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Materials Science - Physics - 23.11.2021
$3.4M to turn up the heat at solar-thermal plants
$3.4M to turn up the heat at solar-thermal plants
Improved heat-trapping materials for solar thermal energy could help the U.S. meet its goal of cutting solar energy costs in half by 2030 To decarbonize industrial heat-a major contribu

Astronomy / Space Science - Physics - 19.11.2021
Solar Orbiter returns to Earth ahead of main science mission
Solar Orbiter returns to Earth ahead of main science mission
Solar Orbiter, a European Space Agency (ESA) spacecraft carrying instruments proposed, designed and built at UCL, is returning to Earth for a flyby passing through clouds of space debris before starting its main science mission exploring the Sun.

Physics - 12.11.2021
One cat and three masters
One cat and three masters
Matteo Fadel is investigating the interplay between quantum mechanics and gravity as part of his Branco Weiss Fellowship.

Innovation - Physics - 11.11.2021
A Bright Future for Collaborative Research
The Russian-German Laboratory at BESSY II celebrates twenty years of successful cooperation / Online workshop on plans for the future on November 17 and 18, 2021 To commemorate its twentieth year of

Transport - Physics - 09.11.2021
Aircraft engine noise pollution to be reduced thanks to novel maths of aero-acoustic simulations
· With ever-stricter noise regulations, aircraft and engine manufacturers are on a mission to reduce noise pollution from aircraft engines · Novel aero-acoustic simulations that could be used to opti

Astronomy / Space Science - Physics - 08.11.2021
Overwintering at the South Pole
Overwintering at the South Pole
An Antarctic journey with cosmic particle physicist Martin Wolf Dr. Martin Wolf is spending an entire year at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.

Physics - Materials Science - 08.11.2021
Berkeley Lab Honored with Three R&D 100 Awards
Three technologies from the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ÜBerkeley Lab) have won a 2021 R&D 100 award, representing innovations for memory and logic chips, next-generation batteries, and radiation detection and mapping.

Physics - 08.11.2021
UofG researchers contribute to £5.7m quantum computing project
Researchers from the University of Glasgow are part of a £5.7m research project which is setting out to develop a cryo-electronic chip to enable future quantum computers.

Astronomy / Space Science - Physics - 04.11.2021
New Computer Model for Black Holes
New Computer Model for Black Holes
The black hole of the giant galaxy M87 shoots out an enormous jet of particles. A theoretical model of this jet has now been developed that fits astronomical observations very well. The galaxy Messier 87 (M87) is located 55 million light years away from Earth in the Virgo constellation. It is a giant galaxy with 12,000 globular clusters, making the Milky Way's 200 globular clusters appear modest in comparison.

Physics - 03.11.2021
How 'thick' is a soup?
How ’thick’ is a soup?
To be able to experience a wide range of impulses, our senses use 'logarithmic perception': a large increase in the impulse only leads to a small increase in what our brain perceives. A group of researchers from the University of Amsterdam, Unilever, and Wageningen University & Research now shows that this effect does not only hold for our ears and eyes, but also for the perceived thickness of liquid foods.

Physics - Innovation - 02.11.2021
New technology gives smart cars ’x-ray’-like vision
Australian researchers have developed a technology that allows autonomous vehicles to track moving pedestrians hidden behind buildings and cyclists obscured by cars, trucks, and buses.

Physics - Life Sciences - 01.11.2021
UC San Diego Faculty Receive Trifecta of National Awards
Three Physical Sciences and Biological Sciences faculty honored by national physics associations The University of California San Diego's divisions of Physical Sciences and Biological Sciences are ho

Astronomy / Space Science - Physics - 28.10.2021
Three UdeM astophysicists to help inaugurate the James Webb Space Telescope
Research associate Loïc Albert and doctoral students Olivia Lim and Stefan Pelletier see their proposals accepted for the use of NASA's ultra-sophisticated probe.

Physics - 27.10.2021
MicroBooNE 'shines a flashlight' on tricky neutrinos
MicroBooNE ’shines a flashlight’ on tricky neutrinos
These are boom times for Yale physicist Bonnie Fleming and the Micro Booster Neutrino Experiment (MicroBooNE).

Computer Science - Physics - 26.10.2021
Caltech and Amazon Partner to Create New Hub of Quantum Computing
This past year, a new two-story building took shape in the northeast corner of the Caltech campus. Though modest in design, what takes place inside the structure could transform the future of computing.

Astronomy / Space Science - Physics - 25.10.2021
UC Berkeley scientists to lead NASA’s newest space telescope
The COSI gamma ray telescope, shown in this artist's sketch, will map the Milky Way galaxy to find sources of gamma ray emission, which is expected to include remnants of supernova explosions, accreting black holes and the mergers of neutron stars.

Astronomy / Space Science - Physics - 22.10.2021
Major step in UK contribution to space mission studying solar wind
Space scientists and engineers from UCL and the University of Leicester have delivered a key component for SMILE, a new space mission studying the impact of solar wind on the Earth's magnetic environment.

Physics - Materials Science - 22.10.2021
Controlling Light with a Material Three Atoms Thick
Controlling Light with a Material Three Atoms Thick
Most of us control light all the time without even thinking about it, usually in mundane ways: we don a pair of sunglasses and put on sunscreen, and close-or open-our window blinds.

Astronomy / Space Science - Physics - 18.10.2021

Physics - Materials Science - 15.10.2021
New nanowire architectures boost computers' processing power
New nanowire architectures boost computers' processing power
Valerio Piazza is creating new 3D architectures built from an inventive form of nanowire. His research aims to push the boundaries of miniaturization and pave the way to more powerful electronic devices.

Physics - Career - 15.10.2021
One year in, Q-NEXT quantum research center is going strong
It's been a fruitful first year for Q-NEXT.

Physics - Event - 13.10.2021

Physics - 13.10.2021
Superior robustness of anomalous non-reciprocal topological edge states
Publication of LPENSL in the journal Nature on October 13, 2021.

Art and Design - Physics - 12.10.2021
AI used to reproduce 'lost' Picasso nude
AI used to reproduce ’lost’ Picasso nude
A painting of a naked woman by Pablo Picasso that has been hidden beneath one of his 'Blue Period' masterpieces for more than a century, has been recreated by UCL scientists using a combination of X-rays, AI and 3D-printing. PhD researchers Anthony Bourached (UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology) and George Cann (UCL Space and Climate Physics) have developed a five-step technology to reproduce art works, that have been painted over.

Physics - Life Sciences - 08.10.2021

Chemistry - Physics - 08.10.2021
Hydrogen Can Play Key Role in U.S. Decarbonization
A Q&A with Berkeley Lab scientists on how hydrogen can help achieve net-zero emissions Berkeley Lab scientists Adam Weber (left) and Ahmet Kusoglu (Credit: Berkeley Lab) Earlier this summer, Energy S

Physics - 08.10.2021
Student Works To Automate Scrubbing Physics Data for Better Results
Carnegie Mellon University Particle physics research isn't always full of dramatic eureka moments. But each researcher on a project has a part to play.

Physics - 05.10.2021
Nuclear nonproliferation: $1.9M to improve detection of weapons-grade material
Nuclear nonproliferation: $1.9M to improve detection of weapons-grade material
Untangling the signatures of smuggled nuclear materials from the radiation background created by shooting neutrons at suspected cargo is the task of U-M research team Using neutrons to probe shipping