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Location: Bath - South West England
Claverton Down, Bath BA2 7AY, UK

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Computer Science - 27.01
Research Associate in Digital Manufacturing (Fixed Term) University of Bath
Mechanical Engineering - 25.01
Research Associate (Fixed Term) University of Bath
Architecture - 23.01
Research Associate in Cement Decarbonisation University of Bath
Psychology - 19.01
Research Associate (Autism Transition to Adulthood Group) University of Bath
Innovation - 19.01
Senior Lecturer in Zero Carbon University of Bath
Social Sciences - 11.01
Lecturer in Criminology (Fixed Term) University of Bath
Mechanical Engineering - 10.01
Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering (4 Posts) University of Bath
Social Sciences - 09.01
Research Assistant (Part Time, Fixed Term) University of Bath

Life Sciences - Jan 24
Life Sciences

New study led by the Milner Centre for Evolution suggests polygamy increases the efficiency of natural selection by reducing harmful mutations. Bird species that breed with several sexual partners have fewer harmful mutations, according to a study led by the Milner Centre for Evolution at the University of Bath.

Health - Jan 24

Research from sociologists at the University of Bath raises questions about the timing of the consultation on pandemic memorialisation.

Pharmacology - Jan 17

University psychologists aiming to improve help for people withdrawing from antidepressants want volunteers to come forward to participate in the new study.

Psychology - Jan 16

Adults with high levels of ADHD symptoms are more likely to have anxiety and depression than adults with high levels of autistic traits, new research finds.

Health - Jan 12

As online gambling apps proliferate, a new study calls for rapid action from policymakers to safeguard citizens and protect public health in Africa.

Health - Jan 10

Physiologists at Bath are looking for local volunteers to participate in a new study about the health impacts of intermittent fasting.

Astronomy - Jan 9

Miniature satellite payload made by Bath engineers will monitor GPS signals; Bath graduates have worked on further satellites.

Social Sciences - Dec 21, 2022

Pandemic study shows distraction of social media may suck up the time and energy that allow us to find new passions.

Life Sciences - Jan 24

Survey of over 2,000 adults in the UK identifies potential pitfalls of science communication.

Environment - Jan 17

The new Institute for Sustainability will focus on sustainable chemical technologies and sustainable systems.

Health - Jan 16

Computer modelling shows a 40 per cent improvement in theatre idle times when surgery induction procedures are reconfigured.

Physics - Jan 10

Physicists have created an optical fibre that uses the maths concept of topology to remain robust, thereby guaranteeing the high-speed transfer of information.

Physics - Jan 10

New agreement will lead to more Bath student placements, PhDs and engineering research at the world-leading particle physics organisation.

Health - Dec 21, 2022

University of Bath alumnus Ben Clench is producing a documentary about his journey to recovery following a tragic car crash in 2010 - and he needs your help.

Innovation - Dec 19, 2022

Immersive technology makes the world more vivid and relatable, but how can organisations capitalise on this technology to develop their dreams?.

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