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Campus - Jun 22
Thousands of people are trafficked into the United States yearly, and the largest number of them come from Mexico. Many of these victims are lured into the country with the promise of a job but often end up trapped into forced labor.
Environment - Jun 15

Faculty members from the University of Miami's College of Engineering and Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science were recently awarded a pair of grants from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a division of the U.S. Department of Commerce, to explore novel ways to fortify structures that border our coastline.

Earth Sciences - Jun 8

Identified by Rosenstiel School scientist Brian Mapes, atmospheric lakes develop in the Indo-Pacific and move west toward the east coast of Africa, bringing much-needed precipitation to that part of the continent.

Environment - May 6

From an aerial transportation system on Mars to a new way to rehab wrist paralysis, graduating seniors in the College of Engineering showcased their capstone projects. The maneuver was a bit delicate at first, but Samuel Feuer stuck with it.

Health - May 2

During the 2022 Climate and Health Symposium, researchers from across the University of Miami and elsewhere will examine the link between climate change and negative health effects and will explore strategies to mitigate the problem.

Earth Sciences - Apr 13

Hilary Close, an ocean sciences assistant professor at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, is using a unique strategy to understand how carbon is transferred through living things into the deep ocean.

Campus - Mar 30

Professor Kathi Kern, who will begin the new role this summer, plans to develop more experiential learning opportunities for students and help faculty members elevate their teaching expertise. When Kathi Kern started as an assistant professor at the University of Kentucky (UK), she walked into her first lecture hall buoyed by the teaching awards she received as a graduate student.

Environment - Mar 22

With a five-year grant from the Department of Energy, College of Engineering researcher Ramin Moghaddass and a team of students will help the manufacturing sector reduce its carbon footprint. The center will focus specifically on companies located in underserved areas.

Environment - Jun 15

It's no surprise that warming temperatures across the earth are having a slow, yet profound impact on the forests of the world. In a global process called thermophilization , the makeup of forests and other natural communities are changing as plants and trees slowly shift their ranges to higher, cooler altitudes.

Computer Science - May 17

The forum, to be held this week at the School of Architecture, will address topics that include how the pandemic intensified smart city infrastructure and practices and how it renewed the interest and investment in virtual reality.

Linguistics - May 5

A group of students, who have spent the past academic year working with research librarians to develop individual, intellectual projects, presented their capstones via an online event on May 3. Growing up as the daughter of Haitian parents, Esther Alexandre was surrounded by a culture that expected girls to grow up and become nurses or teachers and, if not, become homemakers.

Environment - Apr 15

Associate professor Kenneth Feeley and graduate student Riley Fortier were part of a research group that rediscovered a plant called Gasteranthus extinctus, named to anticipate its extinction. Two University of Miami researchers were part of a team that rediscovered a tropical plant species believed to be extinct for almost 40 years.

Earth Sciences - Apr 7

A decade after a University of Miami atmospheric scientist helped create it, the North American Multi-Model Ensemble has helped policymakers and emergency managers prepare for natural hazards like heat waves, wildfires, or the next polar vortex.

Earth Sciences - Mar 28

Paquita Zuidema, a professor at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, is an investigator on a multiyear NASA-led project that will advance the shortand long-term accuracy of climate modeling.

Social Sciences - Mar 21

Papers presented during a three-day conference hosted by the University of Miami Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas will explore how migration influenced nine different cities on three continents.

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