The ’Open Science’ MOOC: updated training on scientific integrity

The 2023 version offers you new content to tackle scientific integrity issues and bridge the gap with open science.

Registration is now open, and the course can be taken at your own pace throughout the year.

This update takes place in the context of the August 26, 2022 decree making it compulsory to receive training in scientific integrity as part of one’s doctorate.

In addition to free access to publications, this MOOC will enable you to learn more about the principles, methods and challenges of open science, an international movement in which Sorbonne University is particularly involved. This new version focuses on its relationship with scientific integrity issues.

Presentation of the MOOC

Led by a joint team from the libraries of Sorbonne University and the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle (MNHN), this free MOOC is aimed primarily at doctoral students, particularly those in the Sorbonne University Alliance. However, it is open to all. It is part of the commitment made by Sorbonne University in the Charter for Open Access to Publications to train all its doctoral students in open science.

All MOOC content is licensed under a CC-BY license, making it freely reusable, particularly by other higher education and research establishments.

Practical information: how to train using the MOOC?


    MOOC registration: year-round­ourses/ope­n-science/

  • Session schedule: all year round

  • Duration: approx. 8 hours + resources and optional modules

  • Contents: this MOOC aims to provide a broad overview of open science. It covers open access and open data models, research evaluation issues, scientific integrity and citizen science initiatives.

  • Languages: French and English. Subtitles available in French and English.

  • Support: exercises, discussion forum moderated by the MOOC teaching team.

  • Evaluation: yes; for doctoral students, validation of the MOOC can be integrated into the doctoral training program (via ADUM) and lead to a certificate of completion.

  • Distribution: FUN platform , in partnership with FUN-Partenaires (GIP-FUN).

    Sorbonne University’s commitment to open science

    Projet d’établissement 2019-2023 The Charter for Open Access to Publications Actions in favor of open science are also highlighted in internal evaluations.