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Social Sciences - Politics - 23.08.2016
Why do some people find it easier to accept torture and assault than others?
Why do some people find it easier to accept torture and assault than others?
Study uncovers what exactly makes authoritarian and socially dominant people have an increased tendency to accept torture. Photo: F. Mariani A research group of psychologists from Lund University in Sweden have shown that authoritarian people and those who perceive their own group as socially superior to others are often more inclined to accept the use of torture.

Politics - Career - 22.08.2016
Presidential candidates may be psychopaths - but that could be a good thing
US election graphic showing an elephant, representing the Republican party, and a donkey, representing the Democratic party, head-to-head.

Politics - Law - 22.08.2016

Art and Design - Politics - 18.08.2016
Flamenco: what happens when a grassroots musical genre becomes a marker of culture
What happens when a musical genre becomes an identifier for a region?  In his book Flamenco, Regionalism and Musical Heritage in Southern Spain , Matthew Machin-Autenrieth unravels the cultural complexity and contested politics of an iconic art form.

Politics - 12.08.2016
We Must Make Sure That Democracy Doesn’t Die
Almost daily, I face the arduous task of getting through the bedtime ritual without losing my patience with my young children.

History / Archeology - Politics - 09.08.2016
Hillary Clinton and the politics of motherhood
It was clear from the beginning of Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign that the 'woman issue? was going to play a large part, with an emphasis on shattering glass ceilings.

Linguistics / Literature - Politics - 08.08.2016
29 - 30 September: The Politics and polemics of Gender in Early American Theatre
29 - 30 September: The Politics and polemics of Gender in Early American Theatre // Kunstquartier, Bergstr. 12a, Atelier, 1st Floor - The conference "The Politics and polemics of Gender in Early American Theatre" focuses on the role of gender in early American theater.

Politics - 05.08.2016
Photography by leading Indigenous artists on show at UQ Art Museum
Photography by leading Indigenous artists on show at UQ Art Museum
An exhibition showcasing the diversity of contemporary practices within Indigenous photography will open at The University of Queensland Art Museum tomorrow (6 August).

Sport - Politics - 04.08.2016
Q&A on the Olympics with Andrei Markovits: Why Rio needs the Olympics now more than ever
Andrei Markovits ANN ARBOR'For the next two weeks, the world's attention will be focused on Brazil and the Olympic Games.

Linguistics / Literature - Politics - 03.08.2016
Donald Trump's chaotic use of metaphor is a crucial part of his appeal
Donald Trump’s chaotic use of metaphor is a crucial part of his appeal
Andrew Hines , a PhD candidate at QMUL's School of Languages, Linguistics, and Film , write about Republican nominee Donald Trump's unorthodox and rule-breaking rhetorical style.

Politics - 01.08.2016
New volume honors classics professor Fred Ahl
' Wordplay and Powerplay in Latin Poetry ,' a book in honor of Frederick Ahl , professor of classics and comparative literature, edited by two of his former students, has just been released.

Administration - Politics - 28.07.2016
For Democrats, What Now?
On the morning of the election, the narrative for Democrats couldn't have been brighter. Democrats were favored narrowly to retake the Senate and finally tip the conservative ideological advantage of the past four decades on the Supreme Court.

Politics - Social Sciences - 22.07.2016
The influence of software robots on politics
The influence of software robots on politics
TUM im Fernsehen They can even be found in the US presidential race: software robots - or bots, for short - place vast amounts of messages on social networks without being distinguishable from real users.

Social Sciences - Politics - 22.07.2016
Addressing Fear Must Be Part of Democrats? Game Plan
Be very afraid. That was the message coming out of the recent Republican National Convention. Is there anything wrong with that? Maybe fear-mongering in politics gets a bad name.

Politics - Administration - 20.07.2016
A female Prime Minister is not enough: Britain needs a representative Parliament too
A female Prime Minister is not enough: Britain needs a representative Parliament too
While Britain welcomes its second female Prime Minister, a new report by a University of Bristol academic has found Westminster remains disproportionately white, male, and elite.

Politics - Media - 18.07.2016
Crucial party time: Republicans, Democrats need to unify at political conventions
ANN ARBOR'It's the televised pep rally intended to unify a political party.

Religions - Politics - 15.07.2016
Religious Ideologies Should Not Be Used as a Campaign Tool
Donald Trump recently told a group of Evangelicals that he has doubts about the Christianity of both President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Administration - Politics - 13.07.2016
Opinion: Old soldiers, old divisions are central in new Mozambique conflict
Justin Pearce (Department of Politics and International Studies) discusses the historical roots of the current conflict in Mozambique.

Politics - Economics / Business - 12.07.2016
Assessing Nord Stream 2
A new natural gas pipeline from Northern Russia to Europe could strengthen European gas markets, increasing competition between suppliers and provide more choice for consumers, but only if Europe sim

Economics / Business - Politics - 08.07.2016
Will Venezuela need a massive relief effort?
Editor's note : Scenes from oil-rich Venezuela show a country descending into chaos: desperate people looting stores and food trucks, political unrest, rising crime and hyperinflation.

Politics - Economics / Business - 08.07.2016
A donor’s company is best predictor of political leanings
Penn State Smeal College of Business faculty member Donald C. Hambrick is the Smeal Chaired Professor of Management and Evan Pugh University Professor.

Media - Politics - 06.07.2016
Summer University 2016: World Heritage, Cultural Heritage Protection and Communication
Summer University 2016: World Heritage, Cultural Heritage Protection and Communication
From 7 to 14 August, a collaborative course offered by the Department of Communication Studies, University of Salzburg, and the Institute of Journalism and Communication Studies, University of Vienna, will take place.

Politics - Economics / Business - 05.07.2016
ANU experts discuss the state of the election »
On Saturday 2 July Australians voted in the 2016 election, with vote counting ongoing and the outcome unclear.

Social Sciences - Politics - 28.06.2016
New joint professorship for empirical youth research
New joint professorship for empirical youth research
Campus news The Technical University of Munich (TUM) and German Youth Institute (Deutsche Jugendinstitut - DJI) have entered into a partnership, at the core of which is a newly created Professorship for Empirical Social Research in Children and Adolescents.

Health - Politics - 27.06.2016
Political pitfalls in handling Ebola may carry over to Zika
ANN ARBOR-If the United States responds to Zika the way it did to Ebola-and early indications are that in many ways it is-the country can expect missteps brought about by a lack of health care coordin

Social Sciences - Politics - 27.06.2016
UT Poll: Texas Voters Embrace Border Wall, Muslim Bans
AUSTIN, Texas - A majority of Texas voters support stricter immigration laws, including building a wall between the United States and Mexico and disallowing Muslims who are not citizens from entering the U.S.

History / Archeology - Politics - 21.06.2016
Opinion: Britain and Europe: a long history of conflict and cooperation
Brendan Simms (Department of Politics and International Studies) discusses Britain's relationship with Europe, from the Vikings to the Referendum.

Politics - Administration - 14.06.2016
Democracy now
Democracy now
Democracy, as the old saying goes, is not a spectator sport. But it may seem that way if you live in a country where the citizens, or some of them, are not used to engaging with the government.

Politics - Economics / Business - 13.06.2016
Britain wiser to remain in European Union, Stanford scholar says
A British exit from the European Union would slow economic growth, reduce Europe's impact in world politics, and strengthen regimes such as Russia's that prefer a weaker, less united Europe, Stanford expert Christophe Crombez says.

History / Archeology - Politics - 12.06.2016
Prepared text of the 2016 Stanford Commencement address by Ken Burns
Following is the text of the address by Ken Burns, historical documentary filmmaker, as prepared for delivery at Stanford University's 125th Commencement on June 12, 2016.

Earth Sciences - Politics - 08.06.2016
What’s most important for the future of our national parks?
Millions will be vacationing this summer at national parks and hundreds of other sites managed by the National Park Service , which turns 100 this August.

Politics - Social Sciences - 07.06.2016
Muhammad Ali Helped Make Black Power into a Political Brand
Muhammad Ali did not simply choose to be a cultural icon. He was also chosen.

Politics - Economics / Business - 06.06.2016
Do we really know what’s driving income inequality?
Editor's note : Rising income inequality has been brought front and center as an issue in this year's presidential campaign.

Politics - 03.06.2016
Opinion: Ancient Greeks would not recognise our ’democracy’ - they’d see an ’oligarchy’
Paul Cartledge (Faculty of Classics) discusses what the ancient Greeks would think of our democracy. We owe to the ancient Greeks much, if not most of our own current political vocabulary.

Politics - Administration - 02.06.2016
Opinion: Uncertain, nostalgic, uncomfortable and bewildered: a portrait of the older Brexit backer
Geoffrey Edwards (Department of Politics and International Studies) discusses what motivates some people to support Brexit.

Economics / Business - Politics - 02.06.2016
The EU to remain the once and future ruler in a global economy?
As the EU became more integrated, ... its leaders decided that if they wanted to make European companies more competitive, then they would need to build a regulatory regime that ensures that some companies don't become too dominant." UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa.

Career - Politics - 01.06.2016
Alumni rely on UChicago mentors, resources in launching online voter guide
Alumni and BallotReady co-founders Aviva Rosman (left), and Alex Niemczewski at the Chicago Innovation Exchange.

Politics - Social Sciences - 01.06.2016
Experts to talk at Coventry referendum debate
Pro and anti-Brexit views are to be put forward at a public meeting being held at the University of Warwick.

Politics - Social Sciences - 31.05.2016
Team undertakes extensive survey of Asian Americans
UC Berkeley political scientist and professor of law Taeku Lee is part of a team leading a newly announced, expanded study of the experiences and attitudes of Asian Americans in the most extensive look to date at the nation's fastest-growing racial group.

Politics - Philosophy - 27.05.2016
Prof. Martha Nussbaum book examines the trouble with anger and forgiveness
Americans are living in a culture of outrage, one fueled by the belief that anger and retribution are central to achieving justice, political change and power.

Health - Politics - 26.05.2016
Researcher at Penn Looks at Healthy Changes Through a Political Lens
Politicians' race-conscious speeches have broad, and sometimes unexpected, consequences, according to a new book from Daniel Gillion of the University of Pennsylvania.

History / Archeology - Politics - 26.05.2016
Berks faculty member publishes book on history of Rwandan identity, trauma
READING, Pa. What is a myth... legend, fairy tale, parable, folklore, imagination or pure fiction? It could be all of those things and it somehow sounds mystical and even exciting.

Politics - Administration - 26.05.2016
On the life (and deaths) of democracy
The 'life' of democracy - from its roots in ancient Athens to today's perverted and 'creeping, crypto-oligarchies' - is the subject of a newly-published book by eminent Cambridge classicist Paul Cartledge.

Politics - Social Sciences - 26.05.2016
Why is there no Labor Party in the United States?
McGill Newsroom McGill Sociologist uses historical data to provide a new take on an old question McGill Newsroom McGill Sociologist uses historical data to provide a new take on an old question The i

Event - Politics - 16.05.2016
First awards announced by UK’s Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats
Ten projects to address some of the security threats facing the UK have been announced by the Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats (CREST), which is led by Lancaster University.

Politics - Administration - 13.05.2016
ANU experts look at the Brazilian presidential impeachment trial »
Less than halfway through her term, Brazil's first female President, Dilma Rousseff, has been stripped of her presidential duties for up to six months after the Senate voted to begin an impeachment trial.

Politics - History / Archeology - 11.05.2016
Explaining the European Union
Dr Chris Bickerton's new book aims to explain how the EU works, where the power lies and how it makes decisions in an accessible way.

Politics - 11.05.2016
Historical perspective on EU Referendum
Professor Bogdanor and Lord Butler take historical perspective on EU Referendum Professor Vernon Bogdanor, Research Professor at the Institute of Contemporary British History, and Lord Butler of Brockwell, former Private Secretary to Harold Wilson, spoke to an audience at King's College London on Monday (09 May), considering the historical context of the EU referendum in comparison to 1975, as the date of the 2016 vote draws closer.
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