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Health - Feb 19

Julius Dewald's strategy to combat some of the world's most intractable problems starts with a bird's'eye view more than 400 miles above the planet. From that lofty vantage point, made possible by the power of Earth-observing satellites, the University of Miami public health scientist has mapped and predicted areas in the west African nation of Mali where malaria-carrying mosquitoes might spread, giving government officials there a head start on vector-control efforts.

The seeds of Neyton Baltodano Jr.'s love for engineering were sown at an early age, with Lego sets, episodes of "Star Trek: The Next Generation," and documentaries on the powerful NASA rockets that sent men to the moon serving as the fertilizer that would help those seeds flourish.

Computer Science - Nov 30, 2023

One project could help medical researchers understand communication in the brain. Another looks to uncover key attributes that may help forecasters determine when a tropical disturbance is likely to become a major hurricane.

Earth Sciences - Oct 31, 2023

Beachgoers see only the final act: thousands of pounds of brown macroalgae decomposing on shorelines and emitting an odor that smells like rotten eggs.

Dina Birman always has been interested in how immigrant children acculturate to a new country and language.

Earth Sciences - Sep 20, 2023

It wasn't a glitzy or dung-free task by any stretch of the imagination.

History & Archeology - Sep 13, 2023

Carlos Alberto Montaner was a Cuban-born political columnist, novelist, and essayist who was a great defender of human rights and a strong critic of Fidel Castro's government and any other government that supported totalitarianism.

Earth Sciences - Dec 12, 2023

In a small basement room inside Cox Science Center, a team of students and faculty members spend hours each week sifting through vials of what looks like sand.

Environment - Oct 31, 2023

Fingertips chipped away at large salt flakes that accumulated on a waterproof sensor attached to a surfboard. The mounting bracket is carefully adjusted to ensure an accurate temperature reading.

Social Sciences - Oct 11, 2023

Immigrants. They are often known as the fabric of our nation, those who have helped the United States achieve its financial prowess. But less often do people consider just how much these immigrant groups have shaped our cities.

Astronomy & Space - Sep 27, 2023

For now, it's the origin of life scientists have been seeking. And while the pieces of a primordial asteroid collected from a NASA spacecraft and brought to Earth this week may hold the clue, they may lead to a bigger, more ambitious mission.

Environment - Sep 15, 2023

With a seasonal river running through it from the highlands to the south, Libya's coastal city of Derna always had been vulnerable to flooding.

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