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Location: Bath - South West England
Claverton Down, Bath BA2 7AY, UK


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Electroengineering - 18.04
Professor of Computer Engineering & Robotics University of Bath
Computer Science - 18.04
Lecturer (Teaching) University of Bath
Health - 18.04
Research Associate University of Bath
Physics - 16.04
Lecturer (bio/nano-photonics) University of Bath
Mathematics - 15.04
Research Associate in Pure Mathematics (fixed-term) University of Bath
Life Sciences - 11.04
Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering University of Bath
Pedagogy - 10.04
Lecturer in Architecture (Teaching) University of Bath
Pedagogy - 10.04
Lecturer / Senior Lecturer in Architecture University of Bath
Economics - 04.04
Lecturer in Business Law University of Bath
Economics - 28.03
Lecturer in Marketing University of Bath
Pedagogy - 28.03
Lecturer in Structural Engineering University of Bath
Social Sciences - 25.03
Senior Lecturer University of Bath
Innovation - 01.03
Research Associate in Digital Hydraulic Fluid Power University of Bath


H2 Go: record-seeking Bath engineering team successfully runs hydrogen-powered engine

Mechanical Engineering

Hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engine developed by University of Bath students runs for first time ahead of speed record attempt. Published on Tuesday 16 April 2024 Last updated on Tuesday 16 April 2024 - A team of engineering students at the University of Bath have achieved a world first by becoming the first undergraduates to build and successfully run a hydrogen-fuelled engine.

Economics - Apr 16

Universal Credit Flaw Deepens Financial Insecurity for Working Families


More than half of working households' Universal Credit (UC) payments varied by 400 or more from one month to the next at least once a year.

Career - Apr 8

Prioritising your phone over your partner affects creativity in the workplace for women


Digital distraction undermines partner support that fosters creativity at work.

Health - Mar 28

8M secured to improve population health at local level in the UK

Universities, local government and communities, public health practitioners and civil society groups will study how the commercial sector affects our health.

Economics - Mar 27

Avoiding the gifts-in-kind trap - new research shows how influencers can make their work pay


#Knowyourworth - study identifies three key elements to commercial success and meaningful work.

Health - Mar 25

CBD products don’t ease pain and are potentially harmful - new study finds


There is no evidence that CBD products reduce chronic pain, and taking them is a waste of money and potentially harmful to health, new research finds.

Career - Mar 13

Unintended ethical faultline in team-based reward systems


Employees rewarded jointly more likely to turn blind eye to team members' bad behaviour.

Environment - Mar 8

Study to explore if circular economy can meet needs of UK’s buildings

A new 6 million project will explore the extent to which the circular economy can be achieved by the UK's building stock.

Health - Apr 10

New University of Bath spin-out launches to improve lung cancer diagnosis and treatment


A new spin-out company from the Universities of Bath and Edinburgh has launched with a mission to enable lung cancer biopsy and treatment in a single visit.

Largest ever family tree of bird species shows bird brains have grown

Life Sciences

Scientists from the Milner Centre have published the largest ever evolutionary tree for birds as part of the Bird 10,000 Genomes Project (B10K).

Netflix trivialising teenagers’ pain - new study

Social Sciences

New analysis of adolescent TV and film on Netflix suggests that too often it shows misleading depictions of pain.

Bath joins UK consortium spearheading hydrogen fuel system development for aviation

HyFIVE group funded with 37 million to support zero-emission flight in the UK.

Economics - Mar 20

Using AI to price loans could boost profits at lenders by over a third


Study of car lenders shows AI could mitigate bias and open lending to marginalised customers.

Environment - Mar 12

University of Bath to receive £25 million to train tomorrow’s research leaders

Two Centres for Doctoral Training are to receive funds from the EPSRC, University, government, industry and overseas institutions to train up to 200 students.

Paleontology - Mar 5

Fossils of giant sea lizard show how our oceans have fundamentally changed since the dinosaur era


The oceans were full of large apex predators 66 million years ago, in contrast to modern times.

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