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Life Sciences - Apr 12
Life Sciences
Somatic Cell Genome Editing Consortium funded by NIH. By MOLLY CHIU - Special to the Rice News Researchers from Rice University and Baylor College of Medicine are part of a national effort to accelerate genome-editing research and develop gene-editing technologies and therapies.
Computer Science - Apr 7
Computer Science

CPU algorithm trains deep neural nets up to 15 times faster than top GPU trainers. Rice University computer scientists have demonstrated artificial intelligence (AI) software that runs on commodity processors and trains deep neural networks 15 times faster than platforms based on graphics processors.

Environment - Apr 6

Flower Garden Banks fouled by runoff from 2017's Harvey and 2016's Tax Day floods. Runoff from Houston's 2016 Tax Day flood and 2017's Hurricane Harvey flood carried human waste onto coral reefs more than 100 miles offshore in the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, according to a Rice University study.

Materials Science - Mar 29
Materials Science

Rice lab's optimized flash process could reduce carbon emissions. This could be where the rubber truly hits the road.

Life Sciences - Mar 25
Life Sciences

Study confirms evolutionary link between social structure and selfishness. One of nature's most prolific cannibals could be hiding in your pantry, and biologists have used it to show how social structure affects the evolution of selfish behavior.

Health - Mar 22

Study: Separating babies from COVID-19-positive mothers could be deadly. RICE NEWS STAFF Research facilitated by Rice University-based NEST360 is underscoring the need for COVID-19 treatment guidelines to safeguard newborn lives in some countries.

Physics - Mar 18

Combined energy sources return a burst of photons from plasmonic gold nanogaps If you're looking for one technique to maximize photon output from plasmons , stop.

Life Sciences - Apr 6

Center for Translational Neural Prosthetics and Interfaces to focus on restoring brain function after disease, injury. Neurosurgery's history of cutting diseases out of the brain is morphing into a future in which implanting technology into the brain may help restore function, movement, cognition and memory after patients suffer strokes, spinal cord injuries and other neurological disorders.

Pedagogy - Mar 30

Whether parents prefer a conformance-oriented or independence-oriented supplemental education program for their children depends on political ideology, according to a study of more than 8,500 American parents by a research team from Rice and the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Psychology - Mar 29

Engineer developing software to predict emotional stress from wearable and Internet of Things tech. Forget the mood ring. Akane Sano has a far better idea. The Rice University electrical and computer engineer is developing software to detect and predict emotional stress in people through data from wearable and mobile technologies and provide safe and personalized feedback to manage and enhance emotion.

Life Sciences - Mar 23

Coral-eating fish excrete symbiotic algae by the millions, may keep reefs healthy. Fish that dine on corals may pay it forward with poop. It's an unexpected twist on coral reef symbiosis, said Rice University marine biologist Adrienne Correa , whose lab discovered coral predator feces are jam-packed with living symbiotic algae that corals depend on for survival.

Health - Mar 22

Rice-led study evaluates methods to find signs of virus in municipal plants. There are many ways to test municipal wastewater for signs of the virus that causes COVID-19, but scientists in Houston have determined theirs is the best yet.

Chemistry - Mar 8

Zero-emissions initiative aims to 'move the needle, far and fast' Carbon Hub , Rice University's zero-emissions research initiative, has awarded seed grants for six projects that will rapidly advance its vision for transforming the oil and gas sec

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