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Life Sciences - Feb 26
Life Sciences

Weizmann Institute scientists have discovered two small molecules that can cross the blood-brain barrier in mice, slowing and even reversing the effects of Huntington's, which is incurable. The human brain is a well-guarded control center. Its system of blood vessels is surrounded by a densely packed cellular barrier that prevents most substances from getting in or out.

Health - Jan 18

A new kind of immunotherapy, based on crosstalk between different immune cells, could pave the way for innovative treatments of cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Health - Dec 14, 2023

New study reveals how high blood sugar makes lung infections worse; the findings may lead to a strategy for reversing this susceptibility.

Life Sciences - Dec 3, 2023
Life Sciences

Weizmann Institute researchers reveal in mice how exposure to trauma in infancy alters the brain; they show that early treatment to reverse these changes is vital for rehabilitation.

Environment - Nov 21, 2023

A new Weizmann Institute study shows that building solar farms in arid regions is a far more effective way to tackle the climate crisis than planting forests.

Social Sciences - Oct 16, 2023

Dear colleagues and friends,. We write to you today not only as scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science, but also as fellow researchers and advocates for truth, knowledge, and humanity.

Life Sciences - Dec 21, 2023
Life Sciences

Exposure to tears activates human smell receptors and alters aggression-related circuits in the brain.

Campus - Dec 8, 2023

Public Statement of Israel Research Universities Presidents Regarding American Universities Presidents' Statements in Congressional Hearings.

Life Sciences - Dec 2, 2023
Life Sciences

Celiac disease in children might be associated with sensitivity to a protein abundant in dairy products.

Health - Nov 10, 2023

An open-access format for drug discovery is helping design medications against potential viral threats.

Life Sciences - Sep 6, 2023
Life Sciences

The complete, day 14 synthetic models may open new avenues of research into infertility, drug testing and growth of tissues for transplant - as well as help scientists peer into the dramatic first weeks of embryonic development.

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