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Transport - 16.12.2019
Sustainable flying to the limits
Sustainable flying to the limits
Aircraft should become more energy efficient and at the same time fly stable and quietly. To achieve this, it is necessary to gain a better understanding and prognosis of the flow-physics up to the borders of the flight envelope.

Astronomy / Space Science - Transport - 10.12.2019

Transport - 26.11.2019
Should Santa deliver by drone?
Should Santa deliver by drone?
A new routing algorithm anticipates the day trucks and drones cooperate to drop packages at your doorstep quickly and efficiently We instead propose solutions for a truck that moves continuously, while a drone flies out and returns to the truck as it proceeds along its route.

Transport - Innovation - 06.11.2019
Aviation Innovation
With all of the amenities of a mini city, research takes flight at Pittsburgh International Airport Carnegie Mellon University's research partnership with Allegheny County Airport Authority began six years ago where most trips start: in the parking lot.

Transport - 30.10.2019

Materials Science - Transport - 30.10.2019
Bio-materials herald new chapter in Australian auto manufacturing
Bio-materials herald new chapter in Australian auto manufacturing
University of Queensland researchers are developing a new generation of sustainable composite materials designed specifically for electric vehicles.

Transport - 27.10.2019
Helping autonomous vehicles see around corners
Helping autonomous vehicles see around corners
By sensing tiny changes in shadows, a new system identifies approaching objects that may cause a collision.

Transport - Innovation - 25.10.2019
Surtrac Allows Traffic To Move at the Speed of Technology
Artificial intelligence is giving more Pittsburgh drivers the green light. Developing and deploying the technology to keep the traffic flowing took a team of researchers and roboticists from Carnegie Mellon University together with the help of city engineers and funding from foundations.

Transport - Innovation - 21.10.2019
The future of flight
Professor GeCheng Zha and College of Engineering graduate student Brendan McBreen examine a prototype wing containing micro-compressors that would generate vertical lift and propulsion in an electric V/STOL aircraft.

Environment - Transport - 15.10.2019
Households could make big emissions reductions with the right Government support
An independent report for the UK Committee on Climate Change by an Imperial expert recommends policies that will help people make greener choices. The Government is legally committed to reaching a 'net zero' UK economy by 2050. Net zero is when a region (such as a city or country) balances the carbon they emit with the carbon they remove.

Transport - Environment - 23.09.2019
Climate explained: why don't we have electric aircraft?
Climate explained: why don’t we have electric aircraft?
Electric cars, trains, trams and boats already exist. That logically leads to the question: why are we not seeing large electric aircraft? And will we see them any time soon? Aeronautical engineering academic, Dr Dries Verstraete explains. Why do we have electric cars and trains, but few electric planes? The main reason is that it's much simpler to radically modify a car or train, even if they look very similar to traditional fossil-fuel vehicles on the outside.

Innovation - Transport - 12.09.2019
Bavaria boosts the Hyperloop vision
Bavaria boosts the Hyperloop vision
The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is racing to the future with the Hyperloop. Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk came up with the idea of a high-speed train that will move through a tube at close to the speed of sound.

Transport - Physics - 10.09.2019
Low-noise landing thanks to pilot assistance system
Low-noise landing thanks to pilot assistance system
Approach and landing are among the most complex phases of a flight.

Transport - Environment - 02.09.2019

Transport - Innovation - 22.08.2019
Test fields for autonomous flying to be established
Test fields for autonomous flying to be established
The Institute of Flight Mechanics and Control (IFR) at the University of Stuttgart is leading a project to establish test fields for energy-efficient, electric and autonomous flying.

Transport - 21.08.2019

Transport - Health - 09.07.2019
Ride-hailing services may be driving up traffic deaths
While the era of app-based ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft has been credited with keeping more impaired drivers off the road, increasing job opportunities and offering new levels of convenience, it is also linked with more congestion and traffic deaths.

Materials Science - Transport - 08.07.2019
Ready to recycle?
The number of registrations of electric cars is rising sharply. But where to put old batteries' The association of Swiss car importers, "auto-schweiz", is striving for a recycling solution for the entire industry.

Transport - Innovation - 13.06.2019
Cardiff camera sees through sides of trucks
A heat-sensing camera developed by astrophysicists at Cardiff University is being used to spot people and animals in the back of moving trucks and lorries. The technology, which is being brought to market by Sequestim Ltd, works by using extremely accurate sensors - originally designed to map distant stars - to detect minute changes in radiation and heat.

Transport - 05.06.2019
Space Rider: Europe's reusable space transport system
Space Rider: Europe’s reusable space transport system
Initially proposed in 2016, ESA's Space Rider reentry vehicle provides a return to Earth and landing capability that compliments the existing launch options of the Ariane and Vega families.

Innovation - Transport - 13.05.2019
Ground-breaking driverless car project showcases vision for a connected transport future
Ground-breaking driverless car project showcases vision for a connected transport future
The multi-organisational team behind the £5.5 million FLOURISH connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) project is today [Monday 13 May] celebrating the completion of three years of collaborative research and development with the launch of its latest findings.

Transport - Innovation - 10.05.2019
Predicting Demand Improves Ridesharing Experience for Drivers, Passengers
Ridesharing pricing models are based on supply and demand. When demand spikes, prices surge, and when demand is low, prices are based on a flat base rate.

Health - Transport - 25.04.2019
Frequently asked questions about measles
Download the flyer 1. What is measles? Measles is a highly contagious disease that is caused by a virus that lives in the nose and throat.

Transport - Environment - 26.03.2019
Gaps in the law cause pollution
Gaps in the law cause pollution
Diesel vans are dirtier in winter than many know: Where there are still gaps in emissions legislation, soot particles and nitrogen oxides (NOx) continue to be produced.

Transport - Environment - 12.03.2019
The future of mobility is diverse
The future of mobility is diverse
Empa is presenting sustainable fuels of the future at the Petroleum Association's stand in Hall 6 of the Geneva Motor Show.

Transport - 12.03.2019
Driverless car project researches advances in vehicle connectivity
Driverless car project researches advances in vehicle connectivity
The £5.5m FLOURISH driverless car project has successfully completed the latest phase of its investigations into the requirements of the cyber-physical infrastructure of the future.

Transport - Economics / Business - 11.03.2019
New road pricing system needed after years of political neglect
Sydney's chronic traffic congestion results from "political neglect" and can only be solved by a radical new system of charges for road usage, according to a leading researcher at the University of Sydney Business School.

Transport - Microtechnics - 01.03.2019
Drone Delivery Research Picks Up
Department of Energy funds interdisciplinary project studying implications of the future of autonomous robots In the future, fleets of drones may carry packages overhead while autonomous robots as small as a dog or as large as a box truck may roll along our sidewalks and streets.

Transport - Environment - 20.02.2019

Environment - Transport - 20.02.2019

Transport - 13.02.2019
New interactive website puts street safety data at your fingertips
New interactive website puts street safety data at your fingertips
As programs manager for Bike Bakersfield, a nonprofit bicycle advocacy coalition in Southern California, Asha Chandy hears scary stories all the time about bike collisions and near misses.

Environment - Transport - 11.02.2019
Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper Quad Earns LEED Gold Certification
The new home for the Tepper School of Business was recognized for limiting its environmental impact in construction and operations.

Transport - Innovation - 04.02.2019
Birmingham experts develop gas turbine tech boost to electric vehicles’ range
Electric vehicles that travel a complete journey on each charge - making them more appealing to drivers - have moved a step closer, thanks to an innovative gas turbine engine being developed by experts in Britain and China. University of Birmingham scientists have received a £554,000 grant from Innovate UK to work with partners in China to develop the turbo range extender which charges vehicles on the run and resolves the range concerns associated with electric vehicles.

Transport - 24.01.2019

Transport - 10.01.2019

Microtechnics - Transport - 09.01.2019
NREC Building Its Largest Robot
Massive machine will use automated system to protect Mighty Mississippi with concrete mats A yellow, steel structure constructed this fall in front of Carnegie Mellon University's National Robotics E

Transport - 08.01.2019
Flying while blind
I am not only an experienced traveler; I am an experienced blind person. "But what about me?" Those words were spoken by a man sitting next to me on an airplane.