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Philosophy - Music - 12.04.2019
Five University of Chicago scholars earn Guggenheim Fellowships
Five University of Chicago scholars have been named 2019 Guggenheim Fellows, chosen on the basis of prior achievement and exceptional promise.

Philosophy - 10.04.2019
Is there a role for morality in science?
At a time in which our society is politically polarized and divided about a myriad of issues concerning governance, immigration, and national identity, some would argue the need for convincing moral knowledge and widely accepted understandings of decency and the common good has seldom been greater.

Philosophy - Computer Science - 14.03.2019
The Balance of AI, Ethics and the Military
CMU expert discusses university's role in shaping nationwide discussion This week, the Defense Innovation Board (DIB) holds a series of meetings and a public listening session at Carnegie Mellon University as the DIB explores the future of ethics and artificial intelligence. It is the second in a series of three events the DIB is hosting across the country as it looks to develop and propose principles to guide ethical and responsible use of AI by the Department of Defense (DoD), including research, development and applications.

Mechanical Engineering - Philosophy - 08.03.2019

Philosophy - Law - 01.03.2019

Philosophy - 17.01.2019
Science as a social practice
Science as a social practice
PhD student Marion Boulicault believes in an interdisciplinary path forward for science, feminism, and philosophy.

Philosophy - Politics - 10.12.2018
Lab explores universal basic income
Stanford philosopher Juliana Bidadanure is leading an initiative focused on fostering discussions about universal basic income and analyzing previous and ongoing unconditional cash experiments across the world.

Economics - Philosophy - 04.12.2018
Letter to the university community from Board of Trustees Chair Jeff Raikes on investment responsibility
Facebook Twitter Email To our university community: Today, after more than a year of work, informed by input from many of you, the Board of Trustees is unveiling a new approach to investment responsibility at Stanford.

Philosophy - Economics - 04.12.2018
Trustees adopt new investment responsibility framework for Stanford; university commits $10 million to educational and research initiative
At its Dec. 3-4 meeting, the trustees approved two statements outlining an updated approach to investment responsibility.

Philosophy - Physics - 21.11.2018
Nailing It: Caltech Engineers Help Show That InSight Lander Probe Can Hammer Itself Into Martian Soil
Nailing It: Caltech Engineers Help Show That InSight Lander Probe Can Hammer Itself Into Martian Soil
On November 26, NASA's InSight lander will complete its six-and-a-half month journey to Mars, touching down at Elysium Planitia, a broad plain near the Martian equator that is home to the second largest volcanic region on the planet. There, NASA scientists hope to "give the Red Planet its first thorough checkup since it formed 4.5 billion years ago," according to the InSight mission website.

Philosophy - Physics - 21.11.2018
What magnetic fields can tell us about life on other planets
What magnetic fields can tell us about life on other planets
Every school kid knows that Earth has a magnetic field - it's what makes compasses align north-south and lets us navigate the oceans. It also protects the atmosphere, and thus life, from the sun's powerful wind. But what about other Earth-like planets in the galaxy? Do they also have magnetic fields to protect emerging life? A new analysis looks at one type of exoplanet - super-Earths up to five times the size of our own planet - and concludes that they probably do have a magnetic field, but one generated in a totally novel way: by the planets' magma oceans.

Religions - Philosophy - 11.10.2018
Exploring the rise of religious violence in society
Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, left, and the Rev'd Canon Professor Richard Burridge, right, at the book launch of their new book, 'Confronting Religious Violence'.

Philosophy - 03.10.2018
How a UCLA philosophy professor helped construct 'The Good Place'
How a UCLA philosophy professor helped construct ’The Good Place’
A funny thing happened in the esoteric world of philosophy in late 2016, professors and students were buzzing on social media about a sitcom.

Philosophy - 31.07.2018
People plan because it makes them feel free
People's ability to make rational plans is essential to their sense of personal freedom and autonomy, according to new research from philosophy Professor Michael Bratman.

Philosophy - 25.07.2018
Bystanders in cyberbullying
Your child is in elementary school and is begging you to buy them a cell phone, an iPod and iPad. Anything, as long as they can communicate with their friends, either by texting or through social media. As a parent, you're worried about cyberbullying. Indeed, up to 30% of children and adolescents admit to cyberbullying others, while 25% of students report being victimized on electronic platforms.

Innovation - Philosophy - 18.07.2018
Dancing with computers
Dancing with computers
Dancing with computers Elizabeth Churchill, currently Director of User Experience at Google, first became fascinated by the interaction between humans and computers w hen studying for an MSc in Knowledge Based Systems, at Sussex. What came first - your interest in psychology or in technology? Psychology.

Health - Philosophy - 05.07.2018
London Co-authors Paper on Ethically Conducting Clinical Research During Public Health Emergencies
Carnegie Mellon University's Alex John London , a prominent bioethicist, has co-authored a viewpoint article in PLOS: Neglected Tropical Diseases on the ethics of clinical research during public health emergencies.

Administration - Philosophy - 28.06.2018
Empathetic Policing Has Hidden Costs
The public may be demanding softer policing policies, but are officers who embrace such policies actually conducting themselves in ways the public hopes and expects' No, they are not. And there is cost to us all. When a police officer shoots an unarmed black man, a tragic, all-too-familiar cycle of events ensues: Communities seethe in anger, knee-jerk accusations are hurled from all sides, and boiler-plate defenses are frantically mounted.

Philosophy - 13.06.2018
Morals more important than success in a role model
People choose role models who have achieved success in ways that are in line with their own moral values, according to University of Queensland research.

Philosophy - 31.05.2018
Caring for the sick and casting out villains: moral development in children
Caring for the sick and casting out villains: moral development in children
Question: when is a chicken more important than a sick person? Answer: when you're four years old, according to research from The University of Queensland.

Linguistics / Literature - Philosophy - 25.05.2018

Innovation - Philosophy - 26.04.2018
Defence against dark artefacts - the enemy within the wall
A utopian vision of the future is of "smart appliances" in a "smart home" making domestic life simpler and caring for an aging population based on personalisation and control - the Internet connected fridge and kettle are popular examples.

Philosophy - 23.04.2018
New additions to Australian Dictionary of Biography
Prominent Australians who made their mark after World War II, including actors, writers, artists, sports stars and aviators, have been immortalised in the latest additions to Australian Dictionary of Biography (ADB), based at the Australian National University (ANU).

Philosophy - Administration - 18.04.2018
Digital remains should be treated like physical ones
Our internet activity - commonly referred to as digital remains, should be treated with the same care and respect as physical remains, according to Oxford University research.

Philosophy - Social Sciences - 04.04.2018
50 Years after Losing MLK, Moral Courage Still Not Popular
Fifty years ago, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered by American-born terrorist James Earl Ray.

Environment - Philosophy - 06.03.2018

Philosophy - Innovation - 28.02.2018
Living with artificial intelligence: how do we get it right?
Living with artificial intelligence: how do we get it right?
Powerful AI needs to be reliably aligned with human values. Does this mean that AI will eventually have to police those values' Cambridge philosophers Huw Price and Karina Vold consider the trade-off between safety and autonomy in the era of superintelligence.

Health - Philosophy - 22.02.2018
New curriculum prioritizes tribal sovereignty, cultural respect in scientific research of American Indian, Alaska Native communities
New curriculum prioritizes tribal sovereignty, cultural respect in scientific research of American Indian, Alaska Native communities
When scientists have conducted research in Native American communities, the process and the results have sometimes been controversial. There have been a few well-known cases, such as the 1979 Barrow Alcohol Study , in which researchers examined substance use in the tiny Arctic Circle town and issued findings to the press, before briefing the local community.

Psychology - Philosophy - 07.02.2018
Air pollution increases unethical behavior, crime
ANN ARBOR-The health consequences of air pollution are well-documented, but a growing body of research indicates it also leads to other societal ills, such as higher crime rates. University of Michigan researcher Julia Lee and her colleagues explored the underlying causes that link pollution with higher crime rates.

Philosophy - 14.12.2017

Innovation - Philosophy - 13.12.2017
Ethical design guidelines for future technology released
A team of technologists - including the University of Sydney's Professor Rafael Calvo and Dorian Peters - have joined forces with doctors, lawyers, economists and philosophers to make technology ethical. If kids spend hours a day speaking to digital personal assistant Alexa, how will this affect the way they connect to real people?

Philosophy - Administration - 07.11.2017
Moral injury explored in Veterans Day documentary at BAMPFA
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Philosophy - Law - 06.11.2017
Questioning the ethics of Euroscepticism
Questioning the ethics of Euroscepticism
In a UCL Lunch Hour Lecture delivered last week, Professor George Letsas, a specialist in the philosophy of law and human rights from UCL laws, set out some of the ethical underpinnings of the Brexit debate.

Philosophy - Health - 31.10.2017
New ethical guidelines for fertility preservation of ill children
Doctors treating children with life-threatening illnesses now have a new tool to help them grapple with the tough ethical questions surrounding fertility preservation for their young patients.

Philosophy - Religions - 17.10.2017
Christian Perspectives on Death and Dying
End-of-life decision-making is becoming more complex with advances in medical technologies - and many of us will die without the ability to make those decisions for ourselves at the time.

Law - Philosophy - 12.10.2017
UCL lecturer is star witness in BBC Moral Maze on abortion law
UCL lecturer is star witness in BBC Moral Maze on abortion law
UCL hosted BBC's flagship ethical programme The Moral Maze this week to mark 50 years of the Abortion Act with a lecturer from the university's Faculty of Laws acting as a specialist witness to the panel.