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Social Sciences - Jan 6
With the eventual goal of finding causes of some childhood diseases, professor Helena Solo-Gabriele and two other researchers are embarking on a tristate study to answer this pivotal question. Depending on where and how they live, young children who put their hands in their mouths while playing may ingest soil or dust that could imperil their long-term health.
Astronomy - Dec 16, 2021

Upending textbook explanations, astrophysicists from the University of Miami, Yale University, and the European Space Agency suggest that primordial black holes account for all dark matter in the universe.

Environment - Dec 13, 2021

From the connection to climate change to research that helps us understand wind intensity, University of Miami experts address the deadly flurry of tornadoes that hit the central United States over the weekend.

Health - Nov 30, 2021

With a shortage of mental health professionals, an international team trained nurses to treat clinically depressed HIV-positive people in South Africa. Today, people living with HIV/AIDS can remain healthy if they are able to engage in routine care and take the medicines that reduce their virus to undetectable levels.

Health - Nov 10, 2021

An obstetrician gynecologist and a biochemist at the Miller School of Medicine have devised a new therapeutic to stop COVID-19 from overpowering patients who are struggling to survive. Two University of Miami researchers have uncovered a novel treatment that could stop COVID-19 in its tracks and help those suffering from the disease to recover.

Environment - Nov 2, 2021

College of Engineering researchers James Coakley and Giacomo Po are helping to develop a new class of refractory alloys that would increase aircraft engine efficiency and lower CO2 emissions. Delegates at the high-stakes COP26 climate summit who are devising new strategies to lower global levels of greenhouse gases would be wise to address a major source of CO₂ emissions that made it possible for many of them to travel to the summit: planes.

Religions - Jul 1, 2021

University of Miami demographer Ira Sheskin, whose expertise has been called upon by media covering the Surfside tragedy, has been documenting the changes in South Florida Jewish communities for four decades.

Politics - Dec 13, 2021

During her more than four decades at the University of Miami, political scientist June Teufel Dreyer has earned her place as a world authority on the communist powerhouse. With China's escalating tensions with Taiwan, June Teufel Dryer, the University of Miami's renowned China scholar and defense expert, doubts she'll be able to return to the increasingly authoritarian nation she began studying, almost by default, more than a half century ago.

Environment - Dec 10, 2021

Mert Akin, a mechanical engineering graduate assistant at the University of Miami, has developed a lithium-extraction technique that is more efficient and environmentally friendly than conventional methods.

Environment - Nov 30, 2021

An above-average season of activity provided Rosenstiel School scientists with ample opportunities for research that could improve forecasting and help save lives. With the deadly and destructive Hurricane Ida only minutes from making landfall in Louisiana, University of Miami researchers David Nolan and Kurt Hansen raced against time to deploy weather devices that would measure the cyclone's wind speed and direction.

Environment - Nov 10, 2021

Led by senior Laura Stieghorst, a team of University of Miami students will use the award to advance their idea for reducing atmospheric carbon levels. Last spring, as Laura Stieghorst watched Elon Musk's SpaceX rocket blast off from Cape Canaveral, the University of Miami undergraduate wished the billionaire would pour as much money into saving the planet from climate change as he was enabling people to leave it.

Environment - Jul 23, 2021

Renato Molina, assistant professor, explores how transboundary marine protected areas can lead to greater fisheries cooperation between countries. With its bulging eyes and relatively unimpressive shape, the Peruvian anchoveta probably wouldn't win any beauty contests for marine life.

Health - May 19, 2020

1. norms make it easier for female leaders to deal with COVID-19 appropriately. Male leaders face tough trade-offs governing during a time of pandemic. Psychologists have long shown that humans are ly punished for gender role incongruity , or displaying traits at odds with stereotypes of their gender.

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