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Linguistics / Literature - Philosophy - 25.05.2018

Innovation - Philosophy - 26.04.2018
Defence against dark artefacts - the enemy within the wall
A utopian vision of the future is of "smart appliances" in a "smart home" making domestic life simpler and caring for an aging population based on personalisation and control - the Internet connected fridge and kettle are popular examples.

Philosophy - 23.04.2018
New additions to Australian Dictionary of Biography
Prominent Australians who made their mark after World War II, including actors, writers, artists, sports stars and aviators, have been immortalised in the latest additions to Australian Dictionary of Biography (ADB), based at the Australian National University (ANU).

Philosophy - Administration - 18.04.2018
Digital remains should be treated like physical ones
Our internet activity - commonly referred to as digital remains, should be treated with the same care and respect as physical remains, according to Oxford University research.

Philosophy - Social Sciences - 04.04.2018
50 Years after Losing MLK, Moral Courage Still Not Popular
Fifty years ago, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered by American-born terrorist James Earl Ray.

Environment - Philosophy - 06.03.2018

Philosophy - Innovation - 28.02.2018
Living with artificial intelligence: how do we get it right?
Living with artificial intelligence: how do we get it right?
Powerful AI needs to be reliably aligned with human values. Does this mean that AI will eventually have to police those values' Cambridge philosophers Huw Price and Karina Vold consider the trade-off between safety and autonomy in the era of superintelligence.

Health - Philosophy - 22.02.2018
New curriculum prioritizes tribal sovereignty, cultural respect in scientific research of American Indian, Alaska Native communities
New curriculum prioritizes tribal sovereignty, cultural respect in scientific research of American Indian, Alaska Native communities
When scientists have conducted research in Native American communities, the process and the results have sometimes been controversial. There have been a few well-known cases, such as the 1979 Barrow Alcohol Study , in which researchers examined substance use in the tiny Arctic Circle town and issued findings to the press, before briefing the local community.

Psychology - Philosophy - 07.02.2018
Air pollution increases unethical behavior, crime
ANN ARBOR-The health consequences of air pollution are well-documented, but a growing body of research indicates it also leads to other societal ills, such as higher crime rates. University of Michigan researcher Julia Lee and her colleagues explored the underlying causes that link pollution with higher crime rates.

Philosophy - Economics / Business - 18.01.2018

Philosophy - 14.12.2017

Innovation - Philosophy - 13.12.2017
Ethical design guidelines for future technology released
A team of technologists - including the University of Sydney's Professor Rafael Calvo and Dorian Peters - have joined forces with doctors, lawyers, economists and philosophers to make technology ethical. If kids spend hours a day speaking to digital personal assistant Alexa, how will this affect the way they connect to real people?

Philosophy - Administration - 07.11.2017
Moral injury explored in Veterans Day documentary at BAMPFA
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Philosophy - Law - 06.11.2017
Questioning the ethics of Euroscepticism
Questioning the ethics of Euroscepticism
In a UCL Lunch Hour Lecture delivered last week, Professor George Letsas, a specialist in the philosophy of law and human rights from UCL laws, set out some of the ethical underpinnings of the Brexit debate.

Philosophy - Health - 31.10.2017
New ethical guidelines for fertility preservation of ill children
Doctors treating children with life-threatening illnesses now have a new tool to help them grapple with the tough ethical questions surrounding fertility preservation for their young patients.

Philosophy - Religions - 17.10.2017
Christian Perspectives on Death and Dying
End-of-life decision-making is becoming more complex with advances in medical technologies - and many of us will die without the ability to make those decisions for ourselves at the time.

Law - Philosophy - 12.10.2017
UCL lecturer is star witness in BBC Moral Maze on abortion law
UCL lecturer is star witness in BBC Moral Maze on abortion law
UCL hosted BBC's flagship ethical programme The Moral Maze this week to mark 50 years of the Abortion Act with a lecturer from the university's Faculty of Laws acting as a specialist witness to the panel.

Health - Philosophy - 05.10.2017
Major rethink needed on stem cells and regenerative medicine
Major rethink needed on stem cells and regenerative medicine
UCL researchers are leading a call for a coordinated strategy to reform the management of scientific discoveries and clinical experimentation involving stem cells and regenerative medicine.

Philosophy - Linguistics / Literature - 05.10.2017

Life Sciences - Philosophy - 03.10.2017
Science and the dilemma of death explored in groundbreaking new exhibition
UCL Culture is launching its latest groundbreaking exhibition What does it mean to be human? Curating Heads this week in the Octagon Gallery, Wilkins Building, UCL.

Philosophy - 02.10.2017
Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Europaeum
The Europaeum, an association of the leading universities in Europe is celebrating its 25th Anniversary.

Philosophy - Career - 02.10.2017
How philosophy can solve your midlife crisis
How philosophy can solve your midlife crisis
A few years ago, a man experienced a midlife crisis. He was professionally successful and had a rewarding family life, but still had a "hollow" feeling.

Philosophy - Environment - 25.09.2017
Price Gouging Has Its Defenders, But They Ignore Morality
In addition to wind, rain and destruction, hurricane season also brings a practice that is almost universally repudiated: price gouging.

Art and Design - Philosophy - 21.09.2017
Stanford scholar highlights craft, thinking in soul and dance music
Charles Kronengold is an assistant professor of music at Stanford University and was an internal faculty fellow at the Center this year.

Life Sciences - Philosophy - 18.09.2017
How to care for your cats and dogs (ethically)
Caring for pets can be a joy as well as a challenge. Veterinarian Dr Anne Fawcett shares her top five tips for ethical pet ownership during this episode of the University's Open for Discussion podcast.

Administration - Philosophy - 11.09.2017

Philosophy - Health - 03.09.2017
13 - 15 September: Salzburg Conference for Analytical Philosophy
13 - 15 September: Salzburg Conference for Analytical Philosophy
Some 90 international philosophy students, ranging from Bachelor to Doctorate levels, present and discuss their current philosophical questions and answers in the Unipark Nonntal.

Philosophy - Politics - 25.08.2017
Ethics and politics of media and technology tackled in week long programme of free events
Inter/sections takes on the ethics and politics of media and technology through a free programme of workshops, talks, events and an art exhibition.

Philosophy - Psychology - 09.08.2017
New ANU centre to explore ’are bees like us?’ and other big questions
People and philosophers think that what makes you an object of moral concern is that you are conscious and you can feel things, especially if you can feel any pain or suffering.

Health - Philosophy - 31.07.2017

Philosophy - Economics / Business - 28.07.2017
UT’s Video-Based Ethics Program Increases Moral Awareness
The Ethics Unwrapped curriculum uses short video-based lessons to teach students about human behavior and motivations.

Philosophy - Religions - 24.07.2017
Richard B. Miller
Professor Miller's research interests include religion and public life, political and social ethics, theory and method in religious thought and ethics, and practical ethics.

Life Sciences - Philosophy - 19.07.2017
Producing Human-animal hybrid eggs for research not unethical
Scientists should not be prevented from creating human-animal chimeras to produce human eggs for research, according to Dr César Palacios-González , Centre of Medical Law and Ethics in The Dickson Poon School of Law at King's. Writing in the journal Reproductive BioMedicine Online today he examines four of the ethical arguments used against the creation of these chimeras to produce human eggs for research and finds that none of these arguments are ethically strong enough for it to be immoral to use this technique.

Philosophy - Social Sciences - 18.07.2017
"Don’t rely on your holidays to make you happy"
Travel and happiness have a complicated relationship - even the Stoics were aware of this. An interview with philosopher Michael Hampe on the opportunities and risks that come with travelling.

Event - Philosophy - 07.07.2017

Life Sciences - Philosophy - 05.07.2017
Penn Professors Lead Call for Ethical Framework for New ’Mind Control’ Technologies
As interventions for mental illnesses and neurological disorders are becoming increasingly powerful, an interdisciplinary group of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, American University and Duke University are calling for new safeguards to guide treatments and protect patients.

Philosophy - Economics / Business - 23.06.2017
'Programmers should not decide who lives and who dies'
‘Programmers should not decide who lives and who dies’
Research news What and how will tomorrow's self-driving cars be allowed to decide for themselves' Tasked by the German government, an ethics commission has now drawn up guidelines to regulate these questions.

Event - Philosophy - 23.06.2017

Philosophy - Career - 12.06.2017

Philosophy - 07.06.2017
Opinion: Remainer or re-leaver? The philosophical conundrum posed by Brexit
Opinion: Remainer or re-leaver? The philosophical conundrum posed by Brexit
A recent YouGov survey suggests there is increasing agreement that 'Brexit means Brexit'. However, Alfred Moore from theâ?Conspiracy and Democracy Project suspects support is "broad but shallow", and forcing people to change their minds about Brexit poses a danger to democracy.

Philosophy - Computer Science - 22.05.2017
Stanford professors discuss ethics involving driverless cars
Self-driving technology presents vast ethical challenges and questions. Several professors and interdisciplinary groups at Stanford who are tackling this issue  offer their perspectives on the topic.

Philosophy - 08.05.2017
Kids weigh payoff when choosing whether to deal with the good and the bad
Kids weigh payoff when choosing whether to deal with the good and the bad
Fiveand 6-year-olds won't pay a cost to deal with a do-gooder but - after thinking about it for a bit - are willing to turn down a better deal from a wrongdoer, according to a new Yale-led study published May 4 in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. The new study, led by Yale graduate student Arber Tasimi in collaboration with Marcia K. Johnson and Karen Wynn, shows children struggle with some of the same moral dilemmas as adults: such as when to jettison self-interest in transactions with others of dubious moral character.