Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT

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Physics - Nov 30

Fusion's success as a renewable energy depends on the creation of an industry to support it, and academia is vital to that industry's development. A new study suggests that universities have an essential role to fulfill in the continued growth and success of any modern high-tech industry, and especially the nascent fusion industry; however, the importance of that role is not reflected in the number of fusion-oriented faculty and educational channels currently available.

Health - Nov 30

MIT and MGH researchers design a local, gel-based drug-delivery platform that may provoke a system-wide immune response to metastatic tumors.

Physics - Nov 30

Massachusetts Institute of Technology More stable clocks could measure quantum phenomena, including the presence of dark matter. The practice of keeping time hinges on stable oscillations. In a grandfather clock, the length of a second is marked by a single swing of the pendulum.

Health - Nov 29

Massachusetts Institute of Technology "I believe by using AI, whether generative or otherwise, we have the opportunity to find the language of humanity," media artist Refik Anadol told an MIT audience.

Life Sciences - Nov 29

Massachusetts Institute of Technology The neuroscientist is recognized for her ongoing work to understand molecular and cellular mechanisms that enable the brain to adapt to experience. The  Cajal Club  has named  Elly Nedivi , William R. and Linda R. Young Professor of Neuroscience in The Picower Institute for Learning and Memory, the 2023 recipient of the Krieg Cortical Kudos Discoverer Award.

Life Sciences - Nov 28
Life Sciences

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Using fluorescent labels that switch on and off, MIT engineers can study how molecules in a cell interact to control the cell's behavior.

Pharmacology - Nov 28

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Core-shell structures made of hydrogel could enable more efficient uptake in the body. Many of the most promising new pharmaceuticals coming along in the drug development pathway are hydrophobic by nature - that is, they repel water, and are thus hard to dissolve in order to make them available to the body.

This unique lab uses games as a way for students to play, explore, and learn to think critically about the role of games in society.

Research Management - Nov 30

Massachusetts Institute of Technology An MIT-based white paper identifies leading questions in the quest to make open-access publications sustainable. Providing open access to scholarly publications is a long-running issue with new developments on the horizon.

Innovation - Nov 29

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Rodney Brooks, co-founder of iRobot, kicks off an MIT symposium on the promise and potential pitfalls of increasingly powerful AI tools like ChatGPT.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cosmologist and MLK Scholar Morgane König uses gravitational waves to study the universe's origins, inflation, and present trajectory. The way Morgane König sees it, questioning how we came to be in the universe is one of the most fundamental parts of being human.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT AgeLab annual awards go to high school students who lead or develop intergenerational programs, bringing together younger and older people in their communities.

Environment - Nov 28

Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT students traveled to Washington to speak to representatives from several federal executive agencies. From Oct. 23-24, a delegation consisting of 21 MIT students, one MIT postdoc, and four students from the University of the District of Columbia met in Washington for the MIT Science Policy Initiative's Executive Visit Days (ExVD).

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Zack Cordero's research focuses on extending the lifespan of reusable rockets, while simultaneously reducing the risk of catastrophic failure. The success of the SpaceX Falcon 9 reusable launch vehicle has been one of the most remarkable technological achievements of the last decade.

Physics - Nov 27

The Nano Summit highlights nanoscale research across multiple disciplines at MIT. There is vast opportunity for nanoscale innovation to transform the world in positive ways - expressed MIT.nano Director Vladimir Bulovic as he posed two questions to attendees at the start of the inaugural Nano Summit: "Where are we heading?

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