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Veterinary - Health - 20.07.2021
No horsing around: super-fast Hendra test developed
No horsing around: super-fast Hendra test developed
University of Queensland vets are diagnosing the deadly Hendra virus in horses faster than ever, developing a diagnostic point-of-care kit that can detect the pathogen in under an hour, rather than days. Veterinarian Professor Ben Ahern said a rapid point-of-care diagnostic test to detect Hendra infections in horses has been sorely needed for decades.

Veterinary - 08.06.2021
No room for discrimination or harassment
Discrimination and harassment violate scientific integrity - but the damage they do goes beyond that.

Veterinary - Health - 30.04.2021

Veterinary - Environment - 12.08.2020
Analysis: Boxgrove - how we found Europe’s oldest bone tools and what we learned about their makers
Prospective students Current students UCL in the media Services for media Tell us your story Dr Matthew Pope (UCL Archaeology) discusses new evidence about an extinct human species found at the Boxgrove site, where Britain's oldest human remains reveal new insights into ancient toolmaking. Boxgrove in Sussex, England, is an iconic, old stone age site.

Veterinary - Health - 28.07.2020

Health - Veterinary - 10.07.2020

Life Sciences - Veterinary - 02.06.2020
Designing animal studies to improve research reproducibility and reduce animal use
At the invitation of the University of Bern, international experts worked out new recommendations for the design of animal studies. They encourage a paradigm shift to improve the reproducibility of scientific results and reduce animal numbers. Animal experiments are typically conducted under highly standardized laboratory conditions.

Health - Veterinary - 28.05.2020
Tackling COVID-19: Professor James Wood
Cambridge's infectious diseases community is making a huge contribution to tackling the pandemic,- says Professor James Wood.

Veterinary - Life Sciences - 19.05.2020
Why cats have more lives than dogs when it comes to snakebite
Cats are twice as likely to survive a venomous snakebite than dogs, and the reasons behind this phenomenon have been revealed by University of Queensland research. The research team, led by PhD student Christina Zdenek and Associate Professor Bryan Fry , compared the effects of snake venoms on the blood clotting agents in dogs and cats, hoping to help save the lives of our furry friends.

Veterinary - 07.04.2020
Goat grazing helps control buckthorn growth
Goat grazing as a means for removing invasive species has become an increasingly popular practice among midwestern landowners.

Veterinary - 06.02.2020
8 things we do that really confuse our dogs
Dogs really don't want to be hugged or left alone. And they can't understand why we don't eat from the bin. Professor Paul McGreevy and Dr Melissa Starling explain why human behaviour can be confusing. Dog behaviour is extraordinarily flexible - this is why we can keep them in our homes and take them to cafes with us at the weekend.

Veterinary - 14.01.2020
University launches crowdfunding campaign for bushfire-affected animals
In response to the current bushfire emergency, the University is extending and increasing its current veterinary services for wildlife, livestock and companion animals affected by the bushfire as a matter of urgent priority.

Health - Veterinary - 02.01.2020
Revolutionary treatment cures beloved family pet
A novel immunotherapy treatment has saved family dog Griffin from a rare type of cancer, thanks to collaborative research at The University of Queensland. The Rottweiler was diagnosed with T cell lymphoma in December 2017 and given three months to live. UQ's Dr Rachel Allavena and her PhD student, veterinarian Dr Annika Oksa, enrolled Griffin in a medical trial that had helped around 30 per cent of dogs suffering from cancer.

Veterinary - Health - 31.12.2019
Talking caring for your dog with U of M
As 2020 nears, dog owners may consider setting New Year's resolutions around caring for their furry friends.

Agronomy / Food Science - Veterinary - 20.12.2019

Veterinary - 08.11.2019
Creating fake rhino horn with horse hair to help save the endangered rhino | University of Oxford
Scientists from the University of Oxford and Fudan University, Shanghai, have invented a way to create fake rhino horn using horse hair.

Veterinary - 04.11.2019
Will public pressure bury the horse racing industry?
Will public pressure bury the horse racing industry?
Many Australians are questioning whether the horse racing industry can operate ethically. It's time to create a national registry to trace horses for their whole lives, writes Professor Phil McManus.

Veterinary - Health - 08.10.2019

Health - Veterinary - 26.09.2019
Standing CT for horses, developed at UW-Madison, fills longstanding need in veterinary medicine
A horse's hind legs are scanned in a new standing helical computed tomography (CT) scanner developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and now available for patients of the School of Veterinary Medicine's Morrie Waud Large Animal Hospital.

Veterinary - Environment - 03.09.2019
How can you reduce your pet's eco paw-print?
How can you reduce your pet’s eco paw-print?
Experts discuss how to reduce your companion animal's carbon footprint at the 9th Annual Robert Dixon Memorial Animal Welfare Symposium in the School of Veterinary Science.

Veterinary - 17.04.2019
Is one toe really better than three? How horses' legs evolved for endurance travel rather than speed
Is one toe really better than three? How horses’ legs evolved for endurance travel rather than speed
Palaeobiologists from the University of Bristol and Howard University (USA) have uncovered new evidence that suggests that horses' legs have adapted over time to be optimised for endurance travel, rather than speed.

Event - Veterinary - 17.04.2019

Veterinary - 06.12.2018
New initiative launched for bone injury prevention in racehorses
The University of Melbourne will begin a new research project to create a better understanding of bone fatigue injuries in race horses.

Veterinary - Agronomy / Food Science - 22.11.2018
Weight loss programme successful at tackling obesity & type 2 diabetes
Severe and medically complicated obesity can be effectively treated with a non-surgical weight management programme called Counterweight-Plus, according to a new study.

Veterinary - 21.11.2018
Investment needed to save thousands of lives through post bite rabies vaccines
Rabies, contracted through dog bites, currently kills an estimated 60,000 people each year, mostly in Africa and Asia with approximately 10% of deaths among children under the age of five. However these deaths can be prevented through a post-bite vaccination of the victims known as post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), alongside a programme of disease elimination through mass dog vaccination.

Veterinary - 21.11.2018
"Giving birth then coming home without our baby was difficult to go through"
A new research centre at Imperial will investigate the causes of premature birth. The centre will be the first of its kind in Europe, and will investigate how to reduce the risk of premature birth.

Veterinary - Materials Science - 21.11.2018
Healthy eating made easy
Healthy eating made easy
Startup PlateJoy sends users personalized meal plans to help them achieve health goals. As a busy undergraduate at MIT, Christina Bognet decided she wanted to start eating a healthier diet.

Veterinary - Environment - 21.11.2018
AI matched, outperformed radiologists in screening X-rays for certain diseases
In a matter of seconds, a new algorithm read chest X-rays for 14 pathologies, performing as well as radiologists in most cases, a Stanford-led study says. A new artificial intelligence algorithm can reliably screen chest X-rays for more than a dozen types of disease, and it does so in less time than it takes to read this sentence, according to a new study led by Stanford University researchers.

Veterinary - 25.09.2018
Listen to Her! Egypt's women fight for their rights
Listen to Her! Egypt’s women fight for their rights
Egyptian women have been at the forefront of Egypt's political and economic struggles with nearly 3 million protesting against sexual harassment in 2013, yet their fight against social stigmas at home and abroad remains largely unnoticed within Western circles.

Veterinary - 25.09.2018
Program unites veterinarians and domestic violence support workers to support at-risk families
Veterinarians and family violence specialists are working together to help families escape violent situations.

Health - Veterinary - 14.08.2018
Rat may hold the key to koala virus spread
A Queensland rat, the grassland melomys, could be the origin of a koala retrovirus, which infects the majority of Australia's koalas.

Health - Veterinary - 30.07.2018
Are you walking your dog enough?
How much exercise does your dog need? How do you overcome some of the barriers to regular walks' Professors Paul McGreevy and Adrian Bauman from the University of Sydney explain in this opinion piece.

Veterinary - 18.07.2018
The EPFLoop team is ready to race
The EPFLoop team is ready to race
The EPFLoop team is in the United States where, on Sunday, it will take part in the Hyperloop Pod Competition being organized by the founder of SpaceX.
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