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Art and Design - Religions - 10.08.2016
The Political and Religious Role of Musical Traditions
How did the concept of a "musical past" develop between the late Middle Ages and Early Modern Age? This question is the focus of a European research team that includes music scholars from Heidelberg University.

Event - Religions - 29.07.2016
Salzburg Hochschulwochen: Theological Award for Jan and Aleida Assmann
Salzburg Hochschulwochen: Theological Award for Jan and Aleida Assmann
The University of Salzburg honors the lifetime achievements of Cultural Scientists and Egyptologists, Jan and Aleid Assman, by presenting the pair with the Salzburg Hochschulwochen Award.

Religions - Health - 25.07.2016
1 - 7 August: Salzburger Hochschulwochen Leidenschaften
1 - 7 August: Salzburger Hochschulwochen Leidenschaften
This year the Salzburger Hochschulwochen will be held in the Großen Aula, as well as in the lecture halls of the Faculty of Theology of the University of Salzburg.

Religions - Law - 19.07.2016
What Are â?‘Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs’â??
In its professed zeal to protect religious Texans, the state Legislature has included within an increasing number of laws exemptions for those with â?'sincerely held religious beliefs.â'' Unfortunately, lawyers remain uncertain about the scope of â?'religious libertyâ'' that it seemingly protects.

Religions - Politics - 15.07.2016
Religious Ideologies Should Not Be Used as a Campaign Tool
Donald Trump recently told a group of Evangelicals that he has doubts about the Christianity of both President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

History / Archeology - Religions - 06.07.2016
Dr Michael Scott presents his new book, Ancient Worlds, an epic history of East and West
Dr Michael Scott, Associate Professor in the University of Warwick's Classics and Ancient History department presents a richly coloured new vision of ancient history for our globalised world, showing

Religions - History / Archeology - 06.07.2016
Bringing Berber empires into focus as contributors to Islamic culture
The Almoravid and Almohad empires flourished in the western Mediterranean of the 11th and 12th centuries.

Religions - 30.06.2016
UCLA faculty voice: Lamenting the murder of one of the Sabri Brothers
Sufi music - and especially the Sabri Brothers - have been bridging the divide between Islam and the West Khaled Abou El Fadl Fareed Khan/AP Photo People comfort the brother, center, of famous Sufi singer Amjad Sabri, who was killed by unknown attackers, outside his residence in Karachi, Pakistan.

Religions - Philosophy - 30.06.2016
Leading theologians urge the Church of England to celebrate same-sex relationships
Leading theologians have called on the Church of England to recognise and celebrate same-sex relationships at its forthcoming General Synod, warning that to take a hard line on the subject would be "suicidal".

Religions - 15.06.2016
Reunion panel examines state of Jewish studies
"This is an exciting moment for Jewish studies," said Gretchen Ritter, the Harold Tanner Dean of Arts and Sciences, in her introduction to a Reunion Weekend panel on "Jewish Studies at Cornell, Today and Tomorrow," held June 10 in the Physical Sciences Building.

Religions - 14.06.2016
The Orlando Attack is a Global National Security Challenge
The investigation into the Orlando, Florida, nightclub massacre is still in its infancy, but already enough is known to call it what it was: an act of war by militant jihadist against our nation.

Religions - 14.06.2016
How Not to Wage War Against Jihadism
President Barack Obama promised in June 2011 that "the tide of war is receding." In the wake of Orlando, it is clearer than ever that Obama substituted wishful thinking for counterterrorism policy.

Religions - History / Archeology - 10.06.2016
No 202 from Jun 10, 2016 Diaspora - Daniel Boyarin to Hold Lecture at Freie Universität Professor of Culture of the Talmud at UC Berkeley Will Address the Topic of Diaspora on June 22 at 6 p.m. as Part of the Lecture Series on Migration
Professor of Culture of the Talmud at UC Berkeley Will Address the Topic of Diaspora on June 22 at 6 p.m. as Part of the Lecture Series on Migration No 202/2016 from Jun 10, 2016 Daniel

Religions - Administration - 03.06.2016

Religions - History / Archeology - 01.06.2016
PhD scholarship commemorates life of
PhD scholarship commemorates life of "a great humanitarian"
PhD scholarship commemorates life of "a great humanitarian" A new PhD scholarship at the University of Sussex commemorates the life and works of "a great humanitarian" who was widely known in the Jewish community.

Religions - 27.05.2016
Lines of Thought: Communicating Faith
Some of the world's most important religious texts are currently on display in Cambridge as part of Cambridge University Library's 600th anniversary exhibition - Lines of Thought: Discoveries that Changed the World.

Economics / Business - Religions - 20.05.2016

Religions - Economics / Business - 18.05.2016

Event - Religions - 12.05.2016

Event - Religions - 12.05.2016
Civic Forum: Edible Community
Civic Forum: Edible Community
On 14 May, 2016, withn the framework of the initiative, Citizen Science, a day of "Essbaren Gemeinde" will take place in Üblach/Stmk.

Religions - Event - 10.05.2016

Religions - 10.05.2016
Falk to co-edit new critical editions of Dead Sea Scrolls
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. Penn State scholar Daniel Falk has been named one of three editors on an international project to produce new critical editions of the Dead Sea Scrolls , the ancient documents that contain some of the earliest known versions of Biblical texts. The 15-volume series, known as Dead Sea Scrolls Editions, will feature improved reconstructions of previously published texts and some texts that have not been published before.

Event - Religions - 02.05.2016

Religions - History / Archeology - 30.04.2016
The adventures of Sir Kenelm Digby: 17th-century pirate, philosopher and foodie
A dark shadow lay over his family name when, aged 24, Sir Kenelm Digby raised a fleet to sail against the enemy French in the multicultural world of the Mediterranean.

Event - Religions - 25.04.2016
Long Night of Research Was A Success
The Long Night of Research was a great success in Salzburg. Many visitors came to the different scientific stations and gained insights into complex research topics.

Event - Religions - 24.04.2016

Event - Religions - 23.04.2016

Religions - Astronomy / Space Science - 22.04.2016
Five faculty members elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Five UChicago faculty members are among the 213 national and international scholars, artists, philanthropists and business leaders newly elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences: Profs.

Linguistics / Literature - Religions - 21.04.2016
The Long Ninth Century in Arabic-Islamic Knowledge and Culture
Third Annual Lecture Series at Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies (BGSMCS) to Start April 26 - Organized and Moderated by Arabic Studies Scholar Beatrice Gründler The Long Ninth Cen

Event - Religions - 21.04.2016

Religions - History / Archeology - 20.04.2016
Europe’s ‘Other’ Faith: Islam in German History and its Implications for Britain today
Dr James Hodkinson, Associate Professor of German Studies at the University of Warwick has been researching the differing ways that Islam has been viewed in various levels of western society, and how these views have changed over time.

Religions - Media - 19.04.2016
Penn’s Marwan M. Kraidy Receives Andrew Carnegie Fellowship to Study the Spectacle of the Islamic State
The video shows a Jordanian pilot in an orange jumpsuit standing in a cage, his head bowed. A match hits unseen gasoline, and what follows is unspeakable.

Religions - Politics - 15.04.2016
Researcher Uncovers the Unexpected History of Separating Church and State
A forthcoming book from a professor at the University of Pennsylvania will showcase how the formal separation of church and state moved slavery to the political sphere, but defenders of slavery argued religious critiques of slavery violated that separation.

Event - Religions - 13.04.2016
A Brilliant Start of the First Panorama:Uni
A Brilliant Start of the First Panorama:Uni
The Panorama:Uni, a collaboration between the University and the city of Salzburg, as well as the Salzburger Nachrichten, took place last Monday with a large audience attending.

Religions - Social Sciences - 06.04.2016
Opinion: Hard Evidence: Muslim women and discrimination in Britain
Julian Hargreaves (Centre of Islamic Studies) discusses the forms of discrimination faced by Muslim women in Britain.

Religions - Event - 04.04.2016
New Master's Degree Course in
New Master’s Degree Course in "Religious Studies" at the University of Salzburg
As of the Winter Semester 2016/2017, the Master's program, "Religious Studies", will be offered at the University of Salzburg.
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