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Environment - Jul 23
Renato Molina, assistant professor, explores how transboundary marine protected areas can lead to greater fisheries cooperation between countries. With its bulging eyes and relatively unimpressive shape, the Peruvian anchoveta probably wouldn't win any beauty contests for marine life. In the category of fisheries, however, the small aquatic creature is unbeatable, reproducing at a remarkable rate and yielding catches larger than any other single wild fish species in the world.
Religions - Jul 1

University of Miami demographer Ira Sheskin, whose expertise has been called upon by media covering the Surfside tragedy, has been documenting the changes in South Florida Jewish communities for four decades.

Psychology - May 18, 2020

Published Monday , the study was conducted prior to the onset of the coro rus pandemic that has limited human movements around the globe. But the researchers believe it may offer insights for those confined to their homes and limited in their interactions by the guidelines and restrictions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Health - Apr 27, 2020

What are the benefits of touch? The primary one is that it has positive effects on immune function, so that we can be healthy. The second benefit is that it can reduce pain. Third, it enhances sleep and there are lots of things that happen if you have better sleep-you're less depressed, less anxious, and you have less pain.

Earth Sciences - Apr 22, 2020

But unlike most volcanoes that erupt when the pressure in an underground magma chamber increases and fractures the rock around it, allowing lava to escape, Kilauea exploded in a much different fashion, according to a pair of University of Miami researchers.

Health - Apr 13, 2020

Imagine this: developing an oral rinse test to detect COVID-19 earlier, creating a behavior therapy program for parents so that they do not pass on the stress they are feeling to their children during the pandemic, and gauging the effects of COVID-19 on pregnant women and trying to determine the impacts on their new babies.

Health - Feb 4, 2020

Medicinal cannabis users have been advised to prepare for possible delays in health care delivery while the coro rus continues to plague the U.S. The study seeks to collect data on the patterns and trends of this population during these unprecedented times.

Health - May 19, 2020

1. norms make it easier for female leaders to deal with COVID-19 appropriately. Male leaders face tough trade-offs governing during a time of pandemic. Psychologists have long shown that humans are ly punished for gender role incongruity , or displaying traits at odds with stereotypes of their gender.

Pedagogy - Apr 29, 2020

Even as Habashi moved from country to country, through thrilling helicopter rides and deep-sea dives, his goal always remained clear. The project had to be more than just a visually pleasing production; it had to leave a lasting impression on his audience.

Linguistics - Apr 23, 2020

Designed to offer a unique learning experience, the paid, yearlong program allows students to build on their personal interests while collaborating with University of Miami librarians. Program coordinators Ava Brillat and Lauren Fralinger-both librarian associate professors and learning and research s librarians-are proud to select from a diverse pool of applicants each year.

Health - Apr 21, 2020

But with the nation still in the grips of a deadly pandemic that has claimed tens of thousands of lives, ironically, many people are now asking: Will summer's blistering temperatures and high humidity, which can trigger a host of illnesses but also kill viruses that cause influenza, help save us from COVID-19? The answer, according to a pair of University of Miami experts, isn't clear.

Social Sciences - Feb 4, 2020

Yet the researchers found major differences between Venezuelans living in Miami today and those who moved to Colombia. For example, those who immigrated to Miami often come as entire family units and typically the parents are college-educated, some with even advanced degrees.

Environment - Jan 5, 2020

"Through several hurricanes, I've seen firsthand the water literally come up to the first level of my apartment,” he said. Whether it is massive storm surge during a hurricane or more subtle "wave attacks” that cause erosion, waves are a physical and financial threat to communities across South Florida.

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