.12.2021
New Kavli Center at UC Berkeley to foster ethics, engagement in science
The new Kavli Center for Ethics, Science, and the Public at UC Berkeley will equip the next generation of scientists with the tools to tackle the ethical and societal implications of their research while inventing innovative ways to involve the public.

Philosophy - Social Sciences - 23.09.2021

Career - Philosophy - 24.06.2021
A new approach to mitigating AI’s negative impact
Stanford launches an Ethics and Society Review Board that asks researchers to take an early look at the impact of their work.

Philosophy - Health - 14.04.2021
UCL plays key role in bringing ethical thinking to pandemic policy-making
UCL researchers will be at the heart of an initiative to bring the best possible expertise to the ethical challenges policy makers face tackling COVID-19.

Health - Philosophy - 24.03.2021
Ernlé Young, co-founder of Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics, dies at 88
An anti-apartheid activist, humanitarian, theologian, scholar, outdoorsman and skilled woodworker, Young co-founded the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics.
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