Action UCL is taking against antisemitism

We utterly condemn all forms of antisemitism and have made clear to our community that this will not be tolerated at UCL. Whilst we have seen a recent spike in cases, these individual incidents do not reflect the values of tolerance and inclusion that are so important to our broader UCL community. 

We have investigated incidents that have been reported to us and have taken appropriate action in response. This has included instigating our disciplinary processes where appropriate, reporting specific incidents to the police, and ensuring the removal of offensive social media posts, online content and any antisemitic materials found on campus.  

It would be inappropriate for us to comment on individual cases, particularly whilst investigations are underway and due process is followed.  We will continue to take swift and decisive action, and we are urging anyone who experiences or witnesses any form of antisemitism or other form of racism to report this to us.

Since the start of the recent conflict in Israel / Gaza we have: 

    Held daily stand-up meetings, so we can act quickly and decisively to issues on our campus.  Investigated all incidents of antisemitism reported to us through our Report + Support platform.  Launched disciplinary processes where behaviour may have breached staff or student policies and guidelines. Removed social media posts, online content and any antisemitic materials found of campus.  Regularly communicated with the UCL Jewish Society, Friends of Israel Society, and the Union of Jewish Students, to hear and address their concerns.   Hosted a vigil for Israel for students across London universities coordinated by the Union of Jewish Students and our own JSoc and Friends of Israel Society.   Provided increased security for Jewish student-led events.  Provided in-person faith-based support sessions. 

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