The University of Bern cancels Dies academicus 2021

In view of the rising number of infections and hospitalizations resulting from COVID-19, the University of Bern will cancel its foundation celebration, the Dies academicus, on Saturday, December 4. For the time being, courses and, in particular, examinations can continue to be held in person, in accordance with federal and cantonal requirements.

Again this year the "birthday celebration" of the University of Bern cannot take place as planned and will be cancelled. "The honorees will receive their honorary doctorates by mail," explains Christoph Pappa, Secretary General of the University of Bern. Whether a celebration will take place at a later date has not yet been determined.

Impact on other university events

The worrying situation also has an impact on other university events such as the Bachelor's Open Days on December 7 and 8, which will be held exclusively online. Internal university events are also affected: "Unfortunately, the beloved Christmas parties cannot be held either," says Christian Leumann, Rector of the University of Bern.

For courses, there are currently no further restrictions other than the previous protective measures of wearing masks, a certificate requirement, social distancing, and hygiene recommendations. "It is particularly important for students to be able to take in-person exams. We are monitoring the situation closely and are acting in accordance with federal and cantonal requirements," says Fritz Sager, Vice-Rector for Teaching at the University of Bern.

As a scientific institution, the University of Bern recommends that all its members get the coronavirus vaccination. Employees of the University of Bern are also strongly recommended to work from home and hold meetings virtually wherever reasonable and possible.