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Location: Bath
Claverton Down, Bath BA2 7AY, UK
Physics - Sep 27
Researchers find a way to make single-crystal flake devices that are so thin and defect-free, they might outperform existing components in quantum computers. Last updated on Monday 27 September 2021 - Researchers at the University of Bath have found a way to make 'single-crystal flake' devices that are so thin and free of defects, they have the potential to outperform components used today in quantum computer circuits.
Campus - Sep 23

More than 5,000 new students will have the opportunity to learn about Carbon Literacy as part of University induction in UK first.

Psychology - Sep 22

Psychologists at the University of Bath want participants from the local area to come forward for a new study focusing on the effects of trauma and PTSD.

Physics - Sep 20

Physicists at the University of Bath observe a new physical effect in chiral (twisted) nanoparticles.

Pharmacology - Sep 17

New research from the Addiction and Mental Health Group at the University of Bath highlights challenges for people trying to give up the drug 'Spice'.

Health - Sep 14

Researchers find that viral spread is greatly enhanced when citizens are given a window to travel before next-level restrictions are enforced.

Paleontology - Sep 14

Research from the Milner Centre for Evolution suggests modern snakes evolved from a handful of ancestors that survived the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.

Administration - Sep 22

People with an individual personal pension could retire with as little as half the value of a comparable group pension fund facilitated by an employer.

Health - Sep 21

A two-minute passive-test that measures people's brain waves in response to a series of images, 'Fastball EEG', could help expand early dementia diagnosis.

Campus - Sep 17

Underscoring our commitment to improve gender equality within STEM at Bath and within the wider sector.

Life Sciences - Sep 15
Life Sciences

Researchers at Bath are investigating whether the natural properties of bacteria could help in developing a new type of environmentally friendly plasterboard.

Psychology - Sep 14

Largest scientific study of its kind finds climate anxiety affects the daily life and functioning of nearly half of children and young people surveyed globally.

Environment - Sep 10

The causes of climate change can be demoed using a cheap home or school computer, thanks to a Python program developed by a team at the University of Bath.

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