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As Americans gear up for winter, many will face one of their toughest foes: ice. From delaying flights to making roads slippery, ice accumulation on surfaces wreaks havoc in many ways. But not all ice is created equal. In new research from the University of Illinois Chicago, scientists studied the stickiness of ice containing everyday contaminants such as salt, soap and alcohol.

Life Sciences - Nov 27

All animals start out as a single-celled organism and then start growing. At some point, of course, they need to stop getting bigger, but the process by which this happens is poorly understood. New research from Alexander Shingleton at the University of Illinois Chicago and colleagues identifies a potential trigger that makes fruit flies stop growing, which has implications for understanding human development.

Health - Nov 2

Researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago have received a $3.12 million National Institutes of Health grant to study whether acupuncture can alleviate chest pain caused by stable angina.

Health - Oct 18

The University of Illinois Chicago will be the first site in the state to participate in a national study of a clinical test that screens for a shared cancer signal in a sample of patient blood. Beginning this fall, the University of Illinois Cancer Center and the UI Health Mile Square Health Center will enroll patients 50 years and older of average health in the PATHFINDER 2 trial led by the biotechnology company GRAIL.

Health - Oct 3

A new compound developed at the University of Illinois Chicago potentially could offer an alternative to injections for the millions of people who suffer from an eye condition that causes blindness.

Health - Sep 11

The University of Illinois Chicago welcomed its largest incoming class this fall. In addition to gains among first-time freshmen, there are more first-generation freshmen and Black or African American students at UIC compared to last year.

Living in a racially segregated neighborhood puts Black children at a higher risk of having elevated blood lead levels, and this association has persisted over more than two decades, according to new research from the Children's Environmental Health Initiative, which is led by University of Illinois Chicago Chancellor Marie Lynn Miranda.

Physics - Aug 22

Harnessing the potential of quantum physics for advances in computing, communication and other technologies promises to be the next great engineering challenge. A new consortium of seven U.S. academic institutions, funded by the Department of Energy and led by University of Illinois Chicago, will pave educational pathways to usher students from all backgrounds into this revolutionary field.

Health - Nov 6

A new virtual brain bank spanning five Chicago academic medical centers and led by University of Illinois Chicago will create a powerful new resource for clinical care and research on epilepsy, brain tumors and neurological disorders.

Health - Oct 27

Time-restricted eating, also known as intermittent fasting, can help people with Type 2 diabetes lose weight and control their blood sugar levels, according to a new study published in JAMA Network Open from researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago.

Health - Oct 4

Dads can suffer from postpartum depression, and a new pilot study at the University of Illinois Chicago suggests they can and should be screened for the condition. Given the intertwined effects of mothers' and fathers' physical and mental health, addressing the health of fathers may be a powerful untapped tool in improving the nation's ongoing maternal health crisis.

Health - Sep 18

An interdisciplinary research team, led by the University of Illinois Chicago College of Nursing, has received a $3 million National Institutes of Health grant to study the relationship between the gut microbiome and pain and other distressing symptoms experienced by some kidney transplant recipients.

Great Cities Institute at the University of Illinois Chicago is launching a Latino Research Initiative , which will build off longstanding work studying how to best tackle some of the biggest challenges facing urban areas, from economic development to gentrification to crime.

Health - Aug 24

Inflammation is a standard part of our bodies- immune system response. But sometimes this response becomes hyperactivated in our lungs, causing inflammation to continue unchecked, which can be fatal.

Environment - Aug 1

In February, the train derailment and subsequent chemical spill and fires in East Palestine, Ohio, caused an environmental emergency that led thousands of people to evacuate their homes. A multi-university study led by the University of Illinois Chicago will investigate the aftermath of that disaster, collecting data on the experiences of nearby residents and the effectiveness of communication from authorities about water, soil and air quality.

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